Project 365 On Instagram | My Experience + Tips


n the beginning of 2018, I thought it would be to participate in an Instagram challenge for the year: Project 365. Posting a photo everyday for one year seemed like a lot, but I figured I already post all the time so why not give it a go! Obviously the new year 'fresh start' ideal was my first reasoning for joining, but there's more. Keeping an Instagram feed or aesthetic is so difficult, and I found myself never posting unless it looked "good enough" to share. So, my hope was that this challenge would help me not worry so much about that. That my new focus would be to share simple moments throughout my day, to look back for the whole year and be remembered of small things that meant a lot to me.

Well, I as of right now I have posted photo number 83/365. I am a bit behind. It takes a lot of time and effort to find new angles, locations, and even outfits to post an image everyday! Many of my days when I started was time spent inside classrooms, cleaning a dirty dorm, or watching Parenthood in my room this summer. I thought I'd share some tips, along with pro's and con's!

1. // Learn to take photos of new things around you.
This has helped me see everything in a new light. I paid more attention to the colors of buildings to the food on my plate. Something so simple, yet so much joy!

2. // You can always inform others what your up to.
I love being able to 'be real' on my page. For a solid three months my life was super healthy. My love for acai bowls began, and I was walking everyday. It was a nice way to be held accountable, yet a way for me to track my progress.

3. // Enjoy the small things.
I already touched on this a little bit, but remember to enjoy your Instagram! It doesn't have to be about your travels or new outfits every time.


1. // It's time consuming. 
This is a given, but it's worth mentioning. I can't tell you how many times I got a few days behind and had to post within the same day to make up for it!!

2. // You run out of ideas on what to post. 
This is the hardest thing about this challenge. How many more beach, palm tree, or coffee photos can a girl post? Refer to my idea list above!

3. // Sometimes you want privacy. 
Not everyday are you exploring your city, having dinner with your girlfriends, or making your bed! Sometimes, you're tired or sad. Your hair isn't curled and it's a no makeup Monday. It can be difficult to create content that is meaningful on these types of days! (Hence why I'm behind).

My Summer Hair Care


Summer hair care is no joke! It's the one time of the year I adore my hair curled to take photos next to flower bushes (like this one above), yet I hate the process of sweating in my room after a hot shower and heat via a blow dryer on your head for the next 10 minutes. For those of you who are in the south, than you'll understand this completely.

Anyways, here are a few tips I've been using. My hair has never been super long like most girls who have it mid-back length, but this length right now is really long for me. I have thin hair and growing up it's always taken forever to grow. Everything I've shared below has help my hair stay healthy, shinny, long, and even strong. I hope they help you too, especially for the summer time when you want to skip those morning styling sessions!

One // Use purple shampoo.
If you are a blonde like me, this makes such a difference! It protects and makes the color last, instead of rinsing out within the first couple of weeks.

Two // Skip the heat during the week.
Blow drying my hair is the worst in the summer. Being hot and sticky after my shower doesn't make me want to be under the hot dryer for another 10mins. So, skip the heat when you can. Only curl or blow dry your hair when you're going out for the night.

Three // Deep condition once a week.
My favorite conditioner is called K-Pak from Joico. It has strengthened my hair more than anything before. My hair is no longer weak or stringy. Now, my hair stylist says it is shiny and healthy!

Four // No hair ties for bed.
Split ends are bound to happen, but they are worse when I use tight hair ties for a cute up-do.

Five // Wash right after the pool.
Dirty lake water or the chlorine in pools are the worst for my blonde coloring. Just take care of your hair if you are constantly soaking in the summer water!

Six // Be careful with necklaces. 
I know this one seems weird, but whenever I wear necklaces all the time it can pull out my hair. I have to be careful, so I don't like to wear them unless I'm going out.

Podcasts You Must Listen To


ately, podcasts have been my thing! A good episode to listen to while doing my makeup, cleaning my room, or driving helps me a lot. Music sometimes builds too many emotions, so instead of binging Netflix all day, a podcast is my solution to keeping my mind busy and inspired. Everything below is based upon lifestyle topics that many people can relate to. I love hearing about personal experiences from people I admire on social media, so you must give them a listen!

