hume lake!


 A few weeks ago my family and I spent a wonderful week at Hume Lake for our family vacation. The whole week was so peaceful, and relaxing. The lake and mountains were absolutely beautiful this year. We were able to do many fun things such as kayaking, hiking, and swimming. 

Through the week we had the privilege of running into deer, two different times. We were able to see some babies, which were so adorable because they looked like little mini Bambi's with their white spots all over!  I have seen many different wildlife in Hume such as a bear, blue jays, road runners, bald eagles, and wood pecker...but to me there is nothing like seeing deer!

 One afternoon we were down at the lake just floating and relaxing, and as the time started to pass by many dark clouds came our way. We were able to hear thunder and even see some lightning (which was scary yet amazing.) Thunder storms in the mountain seem to be my absolute favorite because they come and go within hours! Plus the view of the lake when the storm comes rolling in makes it look beautiful. So as we were in the water enjoying the sounds of thunder and the wind through the trees, it began to rain. It was the most amazing experience ever. Being able to float in the lake while it raining was so peaceful and calming. I loved the way the rain drops would touch the water making little ripples all around me. This for me was the perfect time to marvel at Gods creation!

truly sweet


My dearest friend Alex from "Into the Woods." and I got together a few weeks ago to go to this little adorable cupcake bakery that we both have been looking forward to trying, and I'm so glad we did! The cupcakes were delicious and spending time with this girly is always the best! :) Local finds always seem to be the best. Moments like this will make me miss summer!


                                                                             Outfit Details:
                                                                             Shirt, Target
                                                                             Maxi Skirt, Irene's Story
                                                                             High Heels, T.J. Maxx
                                                                             Purse, Charlotte Rouse

By the way, be sure to check out Alex's post "Sweet as a Cupcake" because we both did a photo shoot together at this cupcake place!

DIY cards!


I love making special note cards for my friends or family, mostly because I enjoy writing and I love DIY projects/crafts! So today I am going to show you some fun patterns/ideas to use when making cards. Handmade note cards just give a whole new look to a wrapped gift or a just because letter, so these patterns should be perfect!

What you'll need:
-washi tape
-scrap booking tape
-a cute decorative stamp

                                    Step 1: choose some paper, and cut it out.
                                    Step 2: tape the two paper's together
                                    Step 3: add the stamp and some washi tape, then your done!


See this adorable "hello" stamp?! Well Kristina from "Stamp Couture" has kindly offered all of my readers, a special coupon code for 15% off your entire order in August, and September. The code is "ABEAUTIFULHEARTBLOG."  Her shop is filled with all kinds of craft supplies. I absolutely love her stamps because she hand makes them, and the design print on the stamp turns out beautifully
on any piece of paper! Okay and washi can I just say it's the best thing ever! I am washi tape obsessed. ha-ha. As you can see in the photos, you can use washi tape many ways when it comes to making cards, along with many other DIY projects (feature blog posts?...stay tuned). So seriously if you can get your hands on some washi tape, you won't be sorry...I promise :)


 teal washi tape c/o by; the sewing post, pink bow washi tape c/o by; pretty tape, stamp c/o by; stamp couture.

Back to School: Outfit


Hello lovelies! I hope you guys have all enjoyed my back to school series! So to end the series I thought I would save the best for last! My back to school outfit + backpack! I paired a really cute yellow girly tank top cause its perfect for summer, with some jeans, and of course my adorable Tilly's backpack! I can't believe summer is officially over, & I am definitely going to be missing it! But I'm very excited about school starting because, this years school shopping spree has been amazing, and I just know this school year will bring many great memories and I'm hoping to meet many new awesome friends! Plus I'm going to be a Junior! Oh yes very exciting. :) Anyways I hope you guys had an amazing summer, and will have an ever better school year. (I know hard to do, ha-ha) 


 I really hope you were able to get some inspiration from this little mini series, and comment down below and let me know which post was your favorite and let me know some of your go-to styles for the beginning of the school year whether its fashion, hair styles, or everyday essential's! :) xoxo.

  top: Forever 21, jeans: American Eagle, back pack: Tilly's, flip flops: Roxy

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Back to School: What's in my backpack!


Back to school series #3! I know school has already started for most of you so I wanted to share with you what's in my backpack + some essentials I have to have. Be sure to comment for more back to school posts!

                                everything that's in my bag I bought at target. backpack is from tilly's. yellow stripped notebook is c/o.

Stuff that's in my backpack!

