Advertising on My Blog


Hey! So lately I've been thinking of, "advertising " some blogs on my blog! But I would like it if you also put my blog button on yours. Advertising can be a little pricey for what I would like for my blog. So I'm sure most of you have or have heard about the "grab my button?" I would put your button on my blog and you would put my button on your blog. Please let me know If your interested in doing this with me. I have a few blogs in I would only like about five different blogs being advertised on my blog. I don't want my page to be too crazy and busy. Like I said I have a few blogs in mind that I would love to do this with so please comment and let me know if your interested in doing this & If your willing to also put my button on your blog. :) I am going to be creating my own button so I will let you all know who I have decided who's blog I will advertise on my blog. I hope this isn't too confusing if so please comment and let me know thanks so much guys I'm looking forward to hearing from you all!

Favorite Author and My Book was Signed!


Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. The most amazing thing happened to me this week so I figured why not blog it? Ha ha. My favorite Author is Robin Jones Gunn. She is a Christian Author, and has lots of different series for teenage girls to read. I've read the Christy Miller, Christy and Todd, Katie Weldon, and the Sierra Jensen series! Whenever I read these books, no matter how many times I've read the same one, I still can't put the book down. So anyways I was out spending the day with my Grandma and we went to a bookstore because, I have been dieing for the last book of the Katie Weldon Series. So I was just telling my Grandma all about these books and how much I love this Author!! And come to find out one of my Grandma's good friend (Marlene) is very good friends with Robin Jones Gunn!! My Grandma was able to call her friend and ask If she could sign one of my books for me. A week later I received two books, with one of them signed!!! I was extremely excited! Thank you so much Grandma, Marlene, Robin Gunn for making this happen! (:

My Five Top Favorite Starbucks Drinks


These are my five top favorite Starbucks drinks! Ha-ha. I know this post is a little different then anything I've posted before but I'm always wanting to be brave and try new things to order at places I go. The only problem is I never know If I'm going to like it and then I'll regret getting my favorite! So I thought this post might help some of you who love Starbucks drinks and who are tired of ordering the same drink all the time! I made this collage of my five top favorite drinks. I'm not sure this is in order of my photo but here are the names of the drinks: 1) Double Chocolate Chip Mocha Frapp. 2) Black Iced Tea. 3) Carmel Frappicino. 4) Passion Tea. 5) Salted Carmel Frapp. I hope your able to try these drinks and love them! Whenever I'm craving something sweet, sugary, I always think of Starbucks! Ha-ha. So enjoy! :)

How Would You Rate my Blog?


So lately I've been trying to update my blog, and improve on my posts a lot. My goal is to have about 500 people following my blog, by next year in September. I know that I am no where near that number. So I was wondering how do you all like my blog?! This is going to be like a little survey for my blog. If you could comment down below for your answers that would be great!! So this is all you have to do to get started....thanks so much

1) What would you like to see me post more of?
Hair Styles
Bible Studies

2) Is there anything you would like me to post, something special for you?

3) How do you like my background, buttons, and layout of my blog?

4) Is there anything that you dislike about my blog?

5) How would you rate my blog on a scale of 1-10?

Chocolate Chip Cookie & Brownie Pizookie

This dessert was amazing :) I absolutely love to bake...but I'm the kind of baker who wants to be able to make it within five minutes ha ha. So this dessert is super easy. I will list the ingredients below and the instructions! Happy baking!!

Cookie and brownie mix (and everything that you need to make that cookie and brownie mix)
Ice cream
Chocolate Syrup

First you make the cookie and brownie mix (just follow the instructions on the box)
Place it in the oven for about 45 minutes
Take it out and let it cool
Serve it and add ice cream and chocolate syrup!
And then enjoy :)

My Hume Lake Vacation


Heyy!! I just got back from having a wonderful vacation with my family and friends at Hume Lake. We rent a cabin with two other families! It's a beautiful place in the mountains. It's a Christian Camp which makes it so much fun! We spend our time down at the Lake almost everyday. This week we were able to go walking, biking, kayaking, and hiking! I had so much fun. I absolutely loved being able to hang out and play card games and watch movies together at night. I've been to Hume many times before but every time I go I still fall in love with it. I always see so many blue jays, red robins, bears, and lots of deer and even bald eagles. I love exploring and seeing all of God's beautiful creation. At Hume I do not receive cell phone reception so it makes my week even more relaxing, with not having all that distraction...that keeps me away from spending time with my family! One of my favorite things is to have a camp fires and eat s'mores! (but anything with chocolate is amazing) :) So anyways my week at Hume was absolutely amazing! I'm so thankful I was able to go, and I can't wait to go back. I hope you enjoy these photos I took when I was there! Thanks <3



Swimming With the Bears


So my family and I decided that because we couldn't go to Hawaii to swim with the dolphins we went to Hume Lake to swim with the bears!!!! lol. When I was at Hume Lake for vacation we were in the lake with a bear!! My sister, dad, and I were in the lake when all of the sudden my sister starts screaming "bear, bear, bear." And there he was in the water swimming! He was a brown bear, which was good. But he was about 15 feet away from my dad!! It was absolutely crazy! I've been to Hume five years and that was my first time ever seeing a bear! It was so much fun, and really scary at the same time ha ha. I was able to watch it run and climb up rocks and a hill. I couldn't get over how fast, and big the bear was! I am so thankful nothing happened to anyone. The Lord was definitely watching over us! Hope you enjoy these photos! :)

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