ersonally I love coconut oil for it's soothing smell, healing and beauty benefits. You may have made the switch of coconut oil for your kitchen but did you know that you can replace more than five products in your beauty routine for this wonderful oil? Pinterest and the web can show you thousands of ways to use coconut oil, however here are a few I've used over the years that have worked best for me, and I have personally seen the results overtime (score). I've found that over the years certain beauty products use harm chemicals that have irritated and burned my skin, leaving my skin feel worse than before "taking care of the problem." I love coconut oil because it's all natural and is packed with nutrients such as vitamin E that can leave the soft touch to the skin, proteins which are wonderful for cellular health and tissue repair, and capric acid which helps with infections. Another great thing about coconut oil is that it's affordable, and lasts for a long time, because a little dab goes a long way. How have you incorporated coconut oil into your beauty routine?



while back, I collected some podcasts that seemed interesting to listen to, yet never got around to taking the time to relax and take a listen. Now that it's summer, I've carved out some special time during my afternoon to explore some unique podcasts. I love hearing people's opinions, and hearing their thought process. It reminds me of my coffee talk posts, and favorite Youtube videos to watch. Here are a list of podcasts I enjoy listening to. Tell me which one is your favorite?

THE LIVELY SHOW: I cannot say enough wonderful things about this podcast! Jess Lively is the founder, who is full of empowering advice. She is a full time blogger, traveler, vlogger, and runs the Lively Show! This podcast has SO much to offer from career advice, self worth, monthly favorites, dating experiences, and fears regarding life. Listen to my favorite episode here.

ELISE GETS CRAFTY: This podcast is perfect is your wanting to have some great inspiration in your ear daily when discussing blogging, business, and creativity. This podcast brings a long some great guests which keeps things real and mixes it up through the conversation! There are endless episodes to listen to, so you won't be bored, nor have a hard time finding the perfect topics to understand.

CREATIVE START: Love this podcast! Cortnee Loren Brown is the host, and does an excellent job choosing some special guests. The idea of this podcast is to capture the beginning of some creative designers, business, and blogging women, sharing their story of their creative start! Cortnee has her guests talk from the beginning of their elementary years of how they incorporated art into their life, and how they began to develop some a love for creative inspiration, to how they made it a life career and a successful business built off of true passion. Cortnee is also a blogger and shares some wonderful advice and I'm obessed with her layout space, along with the deep understanding of the foundation of her podcasts, herself, and blog!

MAKE IT HAPPEN: Such a neat podcast here! Jen Carrington is such a great host, and I must admit her British accent is why I listen to her (blushing now). This podcast is awesome because she incorporates quests, and showcases her own opinions in separate episodes. My favorite are her mini episodes, because they range from 7-10 minutes, which is perfect when your getting ready in the morning, or driving to work, not feeling like you have to sit down and concentrate for close to an hour like most podcasts! Listen to my favorite episode here. 



ots of things have been happing lately, and I felt it was due to create a life lately post. Nothing on the blog lately has been very diary like, so hence today's post. My life hasn't been crazy, yet because of my long silence on the blog, I feel like I haven't talked about anything since the beginning of the year.

So here I am, so excited because in May I completed my first year in college! Never thought I'd live to see that day. Crazy to think that just a year ago I was celebrating my graduation from high school, and feeling like I was on cloud 9, literally! I'm usually very sentimental when it comes to saying goodbye to monumental moments of my life, but that's not the case this year. I view it as one year down, three more to go (wee).

As for my summer plans, I'm looking forward to our family vacation in July. We are going to Hume Lake, and we haven't been in a few years because of my dad's brain tumor's a while back, so I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my family, and spending endless hours down by the lake. Our family rents a cabin, and some family friends join us for a whole week! The memories we create during endless games of spoons, hide n seek in the dark, milkshake stops, and classic fire pit time, is all apart of the beauty of our friendship and Hume!