-yellow striped notebook because its adorable. and just great and super easy go-to for quick notes in class. p.s. you can find even more adorable notebooks just like this one here.
-a binder, cause that's the first thing everyone needs for school.
-a really cute sparkly pencil case. I love to put my calculator, pencil, high lighters, and pens in there.
-my iPod of course + headphones. so I don't get bored at lunch or waiting to be picked up.
-sunglasses because I think they add an adorable touch to any outfit.
-gum, because I tend to get really bored in class so it just gives me something to do. ha-ha
-sticky notes, cause they are my fav. as you guys already know :)
-baby lips chap stick.
-flash cards for when I need to write down very important things for math, science etc.

what are some of your go-to essentials that you put in your back pack?

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Back to School: 10 Study Tips


School just keeps getting closer and closer (sad face). So i thought i would share with you some quick and easy study tips that you can use when studying for a big test, or a small little pop quiz. Don't forget to comment down below if you would like to see more back to school posts, and if you have any requests! Hope this helps. :)

1. Flash Cards- okay i know we have all done this, i think everyone knows about flashcards, but i think it really helps me. i know that it can become time consuming writing it all down on each card...but its great to have in your purse or backpack or just in your hands when your away from home and doing absolutely nothing. i love that flash cards take up only little space in my bag so they are perfect for me.

2. Sticky Notes- love love love. do i need to say more? really sticky notes are just amazing. i literally have a wall full of these things in my room because they help me remember so much. i will usually write down when, my big tests are due, or homework that needs to be turned in, or simply the schedule of my day.

3. High Lighters- i can literally go high lighter crazy. it helps me so much when studying certain terms or questions because i remember a lot of color. i can actually picture the word in my head that i wrote on the paper because of the color i wrote it in. (i know crazy huh?)

4. Quite Place- find a comfy place to study...i always love to sit on my bed or throw pillows all over my floor and just lay down. because i don't know about you guys but for me it can become uncomfortable and boring by the end of the day to sit at a desk.

5. Turn off Distractions- okay this one is super hard to do but i find that i get done with my homework and focus more when my phone, and iPod and sometimes my laptop are far away from me as possible. trust me its worth it.

6. Take Frequent Breaks- okay don't be afraid to take a break when studying. for me this helps sooo much. when i feel tired or just bored and having a hard time concentrating then ill go have a healthy snack, listen to music, or go exercise.

7. Listen to Music- i love listening to music when doing homework or studying for tests. i feel it helps me keep going and it makes me feel less tired. for some people though music can be a huge distraction so just play around with it and figure out what works best for you.

8. Make up a Beat- putting some answers into a little rap or song helps a lot of people. i haven't really used this tip before mostly because ill start randomly singing Taylor Swift or Adele, so then I'm like wait what was i suppose to memorize?! so yeah for me this doesn't really work but i know for my friends it has.

9. Have many weeks to Memorize- okay i have stayed up til midnight way too many times trying to cram in everything i was suppose to memorize, and i find that by the next morning i have to re-memorize everything because i was too tired the night before and forgot everything. so yeah don't memorize everything last minute, trust me its not fun!

10. Study Groups- if you forgot to take certain notes or write down assignments contact your friends. i have had to do this many times and it helps me so much. plus i love doing homework with friends. i love how we can help each other and i feel like the time goes by so much faster + the homework.

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Back to School: Hair Styles


Hey lovelies! I'm so excited to share with you my back to school series! I can't believe school is right around the corner, yikes! So since it is, I have been shopping for school supplies, outfit's and etc. So what's better than to create a little series to get ready for school?! Here I will shown you three hair styles for school, work, etc. All are super easy and quick! Enjoy!

1. French braid: this is a perfect style for school because its a great way to keep all your hair out of your face and it literally takes two minute's to do. - to French braid here are the steps: first you take three sections of hair at the top of your head and begin to braid. when braiding keep picking up pieces of hair all the way down your head until their is no more hair to gather, then continue braiding until it is time to tie it off!

2. Messy bun: okay messy obsessed! buns are just perfect for school when its hot and humid outside, plus its a great quick and easy hair style for P.E. -heres how I do a messy bun: gather all my hair and put it in a pony tail. then twist my pony tail and wrap it around the top of my head. then place bobby pins all around to secure the hair in place.

3. Half up, half down // French braid: I love having my hair down but sometimes for school it gets in my face and really annoys me. so instead of having all my hair up I will do a simple half up half down look. instead of taking all your hair, take a little section  (mine is my bangs) and begin to French braid. I will usually braid it about five times and then secure it with bobby pins! and yes its that easy.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this little tutorial for back to school hair styles! Comment down below which one is your fav, and also list down below what your favorite back to school hair styles are! :) 
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