Today my dear blogger friend Haley over at Stylish Muse, is taking over today's post and sharing her college experience as a college graduate (well this year). I'm so excited for you to hear her tips, and advice because it's truly inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and being apart of "The Darling One's" series, Haley! xoxo

College is this little bubble where you are allowed to find out who you want to be in this world, what you're passionate about studying, and being able to grow as big as the bubble will let you without bursting. It's great. God played a large role in shaping my faith to become a sturdy one during my four years at Harding, not a faith that is achieved with the possession of a faint heart. He challenged me to let go of my past that was dwelling in my home town, festering because I refused to squash the situations that haunted me. As a freshman, I was confused and felt so alone. There was this dark, lonely world that I did not know how to add light to and so I became a recluse. Shying away from everyone that was around me while I sulked over the way life was treating me at that time. I had a lot going on but I also did not handle it the best. College taught me how to be independent because at that time no one else was there to fight the internal battle I faced. I was alone, it was God and I and the many decisions I had to make on a daily basis. But I learned so much about myself during this time that you don't normally learn when life is going great and nothing bad seems to lay a hand on you. We all go into college with high aspirations I believe. I walked into my first class believing that in seven years I would walk out with my doctorate in Physical Therapy and run my own clinic. Now here I am at 21 and have started my own business designing web sites for small companies and all sorts of blogs for fellow bloggers. My husband, boyfriend at the time, strongly encouraged me to seek something I was passionate about, something that made my fingers tingle and heart jump for joy at the thought of going to class. So I ended up in the Registrar's office changing my major to Web Design and Interactive Media because hey chances are fun and it all worked out. This May I will graduate with a bachelors in Web Design and because of college, I was able to work with a multi-million dollar company on their website, start my own studio as a freelance designer, intern with a consulting business that emphasized building web sites, and work as a web editor for the campus newspaper. I mean wowza does college give you opportunities or what? My largest piece of advice is specific to only certain majors but here it is: your resume is more important than your GPA. Grades matter because that means you are capable of knowing the material and are a knowledgeable human being. What a great quality in a future employee! But experience on your resume? Priceless. Going out and experiencing your major first hand, even as a volunteer, is incredible and you will make connections within your field that you would have never made sitting in a classroom. So yes choosing adventure over studies in an academic way is probably one of the best choices you will ever make for your future career.

They say college is where you meet your bridesmaids and oh how true this was for me. I got married this past summer & the best part about the time around the wedding was spending it with my girls. College is like a factory for lifelong best friends that you get to keep forever no matter how far away you are from each other, it is fantastic. My dad's roommate from college is still his bff and he flies me up to where he lives so that he can hang out with his old roommates daughter. It's pretty neat. So don't sit in your dorm or twiddle your thumbs if you are off campus. Get out and maybe take a little Netflix break. It is definitely worth spreading your wings, I would prefer a new best friend over catching up on a whole season of whatever. Once you find your best friend anyways you can spend quality time catching up on the whole season of whatever together so hey win-win. Real friendship is hard to find, the kind of friend that cheers you on even when they are a tad jealous or the kind of friend that encourages you to see how beautiful you really are when everyone else could care less about your self esteem. My real friends are irreplaceable. If you make real friends that put the old high school ones to shame then high five for you.

I got married in college and I don't think it was a huge mistake like most people today do. I was married at 21 years old and I 100% believe I made the right decision. College is all about making these huge choices that will determine the course of your life. I chose to live life with Creed and life is definitely a lot easier with a 24-7 cheerleader that you know will always be on your side. I mean when you find the man of your dreams you have to snatch him before some other girl does. Four years is enough time to rip out all the old high school stuff and replace it with a bunch of super cool adult stuff. I found my best friends, my awesome husband, and a career path that I am extremely passionate about. Live for God and God alone throughout all four years because the "ups" in life are easy to handle but the "downs" tend to hit you really hard. Never forget who should be sitting on the throne of your heart, your Prince. Thanks for letting me share my sporadic thoughts on college with you! Jenna is such an incredible blogger and I was so honored that she asked me to be a part of this series! I'm Haley and I blog over at Stylish Muse and also run a studio called élite studio designs. I am a Web Designer that works for several blogs and also small companies around the area. I absolutely love meeting new bloggers and making new friends! Please e-mail me at stylishmuseblog@yahoo.com so that we can say hi and become friends.


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  2. Jenna - thank you for posting about Haley. I have since hired her to help me get my blog off the ground. Love her already and am super excited!!! ~Amy

    1. Oh that's wonderful! Her work is beautiful!!