Finding Your Style // Understanding of all Fashion Styles


The very first thing to do when finding your style is, to know about various styles. That way you can select one that suits you best. When considering and examining each style, think about which ones would look best on you, and which one's are the most practical. Which style are you going to be able to wear the most? Which style is the most affordable for your budget? I love so many different styles, but some I cannot pull off, nor do I feel comfortable in them. You may find that you love all these styles, and don't know which one can be "your" style. Therefore when you go shopping try to look for all different styles that you like, try them on, and then decide which ones work best. It is important to remember to choose a style that you love, instead of one that is trendy or most popular. In each  category I give below at the end I provided words that described that particular style. This can help when your out shopping and you don't know what exactly your looking for. So when you look at certain clothes hanging on the rack you able to use those words and see if they match those clothes you gathered!

Style is a very personal thing. It is a statement and it tells a story. It is a way for women to stand out, and be noticed. So really make sure you go with a style that portrays the look you want. It tells the world the right message. Fashion can clearly give a certain type of image, and therefore explains your personality and character.  It's so interesting that just by looking at a girl you can tell who she is, and who she wants to be. It can be the way she shows her body, or the text that is displayed on her shirt.  So be sure that, your image matches with who you are underneath as well as what your wearing on the outside.
The country girl look is one of my favorites! I love have rustic it can be, yet so girly. I love the cowgirl boots, and hats. With this style you can wear jeans, or dresses your options are wide! To me this look is so comfy and perfect for any occasion. I own cowgirl boots and wear them with everything. The best thing about this style is that you can add any pieces to it, and I bet 90% of the time it will match! I love wearing this style in the summer, and for school! Words to describe this style; rustic, plaid, comfy, blue jeans,  & simple.

Vintage goes a lonnng way back! Its feminine and girly. This style consists of high heels, hundreds of dresses, string of pearls, and cute straw hats. Its perfect for spring, and summer. This style is rare, but so beautiful. Depending on how bold you are...this style doesn't really work for school or work, but is great for church, or social outings! Words to describe this style; old fashioned, floral, feminine, pearls, & colorful.

Preppy Style is one of my favorites. It's so elegant and girly. Because I'm a high schooled students this style does nothing for me...I'm simply too young (in my opinion.) But this style is so easy to add pieces to, as you can see in the first photo she's wearing jeans. All she did to make it look more dressy was add a navy blazer over her plaid shirt! It gave it that effortless look. Remember you don't have to go all out to make an outfit look preppy! Its adding staple pieces that are dressy and very sophisticated. For inspiration Kate Williams (aka the Princess) it a great gal to gather ideas from. Her style is absolutely gorgeous and is very classy. Words to describe this look; classy, elegant, sophisticated, & dressy.

Bohemian is so beautiful and girly to me. This style is great for a girls night out. Boho tends to be a little more dressy and therefore isn't something you could wear everyday to school, work etc. Sometimes, depending on the pieces this style can be a little too flashy, but as long as you add a more modest clothing pieces to it, it can be beautiful. But this style is awesome for the summer and beach days. Here are some words to help you describe this style; flow, free, girly, lace, white, loose, & feminine.
(source for all photos, is pinterest)

Urban Casual is definitely my style. Its comfy, simple, yet very cute and stylish. This style is perfect for school, work, or fun night outs. It works for all ages! With this style you can add some trendy pieces along with some classic styles. Urban tends to be very clean and plain. Its not crazy with patterns or colors, but rather mellow and sophisticated. Words to describe this style; plain, casual, simple, comfy, loose, & modern.

Finding Your Style // Introduction


Hello Lovelies! Today I have some exciting news about my new series on how to find your style. I have been asked a few times on how to create your own unique style, along with how to pull it off well. So through this series I will cover everything there is you need to know about creating a personal and unique style, by following all my tips and guidelines. Here are all the topics I will be covering in this series! If you have any other ideas you would like me to cover in this series. Just click here, to send me your requests!

Galaxy Nail Art Manicure


Lately I have been loving to paint my nails. Pinterest, along with other bloggers give my so much inspiration for new art designs. In the beginning of the year I had my 2014 Reader Survey, and a lot of gals said they wanted to see more nail tutorials. That survey was super helpful, and it's helped me a lot with steering my blog is the right direction! I hope to add a lot more nail tutorials in the future!

Here's what you'll need!

Red nail polish
Black nail polish
Sparkle (gold or silver) nail polish


      First you need to paint your nails black, and let them dry. Then paint it black a second time and while its still wet take a Q-Tip and carefully swab out a half moon section at your cuticle. This is so the base won't be so messy, and thick. Fill in that empty space {messily} with red. Then while its still wet apply the gold sparkles over.


The Heart Of It | Thoughts on Being Brave


I have been reading and discussing a lot about bravery in my classes lately, and its been on my mind a lot. Exactly what bravery is, and what it looks like. How to know when your being brave and what it feels like. I might have shared a few moments when I was brave or felt like I was stepping out of my comfort zone and being courageous, but I've never shared my view of what I think the word brave actually means. And deep conversations like this are my favorite.

I know people who believe bravery is based upon actions that are done for others, and fight for honor such as, police officers/firemen, or military service. Yet I hear other people say that bravery is an act that takes courage no matter how big or how small, as long as you take that first step and overcome your fear in someway. I believe it is both. Both are acts of bravery, and courage, but I believe one is no greater than the other. Who is to say who is brave, or what actions are to be called brave? Something that take an enormous amount of courage for one person, could be very simple and easy for another. Of course certain tasks take more bravery than others, but that does not mean other people are limited to what we call having "bravery".

I remember my freshman year in high school I went to summer camp with my church, and stayed on a house boat all week. It was my first time being away from home, and going to summer camp. So throughout the week everyone thought the greatest things about living off a house boat is that you could sleep on top of the roof and jump off of it into the water. Well, I am deathly afraid of heights! There was no way I was going to jump off the boat, nor could I even stand or sit on the edge because I felt as though I could fall in. Being that close to the edge was just too scary for me, and my stomach would feel all funny. But by the end of the week (my last night) I finally jumped off the boat, into the water! It was a huge accomplishment for me. Even though it was small I finally gathered enough courage to step on the edge of the boat, and even jump!

So even though I became courageous and brave through this little moment, I remember my friends doing flips in the air while jumping, and doing many other crazy things. And I felt like my accomplishment wasn't that big or even important anymore. But it was! I overcame my fear of heights, and jumped off the boat...while having to much fun doing it. In the end it was worth the risk.

So my point is, whether you take those first steps like I did at the edge of the boat, or performing those crazy backflips in the air, you are still being brave. I might have had to take more courage of overcoming my fear of heights, then my friends who were adventurous and bold who flipped in the air, but no matter what level of bravery you take, its still bravery! Some things require a lot of courage while some take smaller amounts of courage. My amount of bravery will be a different from yours.

The most important thing is not to get caught up in saying who is and who isn't brave. Who has the courage to be bold and to do courageous things, and who doesn't. Being brave is something internal, and very personal. It's more important to show grace and compassion for others in certain circumstances because you never know what they are going through, or what fears and concerns they might have. One of my favorite quotes is by Ian MacLaren..."Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."




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              QUESTION TIME

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