Ways I Enjoy Me-Time


hought it would be a nice change of pace if I showed you all a little peek into my ideal night in. With it being summer time, there's been a lot of relaxation. Almost (almost) to the point of me needing to switch up my routine in order for myself not to be glued to the tv screen, nor flat out bored from lounging around.

I've always wanted to answer this me-time tag that went around YouTube like forever ago, so it's better late than never! I am an introvert at heart, so time alone is pure gold. This is the time I usually carve out a few hours to myself locked in my bedroom, without any regret or guilt that I'm not doing something more productive. This is my pure indulgence stage. Below are a few questions that will allow you to know how I spend my time a bit better.

1. What do you watch or read during me-time? 
To be relaxed I love to turn to some good old entertainment. Getting lost into a fictional show is the best. Netflix is my go-to source for TV shows or movies. Some favorites are How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Gilmore Girls, or a classic like How To Steal A Million. 

2. What do you wear during me-time? #nobra
I keep it simple with some tight yoga pants, and an old university t-shirt. 

3. What are your me-time beauty products?
An easy DIY sugar scrub that I can do under five minutes in my kitchen is honestly the best way to go. It makes my skin feel smooth and summer ready, while scenting my shower time of sweet coconut and brown sugar! 

4. Current favorite nail polish? 
For the summer give me all the blue colors! Essie and Sinful Colors offer the best shades, so I love "Butler Please," "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie, and "Cinderella" by Sinful Colors. 

5. What do you eat/drink during me-time? 
A guilty pleasure for a night in would be my own little cup of Fish Food by Ben and Jerry's. It's rich, and perfect for a chocolate lover. Every time I eat this it makes me think of Aquamarine, when the girls in the tub vow to Ben and Jerry as the only true men they need in their life. Anyone else remember this? No...okay let me hide from those embarrassing teen films I use to adore. 

6. Current favorite candle?
I adore all candles from Anthropologie because I find that the way they burn don't create an overwhelming scent that normally would cause a headache. Right now I'm really trying to burn and enjoy my candles because I have so many, so right now I'm reaching for Apricot and Basil.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time? 
Uh, I'd like to consider myself an outdoor type of girl, but unfortunately that's just me daydreaming again. Of course, a walk around my neighborhood is always nice! 

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone? 
Absolutely not. I can't imagine stepping out in public all alone, not being able to confide in someone else. To go to the show the best part is being able to talk about it with your friend, and share the popcorn. 

9. Favorite online shop? 
I love browsing through Pottery Barn Teen, and Anthopologie. I could go crazy! 

The Heart Of It | Personal Growth


ately, Pinterest has been all about inspirational quotes. The one's I continue to pin are all about overcoming your fears, recognizing your past, and giving yourself grace. I didn't even realize it, but they all happen to be from the same author, Morgan Harper Nichols. Her saying are literally everything I want to write. This one (down below) is the one I fell in love with the most. It speaks volumes of where I am at right now. I wanted to post this on Instagram, but I thought it deserved a less vague description of my view of growth. So here we go!

Life isn't always about success. I believe it's the windy roads, long nights, and deep trust in God. It is then when I have the ability to grow and learn. Growth is difficult as it requires change. I've never been a fan of change, because it holds many unknowns. I am a planner. When things aren't scheduled or goals aren't met, I tend to lose it. So, a change of location, job, or friendships are hard enough, let alone within yourself.

Last July I was no the same girl I am today. I was packing my bags for college, excited to make new friends, and not letting my fears get inside my head. I had waited my whole life for this ideal college experience I made up in my head, and how quickly that all seemed to change. I did everything I desired: journalism, choir, living in the dorms, being on the college newspaper, and meeting new friends. But, instead my year became complicated and different than I would have ever imagined. For that I am eternally grateful.

Without the struggles or fears I had along the way that pulled me down, I wouldn't have had to change, listen or forgive. Nothing is more beautiful than the ability to recognize our flaws and strengths, and still give ourselves grace. The never ending type of grace the Lord gives me every single day. "Even in the darkness, light is still pouring in." What a wonderful reminder to embrace all that I have been through...good and bad.

Many say to never look to the past, as you are not going that way. BUT, I say that is the only way I will know how to move forward.

It's acknowledging all that I've learned, never forgetting! To be proud of all that I had to face. I never want to lose sight of last year, for it makes me who I am today. I could easily ask why all this happened to me. Why my ideals changed and disappointed me. Or why I hold onto certain values so tightly. Rather, I say thank you God. You made me unique. Full of ambition to know myself fully through You. If it wasn't for my challenges, I wouldn't have needed to place all my trust and hope in Him.

I love that through change, I have the ability to sprout into who I was suppose to be all along. I am so proud of the steep hills I have climbed to get me where I am today. When I really dug deep into my roots, so many terms were redefined in the process such as, success, importance, reconnection, and acceptance. When I began to work on these terms in certain areas of my life, everything seemed to click. A new perspective was gained, and a healthier mindset was placed. It's amazing how understanding a piece of who you are gives you the courage to become content and confident. My story makes me stronger, and gives me the tools I'll need for my next one.

