i do not need to know you


with your lack of authenticity 
across from you i sat 
through all the mess 
all the absent years 
i am no longer impressed 
nothing has been lost 
in never knowing you 

- Jenna Leigh Condon 

Life Lately


ello there! This has been a strange season, huh? I've gained so many perspectives through this whole thing. I'm sure I'll open up about it soon. Until then, I thought my typical life lately post would do for now. Nothing too grand is happening, but grateful to be healthy. I hope you all are hanging in there too!! 

One Tree Hill. Shocker, I'm late to the party once again. Anyone else obsessed with this show? Honestly, I knew nothing about it but it's been on my list for a while now, because of Chad Michael Murray. All the drama and plots are genius. Torn between the two brothers, but I'm gonna have to say, team, Lucas.

My first ever embroidery piece. It's a modern design and I love this type of stitching so much. Abstract patterns are so freeing, as I don't have the pressure of messing up. Cross stitching is still definitely a favorite, but I love exploring new stitches. Plus, I'm learning how to incorporate beads and sequences to add texture.

To a lot of new songs from different artists. A few faves, Sundays by Emotional Orange, My Wildest Dreams by Ron Pope, Something New by Wiz Khalifa feat. Ty Dolla Sign, I Got You by Bazzi, and Everybody Busines by Kehlani.

Everything to just stay grateful right now. A wave of emotions come and go just about every day, as this pandemic is hard. One minute I'm pissed, overwhelmed, confused, sad, hopeful, and then grateful. It repeats all the time. I suppose that it apart of coping. But, to be grateful feels the most satisfying, as it springs joy and contentment. Even when it feels dark, I just say thank you Lord that I am breathing right now.

I could just walk through a craft store with a coffee in my hand. A destination worth driving to and from. Sit on the sand and watch the sun sink into the ocean. Have a meaningful conversation with a person across from me over dinner.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before series by Jenny Han. I was hesitant about reading the books, as I watched the movie first. Once again, the book is ten times better than the movie. The characters of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky come alive and connect in a deeper way. It's like I've just been given a ticket backstage of my favorite band. lol. Highly recommend.

Crafting Memories | My Travel Art Journal


have finally found my version of scrapbooking and today I thought I'd share all about it. Especially due to being cooped up inside, no thanks to COVID-19. But, what better time to become creative and productive right? I hope you all are staying safe and healthy. More on that later in a "the heart of it" post! So, throughout the years I have filled many notebooks and journals that somehow formed a mixture of all photographs, journaling, and stickers to remember my travels or friends. Yet, they were ever-changing as I never felt like they captured what I wanted. This past summer I got inspired by Dana's version from WildWeRoam as she used one giant notebook to hold the drawings of her adventures. I just loved how she used all mediums on one page. So, I picked up the same exact journal and began my own art journal to savor my memories of travel.

This has helped me so much mentally. Putting together these spreads fills me with so much gratitude. Plus these layouts give so much purpose to my photographs! For this journal of mine, I have ditched one rule I use to live by; don't just share the new places you've traveled to, but everything in-between. It's not about the top cities I've been able to fly to or beaches I've never seen. Rather, to display some beautiful moments that highlighted a particular season for me.

So, the journal I have is very sturdy with thick pages, which means I can drown each page in paint, washi tape, polaroids, paper, etc. From the photos below you can see how I use each place I've been to as the theme for the overall color palette and paper patterns. Ahh, I just have been loving this entire process. Below I included some of my favorite supplies with links so you can check them out too! Are you into crafting with photographs? Share below if you do too! :)

7 Ways I'm Investing In Myself


elf-development is something I am rolling over into 2020 from last year. It truly has been a part of my life for quite some time, yet now it is evolving into an active awareness for me as I navigate new chapters. It is a constant struggle to keep myself in balance but the rewards of showing up for myself are great. So, here are seven ways I'm investing in myself currently.

Take up a new hobby 
One of the best things I've ever done for my psyche was to expand my hobbies. It is so easy to get lost on my iPhone with social media or Youtube vlogs. And honestly, my eyes needed a break from the computer screen. I needed to stop scrolling and start doing. So, last summer I re-taught myself how to cross-stitch. I absolutely love it so much, and now I'm diving into the world of embroidery, something I really don't know much about. But, hey that's why there's YouTube, right?

Never miss an eyebrow appointment 
Yep, maintaining my eyebrow shape means a lot to me. I've been doing it since I was about eleven or twelve and I've never looked back since. Somehow it livens up my face, making me feel so much more like myself.

Have a sugar detox 
I am currently on my second (super serious) sugar detox and it always helps my body mentally and physically. Sugar is my weakness and saying goodbye to it for a while is one of the best ways I know how to respect my body. It makes my mind feel more clear, I don't have withdraw headaches, and no more afternoon slumps. A sugar detox is a challenging investment and one that won't be a regular lifestyle habit in my life, but it's one that needs to take place a few times out of the year.

Read all the books 
As an English major, I love learning through the lens of other people's lives. Whether it's within a fiction piece or an autobiography novel it is one of my favorite ways to discover my own personal development. Reading just provides so many beautiful perspectives to view the world.

Put words to paper
Journaling has been such a powerful tool in my life. It is a practice I would love to invest in more, but I find it is a slow process to develop. Somethings are hard to navigate and when I write it all makes sense. I just love how such memories are able to be saved forever, never forgotten.

Spend quality time with my family 
Growing up I've always been taught that friends can come and go but family is forever. The best thing I can do for myself is to be surrounded by my loved ones who truly know me and my greatest passions all while encouraging me through them. Being around my family is such a blessing and they bring out the best of me.

Travel to new places 
Ahh, traveling gives me so much joy. Experiencing new cultures and lifestyles is so refreshing. Through the process of seeing and trying new things radiates a whole new perspective for my life and I love that feeling.
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