1. // The Art of Joy
A mother and daughter duo podcast is the sweetest thing I've found on a podcast. Tresa and Ashlee talk about their trials and struggles in life, making you feel not alone. I follow Ashlee on Instagram, (her little girl Poppy is adorable) and when she announced this new project, I was overjoyed. Her story is heartbreaking, but she talks about it in such a beautiful way. You must give this podcast a listen...and perhaps with tissues in hand!

2. // Sure, Babe 
I haven't listened to this podcast a ton, but this one particular feature with Arielle Vey (a gal I love on Instagram) is my favorite. She shares the process of her photography business and how she landed the perfect dream career. It's such an inspiring episode.

3. // Whine Down 
Country singer, Jana Kramer, has her own podcast now!! She talks a lot about her marriage and honestly I just love everything about this! It's neat to get to know someone who is so famous. This podcast is hosted by iHeartRadio, so I don't love the interviewer who asks her questions. But, I can deal with it because I love Jana.

Any podcasts you've been loving lately? Let me know below!! 

3 Reasons To Have Morning Rituals + My Own


ince college, I have been such a morning person! Being back in my bedroom feels amazing. I have my own space, without the worry of waking up my roommate. For some reason, I feel the need to be extra productive since my college will be all online come July. So now, I have been creating a few rituals that have been so good for me!! Here are a few reasons why I hope that you too can perfect your morning ritual, along with sharing my personal routine run-down!

Sets the tone for the day. 
This is my main reason for creating a morning schedule. It's amazing how I feel when I wake up knowing all that my day holds. One thing I add within my morning ritual down below is my gratitude journal. I've been trying so hard to use it regularly, and I'm loving the results!

Can spark creativity. 
When my room is clean, laundry is done, and emails are sorted, I can finally enjoy my day. Even if it's a simple act of being creative with my smoothie ingredients it then becomes a change of pace. I feel inspired best when my surroundings are clean and full of nature light!

Makes you more productive. 
An obvious one, I know, but waking up early and tackling a to-do list all before 11am in the summer is truly incredible. This really has surprised me being home, because sleeping in or taking a long shower is always nice, however, I feel that those two rituals are not helpful during the week.

                          My Personal Rituals!! 

1.  Make the bed.
2.  Take care of my dog.
3.  Start a load of laundry.
4.  Check emails.
5.  Get ready, be happy with outfit choice and hairstyle!
6.  Make a healthy breakfast.
7.  Listen to a podcast in between tasks.
8.  Do a devotional.
9.  Be creative. Watch a YouTube video while doing makeup or listen to music.
10. Write down 5 things in a gratitude journal.

Happy June | 12 Things


1. I cannot wait to go to Santa Barbara. State street looks so beautiful.

2. Thanks to Netflix, I finally saw Mama Mia! The soundtrack is incredible. I'm so excited for the second film to come out in theatre's in July.

3. My friend brought me back a keychain from Greece with my name in Greek, and now I seriously have the travel bug, haha.

4. I've been babysitting a lot lately. I love being able to have a little routine in my week. Plus the extra money doesn't hurt.

5. If you saw my Instagram stories a few weeks back, you would have seen me at Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour (I put them in my hightlights, under travel)! It was soooo good. My sister is a huge fan and so she dragged me with her. This album of her's isn't my cup of tea, but the concert was so much fun. Camila Cabello opened and Selena Gomez was her quest performer that night at the Rose Bowl.

6. It's officially hot here in So-Cal. I see many curly hair days in my future, because this gal isn't blow drying in the morning anymore.

7. I am in need of a pedicure. I'm waiting for our vacation and it's been loooong overdue.

8. Pinterest has been so fun for me! I went through and deleted soooo many pins and boards that aren't my style anymore. I had around 14,000 pins, and now I'm down to 3,000. I love the way my feed looks now though.

9. Snapple peach iced tea is now my new favorite drink.

10. I'm working on a bucket list (the one you saw here) and I'm pretty sure the only things I can write down is regarding travel destinations, haha. Top 5 spots...Paris, France / London, England / Dublin, Ireland / New York, USA / Positano, Italy

11. Health is something I'm wanting to be more serious about. A few people on Instagram (Missremiashten, and emmagracewicks) have been so inspirational for me. Their fitness routines and real talks are so helpful to hear. It's my turn next.

