Ever since I was in first grade I've kept a journal to organize my thoughts and to remember all the special things I've been able to do in my time! When I was six or seven my journal consisted of misspelled words, and a time log of everything I did from the moment when I woke up and went to bed, haha! Every Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthday's, and summer days written down in my journals! When I reached Jr. High and even High School my journal became my best friend to go to for releasing my emotions. Putting my feelings down on paper seems to be my way of expressing my emotions, and organizing my thoughts on certain circumstances.

I love going back, and going down memory lane to read what I would wrote, and I can remember exactly how I felt in that moment. It's a great way to remember those days when I'd get together with my best friend's, beach days, going out to lunch with my grandparents, etc. The best part is seeing the different journals I would buy and use! My first one is a collection of disney princess's on the front, tinkerbell, Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical, music notes, and then when I got older I chose ones that I just really liked and spoke to me! All of the covers represent the phase I went through, and the trends I liked the most.

Now that I'm a senior my diary is a mixture of everything; emotions, desires, prayers, favorite quotes, memories, and everyday activities! I believe so far, I have about 9 different journals, and each are so special to me! I can go a couple years in just one journal because I only write when I feel like I want to remember a holiday, event with friends, or just plain emotions! So today I thought I share with you a few reasons why I journal, (even though I've probably shared a few already ;)!

1. MEMORY LANE - I mentioned this a little bit, but journaling is a great way to remember your past. I wrote the funniest things in my journal, and I love going back to read them. You can bet every crush of mine is written in there along with details about friends, pets, birthdays, holidays, sick days, summer activities, and so much more! It's so special to me to go back and read things I did in second grade, sixth grade, and even in sophomore year! Even if you're older and are just starting, your going to be able to create those memories too!

2. KNOWING YOURSELF // When I journal, it's always at night when my day is over, and I'm able to just pour out my heart on a blank piece of paper and it's so healing for me. Every emotion I didn't know I felt comes out, and usually I'm able to find the root of the problem once I begin to write. Once I write a long page, I will re-read it after and it really shows me the areas I need to work on, and change my attitude! Sometimes I'm not able to see it right off the bat, but another great tip is to re-read constantly what you jot down, because often times I know I forget little details, or I leave my journal for a long time!

3. OPENS COMMUNICATION // This is specific if you prayer journal. I don't with it enough, but I love the idea of it! It's a great thing to go back and see the prayers God answered, and how it helped you through certain trials, or even the ones he didn't answer. But the few times I've taken the time to write down a prayer to the Lord I've noticed how it truly makes me more appreciative to all he does for me. It helps me focus more on his glory and praise instead of my wants and needs. Even though it's important to share with the Lord what's going on in your life, and to ask for help, it can also be such a habit and we forget to turn it back on him and all the blessings he's stored us with! When I fully open up and communicate with God and even more specifically through journaling my heart is more joyful and vulnerable because I'm left with all the attributes I thank God for having and sharing with me!

Linen & Lace Giveaway


Today I'm bringing you a very fun giveaway!! Linen & Lace is sponsoring a $35 gift certificate to their adorable little Etsy Shop! They have signs, download prints, mugs, and home decor. All are so cute so you'll definitely have to check out their shop! This is a group giveaway so be sure to follow all the gals who are participating to give you this fun opportunity to win some fun stuff!

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That's right, time to share yet another video of mine via YouTube! I hope you all are enjoying this types of posts, as you know I love filming and editing these, so I cannot upload them without sharing a "What's in my Purse" video on the blog as well! Leave a comment telling me one thing you could never go without in your purse!

Get Perfect DIY Pedicures


Pedicures can be more tricky for me, when it comes to maintenance and keeping my feet looking nice! It seems like the internet is full of  tips for manicures so here are some tips for pedicures! Feet are ugly (sorry, it's the truth) and unless you have them painted all year round they can be yucky! So if you're like me, your toes are hidden in the winter (obviously) & in the spring I start wearing my sandals so now is the time to remember these tricks!!

*How often should you get your toes done?
You can never care for your feet too often, but weekly pedicures aren't necessary either. Once every 2 weeks is totally fine during the Summer months. 

