This month I've enjoyed spending time some quiet time during this winter season, in my cozy bedroom! I've been thinking about posting a life lately post, however I felt that this type of post would work perfectly. I have seemed to have hopped off the YouTuber wagon, just as soon as I started, which makes me a bit sad considering I loved sharing my monthly favorites...so technically that's what these kinds of posts remind me of! Perfect for the blogging format eh?

Like I mentioned, this winter season I've been keeping things low key. College is moving along very successfully, and my spare time has been focused on relaxing activities and me-time afternoons. I use the cold weather as an excuse to stay in my pj's all afternoon (after my morning classes), and hide under the covers with Lily!

This month I have two novelty treats, reading material, and artsy inspiration to share with you. Hope you can include them all into your weekly routine. Enjoy!

Lately I have become content in my creativity skills, and penmanship, which is honestly the key to this craft of mine. I love journaling, and writing down my personal thoughts. I love all that I'm able to say and share here on the blog, but it's online, and the thought of this site one day disappearing makes me sad. I don't ever wish to lose everything on this site, and therefore I have created a journal that basically sums up my blog.

I like to call this journal my "list journal". It's filled with topic ideas and then I create a list on that specific journaling topic/question. Here are a few ideas that I have in my journal as of now; 5 ways I can cherish myself, favorite chick-flicks, 10 reasons why I love fall, go-to songs at the moment, 5 ways to make me cry, 15 favorite feelings, and 5 things I want to make more time for. Hopefully you get the idea, but it's just everything that you'll see here on the blog from how-to tips, to personal favorites and personality traits from yours truly!

                                             NOVELTY TREATS 
I love a good hot cup of tea, especially during the winter months! My favorite cup of tea at the moment is from the brand Stash and the flavor is called black spice chai tea. It's so delicious, I'm actually craving it as I'm writing this post - hehe.

The beautiful chocolate truffle in the photo above is from an adorable danish bakery in Solvang callede Mortensen's! If your not familiar with Solvang it's a little Scandinavian village that has dutch bakeries, eateries, and souvenir shops. I haven't visited in years, however my mom just took a trip with some girlfriends and so she bought me this truffle as a special treat! It's a chocolate mouse filling with a rich chocolate cake, covered in milk chocolate which is held together by a moist vanilla sugar cookie! If your mouth isn't drooling yet, than it should!

                                                          1588 Mission Drive

I brought this book with me to Oahu, and never even made it half way! I've been diving in this beauty and it makes me own such a love for Lauren Conrad and her profession. She has some great insight on beauty tips, and I love how she makes it all very personal with her own stories to point out that even celebrities have their own imperfections. The photos inside are beautiful, which makes it seem less like a book and more of a fancy magazine/editorial piece that you'd put on display in your home. Definitely recommend this Beauty book, as well as her blog!



o this outfit concludes the mini series! Rather than ending it, I view it as I'm ending it with a bang because this is my favorite outfit out of the three. Plus, I may be kicking another wardrobe staple off very soon (fingers crossed)! I hope you enjoyed these black tee style outfits, and hopefully gathered some inspiration for your own pieces! My outfits are simple, and honestly looking back at 2015 I only posted a total of six outfits, because I almost feel like they're not worth photographing. However, I do enjoy putting a little thought into my outfit because it can really change/enhance my overall mood. I'm sure most of you gals can relate, right?

Now this outfit is for you California girls! I've created this outfit based on the idea "ditch the layers." Yes it's true layers can be your best friends, and you've seen that to be true in my previous posts, however I live in sunny So-Cal where it's always 80 degrees, (well most of the time). This look is so simple that I almost didn't add it to the series. It's a floral purse, boyfriend jeans, and some funky sunglasses, all in front of a blue wall! But, I decided that some days are called for this type of simpleness. Not everyday of our lives will we have time to put tons of effort into our outfits! For students, or gals who spend their Saturday shopping this outfit is for you! Rock the simpleness and embrace the classic icon look of jeans and a tee. Let't not feel the need to have to always look glamorous and trendy every day of our lives, because honestly it's not "real" life!



aving a puppy is a big responsibility. I don't regret buying Lily, but i've had to sacrifice many things because of her. My life hasn't been the same since I brought Lily home, and in many ways I cannot imagine my life without her. She's my sleeping partner, cuddle buddy, and protector. She's full of personality, and is the most adorable thing when she wears her sweaters.

Puppies are more than cute little fluff balls, that you can cuddle with. They need walks, food, baths, shots, bathroom breaks, and lots of attention. I've had to cancel trips because my pup is scared of doggy care! Potty training was a long process and seemed like it took forever to accomplishment. Grooming can be quite expensive and it's set me back a few times. However, all of these sacrifices are more than worth it! So here are some tips and questions you can ask yourself before you take the plunge and adopt a pet!

Commitment: Do you have time for a pet? Are you committed to taking it on walks everyday, play with their toys, and have designated bathroom breaks? When you adopt a puppy you are giving it a "forever home" which can last up to 15 years depending on the dog. It's important that you make your dog apart of your family and provide it with your utmost devotion.

