I'm Jenna Leigh, nice to meet you! I am a born and raised California girl, who dreams of traveling to Paris, France. I am a senior earning my Bachelor's degree at California Baptist University, studying as an English major. My hope is to be a high school English teacher, as my greatest passion lies within education. A Beautiful Heart was created in my bedroom, during sophomore year in high school. In many ways it acts as my online diary, and I hope that in some way it can inspire you! 

1. GUILTY PLEASURE? Gilmore Girls.
Anything by Justin Bieber.
3. FAVORITE SHOP? Anthropologie.
Zac Efron.
5. GO-TO JUNK FOOD? French fries. 
     6. WORST FEAR? Reading in public.
     7. SPIRIT ANIMAL? Deer. Guess why!
     8. CHILDHOOD MOVIE? Peter Pan.
     9. CALI HANG OUT SPOT? Newport Beach.
    10. FAVORITE FRUIT? Pineapple.  

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