 I'm still working 20 hours a week, so that has taken up my time quite a bit, but until college starts back up in the fall, I'll just have to deal with it. I've really hoping that the rest of my summer is peaceful, and productive in making time for some reading, crafts, and everything that makes my soul happy. Perhaps, you'll see a glimpse into my summer bucket list on the blog, because hopefully I will accomplish enough to make it a high light post share! What are your plans for the summer time?





y high school years were incredible in so many ways through the friendships I made, places I traveled to, and learning and growing into the person I am today. High school was a time that brought so much joy into my life. The support and encouragement I gained through finishing strong as a senior was truly amazing. I loved my classes, and being able to be homeschooled. My education was very unique and designed just for me and my personality, which helped me grow tremendously. Mine was classical education, which entailed lots of reading, and essays. My mom always made an effort in my social life such as field trips to sea world for science, the body museum for human anatomy, whale watching as a class, and so many more. I'm so grateful for my education and what my high school years taught me to be prepared for college.

Most importantly, in high school I grew as a person, and figuring out my likes and dislikes. I discovered that I was an introvert, and with time learned to view it as a virtue instead of a fault like society taught me. I let my true personality shine, by being a leader, standing up for my beliefs, and being kind to all. Even when every laughed, or gave me that face, I never kept quiet about my love for Justin Bieber. I started this blog as a freshman, and learned how to shape my creative abilities in personal style, photography, and simple DIY's. In high school is when I developed some beautiful friendships, two of who I can still call my best friends today.

Now that I just ended my first year of college, it's made me think back to my high school days, and wishing I could go back and tell myself some things to keep me from worrying, or feeling less important than everyone around me. High school is a whole different ball game than college, and it's one that I loved, yet glad it ended because it was difficult, stressful, competitive, arrogant, and selfish. It's definitely the hardest time of one's social life. Girls are all about gossiping, fighting over guys, and being thin. I'm sure by now, a list of names are clouding your mind, and those memories are coming back. It's the time when everyone is trying to fit in, and be noticed. The makeup gets heavier, clothes become shorter, and every single trend is followed. Life will always have mean people, and competition, but nothing beats high school. So today, here are some things high school taught me, and a few things I wish I could would have known!

CLOTHES DON'T DEFINE YOU: Man is this one true! I love fashion, and putting together an adorable outfit, and look nice when I show up to school and events, but it certainly doesn't define who you are as a person. Remember making a huge deal when it came to your first and last day of school? When you would buy a brand new outfit no one has seen you in, just for this special occasion? Your outfit was new, hair curled, makeup perfect, and a cute backpack to match. Well, as wonderful as this was, college isn't even close to that first day back to school. The first day of my freshman year of college, I picked out my outfit the night before, and got ready in such a way to boost my self confidence. When I parked, and began walking on campus, you wouldn't believe the outfits I encountered. Girls wore sweatpants, oversized tops, hair was up in a pony tail, and books in their hands. Blew my mind! How could anyone show up like that on the first day? Little things you'll have to get use to in college! I wish I could go back, and tell myself that even though looking beautiful and having that strong self esteem on that first day back to fall semester isn't everything, nor the end of the world if it doesn't go as planned.

FRIENDS COME & GO: I've never realized how ridiculous those popular girls were in high school or at youth group, but it's something that doesn't last. Did you ever have your feeling hurt by not being included, or feeling like you weren't good enough to be associated with them? Possibly made you wish you had more friends, or dressed like them? Yep, me too! We've all been there amirite? Every social environment has some type of "populars" in some shape or form, it won't ever go away, no matter our ages. But, it's hurtful and mean. In my opinion the worst part of high school. However, the funny thing is, now that it's been a year, and everyone has grown up a little bit, looking back on what I thought was the popular ones, are no longer friends. They all split up, and went there own way. I believe that it's because their friendship was based off of a competitive vibe, which becomes fake. Yet, even though they had more than five friends who all went to the mall together every Friday night, could never replace the two very best friends I still have today in my life. It's important to have real friends who you can trust, and grow together with, instead of some fake imitation of what teenage girls are suppose to be like.