12. I need to start blogging more. Any suggestions of what you'd like to see around here? 

Confine Yourself To The Present


o you ever find it difficult to live in the present? Truly soaking in every moment of the day? I've been finding it to be a challenge. I tend to reminisce on the past or worry and plan for the future. This summer, though, I don't want to be guilty of this.

I am home from college now and my summer has been so relaxing. Yet, at the same time I've spent my time reflecting on things that aren't the most important for my time right now. When you have so much pilling up around you it's hard to put things in perspective. For myself, it's finalizing everything with my new university online.

During whatever season I find myself in requires adjustment. It can be exhausting learning a new routine or schedule. Come August all my courses will be online, and I'm already sensing a part of me not feeling ready for that change. Because once it comes, I'll need to learn how to be present in my everyday.

So, why not start now? I hate it when I can't relax while watching a tv show, doing chores, or reading a book outside without thinking of all the things I have to do later that week or even in a few months. Obviously productivity needs to be kicked into gear in order for a sense of 'staying present' can take over.

In order to stay present this sumner, I am going to incorporate a few new habits into my daily routine. I really want to keep a gratitude journal, spend more time outside reading or walking, dive into the Word, and surround myself with uplifting people.

What does your day look like? Do you have time to dream about the future or are you focusing on what lies before you right now?

Everyday Jewelry Wears


ewelry is my favorite way to dress up an outfit look. Over the years, I've finally found my go-to pieces that make me feel comfortable and cute. Growing up, I never thought I'd have a love for gold jewelry but boy was I wrong. Other than a wedding ring perhaps, you'll never see me in silver pieces.

You'll find that my pieces are dainty, gold, and simple. Much like my outfit choices, I enjoy my jewelry to look timeless. No matter the latest trends they will always seem to match beautifully. Layered necklaces or bangles are the pieces I reach for daily. Other than hoop earrings, I never seem to wear anything else. I'm also a lover of knuckle rings (mostly because my fingers aren't a size 6) so thanks to Forever 21 my collection now offers a variety.

Anyways, here are a few items + brands that I adore! What are your favorite pieces of jewelry?

1. Knuckle Rings // As I mentioned I buy them from Forever 21, because they are super cheap. I'm very self conscious of my hands and fingers, but if I throw on a few knuckle rings I'm good to go! Here are a few I really enjoy and recently picked up! { solitaire midi ring set, ornate midi ring set }

2. Alex & Ani Charm Bracelets // A new find has been the brand called Alex and Ani! Their pieces are so simple, yet fun! I love wearing bangles, (again big wrists) so for a long time I wouldn't find any that flattered my hands. Everything from Alex and Ani, though, fits wonderfully. I have so many items left on my wishlist. Take a peek at the one's I currently own. { thankful, rocker beaded, march birthstone }

3. Kingsley Necklace // I've talked on the blog before about my all time favorite jewelry brand, Miranda Frye, because her necklaces are so dainty and elegant. Her pieces are the most expensive pieces in my collection, however, they clean beautifully. I know I will have them in my collection forever, as they are excellent quality. The Kingsley necklace comes matching with a bracelet, and I love pairing both. Literally, all my necklaces are from this brand, so be sure to take a look at them all (unfortunately a lot aren't up on the site anymore, so here's what I could find)!! { Kingsley, arch necklace, Ashleigh }

4. Watches // I love wearing watches and layering them with my charm bangles or Kingsley bracelet. I'm super picky when it comes to watches, and literally have only found a few at Francesca's. They have the best selection, especially for a gal who loves the big face on a clock (their website also lacks watches similar to mine, but here's one that I have my eye on). { Vanessa classic minimal watch }

5. Gold Hoops // Again, earrings are always a second thought, but my one pair of gold hoops from Free People are my favorite. Anthropologie also has a few favorites that are on my wishlist, so I'll include those as well! { fine gauge hoop, spring surprise, slender hoops }

My Favorite Movies


v shows to binge on Netflix are always the best, but for me nothing beats a classic movie! Summer is obviously perfect for the outdoors, but it is also the time as a student that I relax. Isn't summer all about those me-time afternoons while reading magazines, painting your toes, and eating chocolate? For me, it's complete with my favorite movie! So, if you are like me who loves a day out of the summer heat, than be sure to give these movies a peek!

