Beautiful Quotes


Hey Everyone! These are some of my all time favorite quotes. Some of these quotes are pinned all over my room because I am always wanting to remind myself these saying ha-ha. These photos aren't mine I found them from my Pinterest account,& wasn't able to find who the actual owner was of these photos! I know some of you have probably heard some of these quotes but they're my favorite. Anyways I hope you all enjoy these quotes/saying as much as I do!

My Secret Garden


I absolutely love flowers! Here are some photos I took. These photos have been taken in a lot of different places! :) Like the Delta River, Dana Point, Fall Brook, and from my garden ha ha. I love seeing all types of flowers and plants because It reminds me how amazing and beautiful God's creation really is!

Chocolate Chip Muffins


Hello. I absolutely love this dessert! Its very easy, and cheap. What I love about this kind of dessert is, you don't have to go buy alot of different ingredients that you'll probably only use once ha ha. Down below I will list the ingredients, and instructions! I hope you guys enjoy.

Chocolate Chips
Chocolate cake mix
Milk or Oil
Cupcake holders

Pre-heat the oven to about 300-350 degrees
Mix up into a bowl the cake mix
Stir it all up
Then add the chocolate chips
Pour it into a cupcake pan
Place it in the oven for about 30 minutes
And enjoy! :)

Contest Winner


Hey!! Thought I'd let you all know that the winner from my "Mini Editor Contest" is Piano BookWorm!!! I absolutely loved your fashion collage it was so cute. Anyways please go follow her blog, It is awesome!! Here is the link :)) Thanks so much for participating in this contest...and thanks again for following my blog!

Mini Editor Contest


Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Hey everyone!! I am super excited about this post, I just figured out how to do it. It's really easy! All you have to do is create a fashion collage down below from the items I have seleted!!! I will chose a winner, for whoever arranges the best collage will win a shoutout from me. It will include the winners blog name, and something I love about their blog and I will post the link to their blog so others can follow them and check out it out. I hope you all have fun! Thanks so much. <3

House Boat Trip


Hey everyone hope your doing well. I just got back from being at camp. I went on a house boat trip with my youthgroup from church! Everyday I was able to spend so much time with the Lord! The main thing the Lord taught me this week was to turst in Him, and how important it is to have a relastionship with Him. I was able to experience many new things that week like banana boating, first time going to camp, and meeting lots of new friends! The house boats was on the Delta River. The entire trip was just amazing!! I'm so happy I was able to go! :))



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