5 Habits To Commit To For Spending Less In College


bet us college girls can understand the high cost of earning our degree's, and the bucket loads of money that we pour into such a dream on a yearly basis. If it wasn't for my two year community college path, I'd be buried deep in debt. Thankfully, I learned a few things during my sophomore year while I was saving up money to put down my junior year at a University, so today I thought I'd share some tips. Being on a monthly budget isn't something I've had to do a whole lot of, because I've always kept a part time job helping with fun spending money.

But, my junior year at Vanguard I decided on not working so enjoy the full college experience. Hence my need for a serious budget. Here are some quick tips that have helped me stayed within my budget, not spending money on careless outings, or wishlist items!

1. Challenge yourself. 
One thing I have tried is to make challenges on when and how much I can spend per month. I try to limit myself to only so much cash during the week, and then bonus cash on the weekends with friends. 

2. Make wish-lists. 
Trying to save money yet I make you keep a wish-list? Yes. Here's why...we so easily get lost in everything we see that's on sale, or connivence ourselves of what we can't live without that we mix our wants/needs. With a list, try to only buy or work towards one item a month. 

3. Keep all receipts. 
This is a new habit for me, and it may seem like a no brainer, but it's hard not throwing away a receipt, or going green and not asking for one at the cash register. But here's the thing, it's easier to see a monthly total spending, especially if you're using cash. 

4. Use cash. 
I used this rule all throughout high school, but then I found how easy a debit card was to swipe everywhere. But then I kept swiping it literally everywhere. So the benefit of using cash is that once it runs out, it's gone. This way you don't rely on a credit card with monthly debt. You use what's apart of your budget, and spend no more. 

5. Quality vs. quantity. 
When spending it's so important to understand value. Try to find pieces of clothing, makeup, and even home decor that are worth their price. It's easy to go crazy in Forever 21 because their cheap, but those prices add up too, and then you'll be back sooner making another round of purchases. 

5 Quick Ways To Get Out Of A Funk


'm going to be honest and say that these past two weeks have been hard on me. I've been in a funk and even though I know the reasonings for what triggers my mood, doesn't mean it suddenly goes away. After many days of sulking and wondering why I'm so miserable, I picked myself up and changed a few of my behaviors.

See? Even though this photoshoot is my absolute favorite in a long time, it doesn't mean I have my life together. I have never in my blogging days bought a boutique of flowers for a shoot. So, this cute element seems like everything is lovely. But, that is the funny thing about anxiety or a funk. It creeps up on me in waves. It can last for a few hours or an entire week.

Difficult days or weeks are always going to be apart of life, and it's so important to know when enough is enough. So, in light of my previous funk, today seemed like a great way to share my coping mechanisms. I've been diligent in doing all five below, and they have helped me more than I thought they would. I'd love to hear yours in the comments too!

1. // Take Care of Yourself
This is seriously the most important aspect for me. Me-time is definitely a factor, but taking care of yourself goes even deeper than Netflix and chill. It's about eating healthy, drinking enough water, keeping busy, being around others who can uplift me, waxing my eyebrows, unfollow people on social media who are toxic for me, getting a cut and color, listening to praise music, and praying.

2. // Talk to Someone About It 
I think this is one of the more challenging things you can do, but it's so worth it. Talking to someone helps me see things in a different perspective, and lets me know I'm not alone. 

3. // Pull Out Your Journal 
Writing down my thoughts will always be a lifesaver for me in whatever season of life I find myself in. It always allows me to process my true feelings. Lately, I have started a poetry journal and I love it. You can write a sentence, poem, one paragraph, or a song...just write! 

4. // Get Sweaty 
Working out is something I am just recently exploring. I don't like to sweat and sports have never been my thing. But, walking around my neighborhood when I have a lot on my mind, or feel a rush of anxiety take over it's a great way for me to feel more grounded. 

5. // Keep Busy 
I don't do good sitting around. I have to keep myself busy, preparing for what's to come. The other day I made a list of to-do's for my Master's degree, current textbooks I need to purchase, and job applications to fill out. Having something to look forward to means a lot for me! 

My Mini Work Space


emember this little space in my room? Well, because of switching my college to online a proper place to study was needed. I had an enormous desk in my dorm and so many newly bought supplies. They simply needed a home. And I couldn't be happier with the final look.

A space like this is just what I needed being home now. It helps me feel so organized. I was feeling so unproductive doing things on my bed, so now no more neck cramps, haha. I bought the desk from WayFair and I pretty much knew it was for me, because it's named "Jenna's Writing Desk." How perfect it that? My name is rarely used in any type of advertising or in Hollywood, so I always love seeing it.

Anyone remember the way my room looked years ago on the blog? Well, I tend to change my mind (a lot) but I have a feeling this new addition is going to be kept for a very long time!! I'd still love to hang some twinkle lights, but I go back and forth on that.

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