1. Anne of Green Gables // This will forever be my favorite, (no matter what new Nicolas Sparks movie comes out) because it is a filled with beautiful characters. The love story of Anne and Gilbert is just so sweet. I love how they grew up together and have funny memories to look back on! This movie also reminds me of my grandma, as it's our go-to film.

2. Sweet Home Alabama // Reese Witherspoon stars in this movie, and honestly it is the only film I enjoy her acting in. This movie has some classic lines I use all the time in conversations, haha. It's a great laugh and I have so much respect for both men she has interests in.

3. Safe Haven // Nicholas Sparks is literally contains all my favorite chick flicks ever. But, Safe Haven is a sweet love story. Julianna Hough is a wonderful actress and I've been following her on Instagram which makes me adore her all the more. It's a sad movie yet with a happy ending, which is something Nicholas Sparks isn't always known for!

4. The Proposal // Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock are absolutely perfect together for this comedy love story!! It's about a controlling boss who forces her assistant to marry her in order for her to keep a visa status in the U.S. to avoid being deported to Canada. You must watch this film if you're up for a good laugh.

5. How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days // Best movie ever!! My sister and I can recite this entire movie together. Andy Anderson (Kate Hudson) and Benjamin Barry (Matthew McConaughey) are paired together in order to win a beat within their journalist careers, yet either one knows about each other's secret plan. Bottom line, it's a classic!!

6. Singing In The Rain // Oh yes, I am a lover of old classics. Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly are amazing actors!! The soundtrack is beautiful and makes me want to tap dance along with them all. This movie showcases how the Hollywood industry began and the way celebrities were viewed in the 20's.

7. Stepmom // This is a heartwrenching movie, but I love every minute of it. Julia Roberts will probably be my favorite actress ever! She can make me cry like no other. It's all about a divorced family, the mom deals with a health issue, and the stepmother to-be creates conflict among the two children. This may even beat my love for Anne of Green Gables, haha!

8. Sabrina // My first Aubry Hepburn movie was Sabrina, the black and white version (much more romantic that way). I mean, does it even matter what the movie is about? We are talking about Aubry here. I love the sound of her voice, and her sense of style. If you love the 20's, give this a go!

9. The Intern // A newer film selection here with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro. It's about a 70 year old man who becomes a senior intern for an online fashion company. He creates a special bond with the founder of it all who tends to be very private. It's neat watching the generational gap of technology in the workforce, however, this film honored the old fashioned gentleman lifestyle.

10. Made of Honor // Patrick Dempsey is great in this film. He plays the role of guy who is scared of commitment, lives by his own dating rules, and also begins to fall in love with his best friend, Hannah. With one trip to Ireland, Hannah comes home with a finance. Patrick Dempsey has to win her heart by being the best made of honor ever. It's a sweet and funny movie!!

May | Let's Catch Up


t feels so good to be typing right now. It's been a while since my last post, and nothing sparks my creative outlet more than blogging. I am officially home now from college, and I couldn't be happier that it's summer. I've been up to so many things, so I figured a life lately styled post would be just the thing.

Loving: My bedroom. I finally decided on having a desk in my bedroom. I'm still in the process of finding the perfect chair, but I already love the space it provides me. I hope to share a mini office tour soon.

Watching: I just started watching Parenthood, and OMG it's the best. I secretly only gave it a chance because of Lauren Graham, but the entire show is amazing so far. I'm on season 1 right now, but I betcha I'll be on season 2 by the time this post goes up! Haha.

Listening: You guys, Charlie Puth's album just came out and I'm pumped. It's about time my car is filled with some new music!!!

Summer Plans: This June, my family is going on a vacation to Santa Barbara, and I can't wait to blog all about it!! If you have any recommendations for cute coffee shops or photoshoot locations let me know!

Excited About: Officially being home! I have decided to finish my degree online since I'm entering my senior year of college, so that way I can say goodbye to that big chunk of debt I would have otherwise had to stomach. Hence why I wanted a desk in my room so badly!

Wishing: I didn't have to start summer courses in July! My new schedule is going to be more time consuming (I'm guessing) but I'll be online, so I'm hoping that will balance it all out.

