As most of you already know, I love photo shoots (hence my outfits)! Being in front of the camera is the bomb. Though sometimes it's nice to step back and be the camera girl instead of the subject. I've always loved photography and posing, and smiling for the camera, and since I've created my blog I've learned and grown so, so, so much! I've invested in a beautiful canon camera that has totally brought my photography to a whole new level, and it honestly makes photo shoots so much more enjoyable and rewarding! With that said, I've noticed what my true photography love is, and it's product styling! I love creating a beautiful layout, and play with color tones. 

So, If you're like me and enjoy taking photos of nature, beauty, collections, than I have a very fun announcement! For years, I've seen the 30 day photo challenge on pinterest, always pinning them because I had high hopes of someday completing it! However, those pins are now lost among my boards, and thousands of other pins. Plus, taking photos at a different angle, or of bokeh just doesn't interest my photography love at all. Instead I'd rather take photos of the beauty that's around me. Since it is fall, I had an idea of creating my own instagram photo challenge for the month of october! Fall is the season for true inspiration, and perfect time to remember your day throughout the month. So the challenge is named "A Beautiful World" (october). I'd love for you to join me, via Instagram or Facebook! Please join the fun with the hashtag #abeautifulworldoct. I'd love to add some of your photos on my page to encourage others that beauty can be found all around, and can be easily welcomed into your world!! 



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