A Beautiful Heart is my space of the web, where I share my life happenings. I started blogging around 2011, and my original purpose of treating this as a personal journal hasn't changed at all. 

However, this vast world of blogging can be daunting, and scary at times because I'm publicly pouring my heart out for all to read and judge. Yet, it's an outlet of mine to be creative, and communicate my thoughts the best way I know how. I hope this small value of mine can encourage you to bigger than the judgements you may one day face. 

   I'm Jenna Leigh, nice to meet you! I am a born and raised California girl, who dreams of traveling to Paris, France. I'm a junior college student at Vanguard University, studying as an english major with an emphasis in journalism. In the future my goal is to become a high school english teacher, but with being apart of my University's newspaper things may take a turn, but only time will tell!

1. GUILTY PLEASURE? Gilmore Girls.
2. FAVE SONG? Anything by Justin Bieber.
3. FAVORITE SHOP? Anthropologie.
5. GO-TO JUNK FOOD? French fries. 
6. WORST FEAR? Reading in public.
7. SPIRIT ANIMAL? Deer. Guess why!
9. CALI HANG OUT SPOT? Newport Beach.
10. FAVORITE FRUIT? Pineapple.