OH BOYS: Did you have your first love in high school? Oh good, I'm not the only one then :). Chasing after boys, fighting for their attention is fun, especially with your girlfriends continue to help you in certain situations, making you feel embarrassed or putting you in the spotlight. Well, those crushes, or close friendships are fun while they last with that certain someone, but in my case faded away with time. The heartache, and troubles I faced, were real and difficult especially within my group of friends. Yet it was something that made me stronger, and realize the qualities I desire in my future spouse. I wish I could go back and tell myself that relationships in high school may be harmless, and perhaps more of a best friend scenario, (like in my case) it's not the end all and be all. I look at my friends who actually had boyfriends, and it went nowhere. Boys are just something you can't escape in high school especially with your feelings, yet you can change the way you respond to those feelings. In high school boys aren't worth the tears and pain. That's what college is for!



pring time is my favorite and therefore it deserved a list of my favorite beauty and lifestyle products, and what's better than putting together a favorite's post! I'm so excited for today's post, I've been saving it for just the right occasion!

                                                          Let's dive in!


Anthropology is my favorite shop because it's filled to the brim with lifestyle products that are perfect for home decor, and luxury beauty items! To be honest I have spent hours on end just browsing through every little shelf because I could literally purchase every product for my future home someday, ha! I believe this product has been mentioned on my blog before, but considering it's spring time, it just had to be included. I'm obsessed with burning candles because it makes me feel so relaxed at at ease with my surroundings and myself personally. This coconut milk mango candle smells heavenly. I find it so challenging to describe scents, but I can say that it contains the perfect amount of coconut/tropical scent along with the hint of mango that is just perfect for spring!

                                            THE BODY SHOP 

Over the holiday's I was gifted the coconut body butter from The Body Shop, and I'm loving it!! Are you sensing a theme yet...I love the scent of coconut! This brand is only in the UK, so they're aren't any stores that I can explore here in California, but obviously they do ship to the US. I've found this body butter to be very motorizing for my body, and it feels so healing on my skin. It's probably because I'm a tad bit sensitive, but when I apply the body butter it feels cold to the touch. However, that feature makes me feel super relaxed and refreshed.


Especially because I drive everywhere now with my school and work schedule, sunglasses are a must! Leaving home without them is never ideal, because I literally cannot drive with some type of sun protection for my eyes. It seems like no matter where my destination may be, the sun is always shinning in my direction, ha! I don't need prescription eyewear, so I always pick up a cheap pair at the mall. I bought these heart shaped ones at Tilly's for less than fifteen dollars, and I love how fun they are! These types of shades are perfect for my lifestyle because I tend to either lose, or break them within months, so this way they are easily replaceable!


6.01.2016 Oceanside, CA, USA

ucculent cafe is a coffee shop I've wanted to visit now for the longest time, and I finally had the chance to spend the morning and go with my best friend, who you probably already know, Alex! This cafe is located in Oceanside, CA right next to the pier which is perfect for the rest of the day! I've had this cafe bookmarked on Yelp for the longest time and I'm so glad I was able to go with Alex, and make a photoshoot moment out of it!

The scenery and ambiance was beautiful and so peaceful. As you can see from the photos, the entire patio is covered with succulents, and water fountains. They had many tables and chairs, and sofa seating, and coverings in case of crowds, or weather. I adore succulents, so the entire concept was amazing. They had so many different types of succulents, and the best part was that you could purchase some right there (I was tempted). I mean how cute are these walls covered in succulents? Literally my favorite part of the whole patio area, and what drove me to this cafe!

It makes the perfect place for photoshoots, and the gals working there were great about letting us have fun with our camera's, honestly we weren't the only one's there making a scene which was nice ha-ha, because everyone is capturing the beauty with their iPhones. This morning was just so fun with Alex, and it's what I've been longing for especially this summer. I have this little list of places I want to explore more of which are local spots. I've been born and raised in Cali, yet there are so many areas I've never been to, or know much about. So happy, this cafe can finally be crossed off my list!

Sadly I'm noticing that I am not a Gilmore girl in the sense of being able to handle five cups of coffee a day (cry) let alone a few sips. That's right, pure heartbreak. Coffee gives me migraines, and it can put me under for the whole day. As you see, I did order a latte specifically for photos, and within three sips I already felt it coming, so as for the coffee and drinks they offer I really cannot give a fair review on the great taste they are known for. However, the scenery is just too beautiful for words, and would go back just for the fun of it all! You must try it for yourself, to experience such unique beauty right by the beach.

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