A Beautiful Heart is all about living a life that represents joy,    
 creativity, braveness, and love. My purpose for this blog is to 
show others how to live life in a beautiful way, growing in all 
chapters of life. Taking to heart the cliche quote of "growing
 where you are planted," because I find myself clinging to this
 far too much lately. Life is all about blossoming into the gal 
who can conquer any dream and make it a reality! 

I treat this space like my personal journal, open to share 
all emotions, and rants on any topic. Here you will find posts 
dedicated to coffee talk discussions, my personal style, trips 
and adventures, DIY projects, home decor, and food + drink!  

I hope you find my blog to be a delightful 
treat, and stay awhile!


Hey there! My name is Jenna Leigh, and I'm so glad you're here! I am a born and raised California girl who dreams of exploring Paris, France and has a whole lotta love for burgers! I consider myself a Gilmore Girl wanna be, because of my love/hate relationship with coffee, and desperately wish Luke's was real!

I am currently a college student preparing to transfer in the fall of 2017 to the University of my dreams. At the moment, I am planning on majoring in English along with attending the college choir. I'm just a college gal trying to figure out this blog and life thing, so bare with me! I'm so excited to share my journey with you, so be sure to take a peek around my corner of the web. 

1. // WHAT BREED IS LILY? Lily is my Maltese puppy who is now six years old.
2. // HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? My style is urban casual. 
3. // FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP? Anthropologie, Francesca's, Target, & Urban Outfitters. 
4. // DREAM TRAVEL DESTINATIONS? // Paris, Barcelona, London, Bahamas, & New York.
5. // ANY GUILTY PLEASURES? Binging on Gilmore Girls, & chocolate croissants. 
6. // IS JENNA LEIGH YOUR FULL NAME? No, it's my first & middle. 
7. // ANY FEARS? The ocean, heights, & college debt lol. 
8. // WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR? Business & Marketing. 
9. // HOW TALL ARE YOU? I am 5'4. Yes, I'm okay with being short.
10. // FAVE MUSIC ARTIST? Justin Bieber, & I say that proudly!

Blogging has changed so much these past four years, and I miss the community feel 
I use to know! So with that being said, I want to be able to give back, and help you 
with any questions, concerns, or inspiration you need to be a wonderful blogger, or 
person. I would love to hear from you! 

If you have any blogging questions, comments, or advice regarding ABH, then go 
ahead & shoot me an email at abeautifulheartblog(at)gmail(dot)com. It can be a range of 
how to wear a floppy hat, blogging html codes, or favorite beauty spotlight products!

I love this space and blogging. This vast world of blogging however can be daunting 
and scary at times, because I'm publicly pouring my heart out for all to read and judge. 
This quote off to the right is one that I use constantly as I remind myself the true value of blogging. It's for myself. It's an outlet to be creative, and communicate my thoughts the best way I know how. I hope this small value of mine can encourage you to be bigger than the judgements you may one day face.

Another core value of mine is my faith. I am a strong believer in Christianity, and I hope  to 
always be a light here on my site. This bible verse is one I absolutely love. A Beautiful Heart is a blog name that I chose to fully represent such a concept, all with the Lord shinning through to show what is good. I always wish to provide my readers with the work of the Lord in my life, and the way he helps me overcome  all storms.