*Tips for making your polish last longer & look amazing!
- Obviously a good top coat is the trick, so I love Sinful Colors top coat, it just seems to keep my nails looking good! Another personal fave, is from Avon! 
Never use a protein enriched and strengthener product together. It will cause your polish to crack (no good). Try to only apply a nail protein to bare nails instead.
Applying a cuticle oil to your nails when they are already polished will hydrate and bring moisture into the skin, helping the polish last longer.

*Feet maintenance & prevent heels from cracking
Working a foot scrub into your heels is a great way to remove dead skin. Avoid using pumice stones since they trap bacteria and try using a diamond file instead. After feet are fully exfoliated, rinse, moisturize with a non-greasy lotion, and begin painting. 
 Light oil, Shea Butter or Vaseline can be used to moisturize the heals and help prevent cracking. 
If you have blisters, leave them for the professionals (you'll end up doing more harm than good if you try to pop them).

Sparkly Liner Tutorial (Valentines)


Woo I finally got around to filming a quick and fun makeup tutorial! This look is especially for Valentines Day! This look is for the gal who loves glitter and being bold with your makeup, & for the gal who adores V-Day! Let me know if you want me to do antithetical type of makeup looks, because I have to admit it was so fun to film and create! Hope you enjoy. :)



Yay, I'm bringing another great treat into my Valentine round-up here on the blog! I know I made cupcakes last year if you remember that far back, but my sister was whipping up some cupcakes for an event she attended, so I couldn't pass up an opportunity to snap some photos of these Valentine cupcakes! These babies were so yummy, and it was worth cheating for a few bites of one (joys of being gluten-free)...so you must try these out for fun, or just in time for Valentine's Day!

a cake box mix
1/4 cup of oil
2/3 cup of water
2 eggs
one box of powdered sugar
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1 stick of butter
1/3 cup of milk

Basically your just gonna be following your directions from the box, it's that simple! I believe it took 30 mins in total to prepare and make these cupcakes, so yes even though they aren't made from scratch I think they taste pretty darn close!



Valentine's Day is around the corner so I figured a roumdup of my Valentines post ideas would be perfect!! Last year I posted quite a few posts for this holiday but this year, I haven't had the chance, but we'll see! Maybe I'll fit in an outfit post! Anyways which is your favorite? 1,2, or 3?

Outfit Idea on V-Day!
This outfit was a blast to put together, & I'll probably wear something like this because I love the causal effortless look it has to it!!

Red Velvet Cupcakes
Needing something sweet? These cupcakes are the perfect thing, they are so delish!

Pink Heart Manicure
I never do nail tutorials here on the blog, because I never feel like their good enough, but that wasn't the case for this tutorial! You can bet I'll be wearing some type of V-Day nail, so be sure to check it out. 



Recently I've come across some wonderful devotional apps! I'm not one for reading on a tablet, rather a book in my hand is what I prefer especially when I'm doing my devotion in the morning. I like to be able to highlight, and mark up my pages and take notes. On my iPhone I find that it can be challenging to do some of those things, but I've been using a few different apps when I'm low on time in the morning I will whip out my phone and it works just fine! Hopefully these apps can help and inspire you, like they have been for me! Comment below and share what apps you love for a good devotion in God's word, I'd love to be familiar with more!

This devotional is my favorite that I'm sharing with you today! The layout is so clean and simple which makes it very easy to figure it out. One feature that caught my eye was that they offer free lock screen wallpaper photos for your iPhone! I believe I've downloaded every image they've created. Their different topical devo's are titled plans, and they vary on the number of days they last. For example one plan is all about hospitality and it runs for 24 days. The only downfall is not every plan is free, they usually cost $1.99 for the whole package, but one nice thing is your able to sample the first day to see how you like it enough to purchase it! The writing style of these women are amazing and I love everything they have to say! So helpful and these devo's are the perfect way to start my morning!

This app is perfect for the everyday use! I love that this app doesn't require any type of purchasing and everything is free. Every day they post a new little devotional and I believe It's available for one week, but then after that so many new daily posts come up and some old ones get lost. Another great feature is there's a section for prayer, and you can type up some of your requests and send them in, and they have a prayer team that will support you! I found that to be very neat. Theres not more to say other than I love, love, love this devo!

This devotional app is a ot like She Reads Truth in the way it's set up and the fact that it has plans you can purchase. I really like how helpful this app is, and everything they have to say! Again, this app has some really pretty photos to go along with their plans, unfortunately you cannot download them, but it's nice to see them in the format of the text! Definitely be sure to get this app!!

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