Financial Support: This is the deal breaker for most, but it's sometimes overlooked! It's so important to sit down and squeeze in a budget for a little puppy, because if you don't you may be forced to find a new home for your pet. Under all the cuteness of little puppies, they need shots, haircuts and baths every 4-6 weeks, emergency vet visits, food, shelter, toys, leash and collar, and perhaps medication. Depending on the breed, these needs can be more expensive like if you own a Maltese like me ;).

Careful Research: Every dog needs certain needs and depending on your lifestyle it can interfere with your routine. A lab compared to a yorkie requires different levels of responsibility. Research is key because it will prepare you for the type of breed you can handle in your life. If you don't have time for morning walks, or own an acre of land it's not very smart to adopt a Husky, or Border Collie. This research will also answer the questions such as; what type of grooming does my dog need, which breed has high energy levels, where is my emergency vet, or what doggy daycare can I trust?

Training: This is so important especially if you're adopting a puppy! This training included potty training, commands, and weekend classes at your local pet store. The last thing you'd want is have your dog not listen to your command when your outfront and your neighbors walk by, or a puppy who is out of control around children. Having a trained dog can change your life and relationship with your pet dramatically!



till going strong on this challenge of mine, and I'm so happy with the whole idea, so I hope you all are too! This outfit is perfect for those winter bundle up days. My favorite piece I'm wearing here, is the purple grey scarf. I picked it up last year at Forever 21 and wore it like crazy, and somehow it never ended up here on the blog. Grey is just one of those tones that release calming, and soothing emotions for my overall body and mood. So if you haven't figured out by now through this series, I love black, and grey, hehe. 

As I sit here in the corner in my space, I've been racking my brain on all the happenings in my life to possibly write in today's post. This particular moment I feel rather sluggard. You know that feeling where you have this burning desire to be productive, yet too overwhelmed and can't seem to function? Yep, that's me! To some degree, I can function pretty well underneath stress, but the sense of not being able to handle it, get's to me like no other. Not a very uplighting conversation on ABH this time around, but honestly neither is every blogger's life. I'm human, and I try to never sugar coat my life. Not every afternoon involves Starbucks, nor an adventure to find perfect neon wall backgrounds that are considered Instagram worthy. Hopefully, you can find comfort my little rant. I hope you have a wonderful day, and are enjoying this month!! 

                 cardigan/Irene's Story :: jeans/Ross :: scarf//Forever 21 :: sneakers/converse :: tee/Target



oday I wanted to share some tips on how to become a lifestyle blogger! There are so many components that set aside us lifestyle bloggers compared to fashion or DIY bloggers! In the beginning when I started A Beautiful Heart my intent was to be a lifestyle blogger because my vision was basically an online journal. However, a fashion blogger seemed to be the most popular and my blog shifted towards that, and then I realized it wasn't the right fit for me. This past year I have perfected my own understanding of what it's like to be a lifestyle blogger, so I wanted to share my list that I try to always incorporate when planning for future posts! There are so many things I love about being a lifestyle blogger, because I'm able to express myself on a deeper and more personal level with my readers! If you've been a follower for a while now, I hope that your glimpse into my life has given you a beautiful understanding to what my blog is all about; A Beautiful Heart.
Hope it helps you with your lifestyle blog!

Involve Your Travels: This is my absolute favorite to include on my blog! Traveling is my favorite thing in the world, and it also involves many of my dreams. Being able to capture photos and share my trip on this site is a great way for me to remember special memories, but also it let's my readers have a glimpse into my life. It can be as simple as documenting a trip to the beach with friends, or ice skating during Christmas. Whatever it is, share it! I love putting together mini guides so that people can experience the same things I did when I traveled out of state!

Be Personal: Being real comes with risk because others will judge or disagree with you, and those comments are never nice to read. But, don't let that stop you from sharing. You don't have to be personal in a vulnerable way, nor spill your personal secrets or embarrassments. Rather give your readers some information about your personally. Something that they can relate to, and connect to who you are as a blogger. Some post examples would be; favorite tv shows, random facts about you, or 15 of your favorite feelings,

Provide Updates: The number one rule about being a lifestyle blogger is sharing your life. On my blog I have created a post titled "the weekly" and in the post I provide photos from my instagram, and answer some fun questions! I give an update about my weekly/monthly happenings, ranging from my go-to songs, interesting topics I've thought about, or the loads of homework I have in college. Everything is important, no matter how big or small, it's still news, and it's still about your life!

Give How-To Tips: Providing your readers with helpful tips and tricks is my favorite thing about being a lifestyle blogger! This is when Pinterest comes in handy, because every useful pins you have hiding in your boards, actually become something you do! Some post examples are; tips on note taking, 4 secrets to blogging, reimagining your instagram feed, and the benefits of keeping plants around. 



erry late Christmas, should be the title for today's post! This photo shoot was inspired by the holiday joy especially with the cranberry reds. You know how much I love my dark tones, so I let my red scarf do all the talking. When I did this photo shoot when I visited my grandma and therefore forgot to pack the original black tee, you'll see in the upcoming posts, and I only packed this long sleeve black top. But I so desperately wanted to shoot here in this spot in particular because it's nothing like I've seen where I live!