Figuring Out: A schedule! Now that I'm back, I have to try new things and have a routine. I want to be busy like I was at my university, rather than bored in front of my computer screen. This whole balance of working at home thing may be the case for this college gal!



Sometimes advice is the most helpful thing in the world. But other times it can be difficult to hear depending on your desires or values.

1. Go to a university as a freshman
Going to a university as a transfer student has it's difficulties, but so worth it! I truly believe it depends on your personality, because I don't regret it at all. I was never ready to leave home and chose a major to stick with. Those two years prepared me for where I am now, and all that I have to face. You do not have to be a freshman to experience college at a university.

2. Experience Prom
So do not regret missing this opportunity. I went to homecoming with two of my friends, and it was not all that people make it out to be. Plus, years later the populars never stay friends.

3. Don't go home on the weekends
I could literally write a whole blog post on this, but being away at university comes with many challenges. One's that so many people around me believed I need to face on my own, away from home and family. I tried living up to this expectation, but within three weeks realized it wasn't for me. College does not have to enjoyed on the weekends, no matter what anyone says.

4. Just ignore it. 
Ever been in a situation when something unhealthy goes on? A place that brings uneasiness to your soul? Where you know you must speak up and direct the problem? Oh good, than I'm not alone. This is by far the worst piece of advice I've ever received. I am a firm believer in facing an issue head on, and solving the solution so you can move on without any more hurt.

5. You can't handle it. 
I love being able to prove people wrong. This advice can apply to literally everything in life. You can't handle that career move, amount of pressure, or homework load. It can be small, or huge. This is the moment when I'm able to rise to the occasion, and let that moment make me stronger.



othing is more special to me than traveling. I love the thrill of flying, knowing I'm going somewhere new, or to visit loved ones. Road trips with my family in the summer are my favorite. Exploring different cultures, and lifestyles are so inspiring to me. Over the weekend, I spent a few hours in Laguna Beach and captured some beautiful photos. 

Now, I have to add one disclaimer here and that is, I don't love every place I've visited. Some places are too crowded, overpriced, and dirty. But, these tips below can help make any trip a full experience! I did 4 out of 7 suggestions below at Laguna, and now I can fully cross it off my travel destination list! 

1. Take public transportation:  
I haven't been able to try this one out yet, but if your looking into New York, Washington D.C. or Boston try the subway. If your in San Francisco or London take a ride on a double decker bus! In Hawaii, I was able to take a boat ride and it was the best. 

2. Try a restaurant recommended by a local: 
Yes, I have the Yelp app and it works like a charm, but sometimes you gotta find the hidden gems only people can recommend. 

3. Keep a travel diary: 
This one is my favorite. I actual bought one from Anthropologie, and I write down everything I did, including tourist hot spots, eatery, or shops, along with everything I loved and disliked about the city or state I visited. It's the little things you don't want to forget.

4. Don't book a hotel: 
My favorite way to stay anywhere is to either rent a town home, cabin, or stay at a bed and breakfast. This way your able to see first hand the culture of how people live, the architecture in homes, or what certain neighbors are like. 

5. Try something new: 
It can be anything. Depending on where you are; try a new food dish apart of the culture, walk through a museum, go whale watching, or go for a hike. Do something that you wouldn't do just any day out of the week! 

6. Walk around the town: 
Walking is the best way to find those secluded areas that provide beautiful views, and perfect for photoshoot opportunities. It makes exploring super easy, and this way you won't miss anything. 

7. Bring your camera: 
A diary full of words, isn't enough for me. Thankfully this blog allows me to have an excuse for all the photo shoots I beg my family and friends to take for me. Photos are something you'll always keep and cherish, and get them developed to later scrapbook! 




It is so easy to be caught up in all the noise, busyness, and schedules these days. I personally can become so stressed out by the appointments, events, and interviews I have. At college I never seem to leave the bubble of homework talk and dorm living means shared personal space.

I read the book, Present over Perfect by Shauna Nequiest, and it talks so much about living for the still moments. Not the ones that make us go crazy, overwhelmed, or tired. Rather, alive, happy, and restful.

I'm been trying to find those moments. The moments where I feel allowed to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the silence. I've been reminded to be more of a Mary instead of a Martha. To be with Him more, instead of doing.

