How Would You Rate my Blog?


So lately I've been trying to update my blog, and improve on my posts a lot. My goal is to have about 500 people following my blog, by next year in September. I know that I am no where near that number. So I was wondering how do you all like my blog?! This is going to be like a little survey for my blog. If you could comment down below for your answers that would be great!! So this is all you have to do to get started....thanks so much

1) What would you like to see me post more of?
Hair Styles
Bible Studies

2) Is there anything you would like me to post, something special for you?

3) How do you like my background, buttons, and layout of my blog?

4) Is there anything that you dislike about my blog?

5) How would you rate my blog on a scale of 1-10?


  1. (If I can give more than one answer here they are.)
    Hair Styles

    2)I love to read any posts.

    3)I think it is very cute.

    4)not that I can think of.



    1. Wow thank you so much :) That means so much. Keep checking in on my blog because i will be posting a new hair style very soon :))

  2. 1) Probably photography and Bible studies.
    2) Hmm.... something special.... ;) I don't know!! Maybe a quiz...???
    3) I really like it! Very awesome. :) If you were going to change anything, if you HAD to change anything, like if you were on a "I have to change SOMETHING" spree, and then and only then would I maybe make your post background just a TAD bit wider. But only if you're having a spree. =D
    4) No!
    5) 8-9-10 :)

    1. Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it. I will deifinitely keep that in mind. Thank you for taking the time to comment <3

  3. Jenna- I love your blog and I think you are such an amazing person!!!! Just wanted to tell you that before I answered your questions....

    1. I would like to see more Bible studies and photography
    2. Hmm...maybe a bit more about you, questions that we could all ask you and you could answer them? or maybe a linkup of some sort? (an inspiring photo linkup, maybe a post from our blog that we could link up and that we also could see other's posts that they have on their blog and we could meet new bloggers?)
    3. I love the colors and the header of your blog!! :)
    4. I can't think of anything I dislike!!!
    5. 9 : )

    1. Aw thank you Britt. You are also so sweet! You know I don't even know you (execpt through blogging world) but I seems like I've known you forever. You are also posting incouragable posts and posting amazing godly bible studies and photos!!!!! Thank you so much for commenting<3 I am actally thinking about doing some type of a linkup...i would love to know more about what it is & what that would look like ...would you be able to help me out? Thank you so much ;)

  4. Dear Jenna,
    You are such a great friend and I love that you have taken the time to put up this blog. How you take the time to post things for your followers. You are a very sweet friend and I am glad that you have started this blog for other girls!

    1.Probably fashion, recipes, hair styles
    2.Not really. Everything you post is special to me and I am sure to other girls!:)
    3.I love this blog! It is so cute and I think you have made it so fun!
    4.Absolutely not! I love everything.

    1. Hey Kelly, You too are amazing. :) Thank you so much for commenting :)) Blogging has been so much fun. I look at it as something that I can do (like facebook) but also to reach out to nonbelievers hopping that I can share God's word as well. You know I think you should create a blog for when you leave for the phillipians :))))))) It would be so cool to see how your time there is, & different things God has been working in your life :) Just a thought????????!!!!!!!!

  5. You have a neat new blog design! In answer to your question, I think that maybe I'd like to see more Bible studies and photography! =D

    1. Thank you!! Awesome thanks for commenting <3

  6. Hairstyles maybe? I like all of your posts <3 <3

    2. not that I can think of

    3. Love the new look! Super adorable :-)

    4. nope

    5. 10 :-D :-D

    Trying to get around to calling you tonight-- I want to ask you something, we'll see how school goes haha

    Love ya,

  7. 1. nails, you only have one picture
    2.what is your favorite Bible verse?
    3. ooooh I adore it, where did you get it from???
    5. totally an 11!!! lol
    Your Awesome!!! ,Becca


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