So excited to share an upcoming mini series of a project that's been in the works for a long time now! I'm titling the series "Back to Basics" because closet staple pieces are so important, yet can become extremely boring! To kick things off I'm beginning with three ways to wear a black tee. Black is my favorite color to wear, and accessorize with so therefore it's my number one staple. I have found myself become irritated and bored of my closet, never excited to wear an outfit that expresses my girly style. My goal through this mini series is to find contentment in my wardrobe. Selecting those staple items and creating outfits that I enjoy wearing and making each one unique in it's own way!

I hoping to also post on some other staple basics like jeans, high heels, or a floppy hat, however I am not going to make any promises because my ideas tend to never make it via photographs! Thankfully, my sister has been so kind and has become my personal photographer, so these next three outfits are set and ready to post. If you have any suggestions please let me know, I'd love to hear your closet basic essentials for your personal style. Nevertheless, let's jump in with the black tee.

I am happy to say that I am done with my first semester of college, and it's such a relief. My biggest fear in the beginning was can I handle what's expected of me? Will I succeed? Well, I did all that worrying for nothing! I feel so comfortable and happy at college and I'm so excited to see what next semester brings. The feeling of stepping out of my comfort zone is more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever expected and for that I am truly thankful!



2016 is here, and if you know anything about me, you'll know that I've a huge lover of lists and goals. So therefore it seemed very appropriate to share mine for the new year, but only regarding my blog (for now). Blogging is such a passion of mine, and you have probably noticed my absence within the month of December, which was not planned what soever. My PH laptop decided to die on me, and it wasn't worth fixing, so I had no access to my blogging format and photos. However, I finally broke down and purchased a Macbook Air, which Im using right now as I'm typing this post up, and I love it so much. I miss having my life's worth of photographs within my documents, so hopefully I will be able to restore them somehow, and then my groove of posting will go back to normal. Enough of my boring updates and excuses, let's dive into the whole point of this post.

2015 was full of growth for A Beautiful Heart, and I had the pleasure of sharing another side of my life and personality. I tried my best to ditch the trends, and keep things less fake. It was a year full of redirection and connecting back to my original roots. The blog received a new makeover during the summer (i believe?) and I've decided to keep it for this new year as well, because I just love the simplicity. Just for the fun of it, I have collected my favorite posts, each within the few categories I really covered in 2015, so here we go!


I stepped out of my box regarding beauty, and my favorite post goes to; "My Travel Makeup Pouch." For hair, this was an easy pick because tutorials are tricky to capture, however this particular hair style was a blast to create, and photograph, "Boho Halo Braid." I was a bit shocked, because while looking through my archives for food + drink, I only stumbled upon five different recipes that made the blog. Pathetic right? The category title should read desserts, because I really only feel proud about my sweet treats, and this one wins hands down, "V-Day Vanilla Cupcakes." Now onto DIY projects, one particular craft comes to mind because it was as equally fun to photograph and make, "DIY Dripped Painted Succulent Pot." As for outfits, it was difficult to just choose one, but if you know me, you'll understand why I picked this style outfit (one word; heels) "Turning Back She Just Laughs." To complete this roundup I had to include my travel diaries from Oahu, Hawaii which you can found all under the tab "travel", or click here. // Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed 2015's content as much as I did, and I really explored my creative side and loved sharing it here on the blog.

For my blog this year of 2016 I have many high hopes in different paths! I have quite a few personal resolutions however, I also have some for this space right here. I apologize in advance, because this post is already pretty lengthy and we've only just begun! However, I work better with bullet points, so perhaps viewing these paragraphs as each goal, will help? he-he.


I truly want to spend more time writing. Journaling about my thoughts about random or important topics that are active in my surroundings and the world in general. Nothing is more therapeutic than pouring out my feelings via a blank canvas. I treasure words, and through "coffee talk" I find it to be the perfect place to do just that; take time to express the true meanings of words and their connection to emotions that every human has felt. Have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment section because I'd love to collect ideas!

Be involved with new surroundings. As a college student i've found it's hard to incorporate a balanced blogging routine, but I think this year I will be able to fix this problem by surrounding myself in different environments. It's getting out of my bedroom that is cluttered with homework, chores, and distractions. Instead taking my laptop and journals to local coffee shops (Starbucks doesn't count), going down to the lake, parks, etc. I'm hoping these small trips will spark some creative vibes!

Step up my game with #ABHBOOKCLUB. I know, I announced that new feature during the summer and then stopped within a few months. One of my personal goals is to read more often, so hopefully that will generate some deep discussions on my reading material. Have any book suggestions? Let me  know and I'll check it out!!

Woo, if you've made it this far, you rock! I know I covered a lot within this post, especially without any photos, but a month off of blogging will do that to you. If your an old reader, or new reader thank you so much for your encouragement, support, comments, likes, and love through ABH! Get excited for the New Year because I have many posts in the making.
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