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." - Matthew 11:28-30 

When I sit in the quiet and mediate on his word that is when I find Him speaking to the deepest part of my soul. It is difficult to fully escape all the noise and rest in Him, but when I do everything seems to align.

I've been challenging myself to step out and explore where I can absorb and listen to His voice. Lately, mine is at the beach. Where I enjoy the cold sand in between my toes, gasp in awe of pink and orange painting the sky, and listen to nothing but the waves crashing on the shore. I look around and thank God for his nature. I think that if my God can be in control over something as vast as the ocean, than my worries, anxiety, and heart will be perfectly held in His hands.

So, I encourage you to find your resting place. The place where you can hear His voice and feel rested. I personally need to spend more time alone to find the quiet space with Him, because the busyness and noise all around me is weighing me down. Only true rest can come from Him!



ollege life is so different than I imagined, yet in the best possible way ever! It's kept me super busy, and my free time is used for studying and social hangouts. It's been a challenge creating content on the blog without it all being a much of advice/tip column type posts. Living in my dorm, with one roommate has made it hard to shoot, and the natural light is nothing like my room at home. I absolutely love blogging, it's a way I document my life happenings and thoughts. It's such a special place for me to be creative, yet reserve all my memories. Therefore running a blog while attending at University isn't easy, and honestly if it wasn't for the magic of prescheduling before I moved in, I probably wouldn't have this post up today!

All of these things at college have changed the process of how I create, and schedule my blog posts, so I've had to begin brainstorming, and set up a new routine, because my prescheduled posts are all out lol. Plus in the process of learning I've gathered a few tips I thought I'd share with you!

1. Ditch the pressure. 
Don't let this unwanted pressure of having to keep up with everything stop you from blogging all together. If you can't post as often as you normally did don't stress. I've allowed myself to ditch this pressure in order to continue love blogging.

2. Change the focus. 
Oh boy has this one been difficult, yet so needed at the same time! I've sure you'll be noticing how here pretty soon how much my blog has shifted gears and turned into a college girls blog, rather than a pure lifestyle blog full of recipes and beauty, because my prescheduled posts are running! But that's okay because as I continue to grow and change the older I become so will my blog. I want my blog to display the life and adventures I experience at that exact moment.

3. Be personal. 
I'm already pretty personal here on the blog, but I believe this to be so true as I'm slowly transitioning into my college experience. I hope to always show the good (& bad) with my feelings on how I develop here at Vanguard.

4. Share your growth. 
I'm learning so much about who I am, what I can handle, and what I dislike while I'm figuring out life on my own, since I moved out of my parents home. My tip to all college gals is to find a way to truly show your growth through a certain type of posts. On my blog I love sharing monthly goals, or life lately series which are able to show where I'm at in life!



march started off as a great month because of my birthday, but then I caught the flu virus and it all went down hill from there. I had to miss my choir tour, so bummed out! I'm so tired of laying in bed, yet I have no energy to do otherwise. So, I'm catching up on my blog game. Here are a few goals I hope to complete before April.

1. Take photos of my dorm | I have been waiting for the perfect moment, and now I see there isn't going to be one. My first year is almost over and I still haven't shared it on the blog!

2. Slowly move out of my dorm | Sensing a pattern? In May, I officially move out and it is going to be a lot of work. After I take those photos lots of items can be used here in room at my parents house.

3. Plan out blog content | My ideas seem so dry. Maybe once I'm fully 100% better from being sick, I'll be inspired somehow.

4. Continue eating healthy | Ever since my birthday I've splurged here and there and it needs to come to an end. Back to smoothies, whole foods, and no sugar.

5. Go to the gym | I don't know when I'll be able to start this back up because of my cough, but I was kickin' butt. I can't wait to start caring for my body again.



iving in a dorm has been so different than I imagined. I've been able to make it feel like home in my own way. I bought all new bedding, decor pieces, and yet kept the same color palette as my room back at my parents house. After a couple of months I can finally say that I do love my dorm room. I came in with everything being complicated and difficult, but my new roommate has been wonderful.

I grew up my own life with my own bedroom, and I loved my down time even at the age of four! So it's only natural that when I visit home for the weekend my bedroom upstairs is my absolute retreat to escape everything! Not because I feel the need to escape my roommate or college in general, but to recharge and feel completely at home.

