hhh I can't tell you guys how much I love this hairstyle! I'm really not great at doing hair, braids, or elegant up-do's but somehow I'm able to create this boho halo! My hairstyles consist of french braiding (if my hair is long), fishtail braid, straight hair, curly long hair, & a messy bun. So you probably understand why I was so excited to perfect this look, because finally it's something different than my regular curly hair. If you know how to braid a regular three strand braid, then that's all the technique you need for this style. I've been wearing this hairstyle so much these past weeks, and I've received so many compliments from strangers all the time (score!). So let's begin the tutorial!

Bobby pins (10-15)
2 elastic ties

To begin your going to part your hair down the middle and pull each part in front of you to your shoulders, like you would if you were having two french braids on each side of your head. Then begin the three strand braid, but here's the catch, braid it upward so that when you lay it over the top of your head it won't have any bumps. Believe me this will make all the difference! Once both braids are secure with your elastic hair tie, begin to pin up one braid to start with. Now you're going to be laying each braid over each other that way it looks all together instead of so separate. This is what takes the most time, and the most bobby pins because you want to arrange the braids so that they feel comfortable on your head and very secure. In the photos you'll see that I placed one braid under the other (tucked it in), that way it looks like one complete braid; hence "the halo" instead of two because you have medium/short hair. Now if your hair is much longer you don't need to have two braids, maybe one one and then you pull it over to the opposite side, and then secure. So it's up to you and the length of your hair. Now your complete, you have your boho halo braid!!


  1. Lovely as always! Miss you girly!!!!!

  2. I'm always so inspired when I see this hairstyle - I've never tried it on hair is so heavy that it always falls out of the plethora of bobby pins I've shoved into my scalp :'(.... I'll have to try again though! You look so beautiful :)

  3. Great tutorial! I always love these kinds of hairstyles!


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