I thought I'd share some learned lessons from my experience of living at home, compared to that dorm lifestyle! As a freshman considering university life I truly questioned the dorm living and it's for the reasons below, yet it's been such a joy figuring out myself knowing that I can survive and do it! But...there are still things I miss lol.

1. Pants are optional. 
I know that sounds funny, but it's true! Privacy is a luxury! I miss the freedom of not caring what I looked like while resting in bed or studying at my desk. Thankfully my roommate is a sweetheart and it works out, but the comforts of home in my room aren't the same at college.

2. I enjoy my space. 
As I stated above, I love quiet time. I'm an introvert, and therefore need to be able to recharge on my own before social events or even classes. Having to share my bathroom, closet, and room with someone has been a change by trying to be very polite of their space. When I visit home on the weekends I look forward to Netflix on my tv, dimmed lights, Lily by my side, and time alone resting on my queen bed lol.

3. The tv is all mine. 
Little things like a tv is something I chose not to bring with me in my dorm and I miss it. There isn't any space for one anyways, but once again the sacrifices you make to be in dorms.

4. Sharing is caring. 
One tool I've learned is how to get along with others and share. Share space, and even personal items. I don't mind this at all, but just know if you're not the sharing type living with roommates may not be up your alley.

5. Compromise is key. 
Compromise is hard, but a true key to keeping peace. The areas I once thought would irritate me, doesn't at all, and then vice versa. Just remember to be that roommate you'd want to live with!




Uh, 21? How is it that I'm already into my twenties! I must admit birthday's are my favorite, and this one has already been so sweet. As you know, today is Monday, which means that I'm here at college away from home for the first time. So, over the weekend my mom made it extra special for me and surprised me with balloons, a birthday manner, and 21 gifts! I felt like a true Gilmore Girl (anyone get that)?

Tonight I have plans to go out with a group of friends and I can hardly wait! I have classes all day, so I'll be on countdown til 5pm once we all leave, haha! The classic 21 drink won't be happening for me, honestly because I doubt I'll like anything. I've tried a few sips here and there, and nothing compares to my lemonade! I'm saving my special glass in the summer when my best friend and I go to Shakespeare plays at a winery. I'm sure it'll be the perfect scenery and worth the wait!

Honestly, turning 21 seems crazy to me. Entering my early twenties just seems so far away, yet its happening. I usually become all sentimental the night before every birthday, but tonight (as I'm writing this) I feel only excitement. I'm looking forward to everything this year has to offer and teach me. I'm ready to embrace the change, and say oy with the poodles already. 




Whew, February is over! It was a great month (because who doesn't love Valentine's Day?) but I'm happy to be moving on into March a.k.a my birthday month. In just a few short days I'll be turning 21! What?! Maybe I'll share more on that later, but for today let's just hop into a few things I loved this month.

Celebrated: Valentine's Day! My mom was so sweet and surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries. Exchanging cards and taking the time to show love is truly the best.

Trying: To go to the gym more often. I signed up with a local gym in Orange County and I love it. I've still been eating super healthy, and no sugar, so I figured it was time to add in some exercise.

Watching: One movie I went and saw in the theatre was Forever My Girl. I always love a classic chick flick, and the story line was so sweet.

Longing For: The summer!! I seriously am on countdown you guys. It's bad. I can't wait to be home in my own room with no caf food, or homework.

Reading: My Bible. This month I wrote a little devotion here on the blog, just sharing my heart in the ways God has delivered me in so many situations. It felt so good to get back to my original roots here on the blog. I want to keep sharing here and there, so I hope you like begin to enjoy that aspect!

Planning: I am slowly planning on a trip to Nashville to visit my high school english teacher. She is like an aunt/mentor to me, and since she moved from Cali I've missed her a lot. I'm looking into a summer trip, so I hope it happens!

Excited For: Going on tour with my concert choir! We are driving up North to California and will be gone for a week. Concerts are scheduled everyday, so lot's of tea will be needed, haha. I'm excited to see how the Lord strengthens me during this time.

Practicing: A lot of self care lately. I have noticed that because of my schedule and all that is on my mind during the week, there has been a lack of taking care of myself. Even if it's something small, like going to the gym, eating an acai bowl for dinner, or writing in my gratitude journal, it all makes a difference in my day.
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