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Come and follow me through all my social networks. I have many different sites that I love using to spread the word about my blog! I find that sometimes it is too time consuming to login to blogger and scroll down my long list of new post from all the blogs I follow. It becomes tiring and way too long to look at every single blog. That is why our other social networks come in handy! So in the comments below let me know what social networks you love using to give new updates about your blog. Here is the list of mine, including the link to go follow :)

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Chocolate Filled Strawberries


Here's a simple recipe for chocolate filled strawberries! It's one of my favorite desserts plus its not that bad for you! Here I used Nestle's chocolate chips and melted them in a pan. Once the chocolate melted I took a spoon and poured the chocolate inside the strawberry. It's so much easier than dipping a strawberry, and it taste better! Y.U.M.

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Baseball Game




I had so much fun the other day doing this photo shoot. My grandparents live on property and have their own veggie garden, including some fruit trees. Well they had many blueberries that were ripe, and I thought were perfect for a fashion post! Nothing is better than picking your own fruit and veggies! :) Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Country Chic


Go Angels


Go Angel's!! There is nothing like going to a baseball game! I had so much fun going with my family! Thankfully the Angels won the game and they hit two home runs! That was so neat to see! The best part of going to a baseball game is 1. I can understand the game and 2. The cotton candy! ha ha. I had so much fun and I can't wait to go back! :)

The Simple Outfit


Simple outfits are the best. They can be comfortable, and affordable. Being simple though doesn't mean you can't look fashionable!! If you have a plain shirt, and shorts add some jewelry or even a cute bag. By adding accessories to your outfits it is always giving It a different look, and It makes it look less plain. I always enjoy my dresses, or skirts but in the summer it's nice to wear something a little more casual!! :))

Flowers in Virginia

5.15.2013 Williamsburg, VA, USA

The flowers were absolutes gorgeous in Virginia! My favorite was the dog wood tree. There were so many different kinds of trees, flowers, and even wild flowers there. It was just so beautiful to see, cause its so different than So Cal. In California all you see is palm trees ha-ha. I had lots of fun taking some close up shots of all the flowers I saw!:)

Hello, Dresses


Ahh, hello dresses! I am so happy summer is right around the corner, because I have missed wearing my dresses! Here in this outfit I am wearing capri's under my dress, to make it seem more like a long shirt. This is a great and easy outfit if you want to give your dresses a different look! Plus it's a great way to add some color!

Rainy Day


"Smile is makes life more enjoyable."

About two days ago, it was raining and it was cold outside. Ah my kind of weather! Now, as I am writing this post it is hot and humid outside. and I have a feeling that this is my last fashion post with warm clothes on for the winter/early spring. I'm looking forward to summer, but not the heat that comes with it. ha-ha. I had so much fun though with this post, because you can dress it up with a scarf or jacket or just wear jeans, boots and a cute shirt. In the post you can see that I did both! Enjoy.

Monticello, Virginia

5.07.2013 Charlottesville, VA, USA

One of the days I was in Virginia I was able to see Monticello's, which was Thomas Jefferson's plantation. It was absolutely beautiful! Jefferson was an amazing inventor, and we were able to see many neat inventions inside his home! My favorite invention was a lazy susan on his desk, and it held five books. He had a very large home with many rooms. His library was my favorite room inside his house, because he had so many books, and at the end of his life he had a total of 9,000 books! One of my favorite quotes from him was "I can not live without books." Jefferson built his home on a large hill, and therefore he named his plantation "Monticello," because it actually means "little mountain top." Being able to see all of what Jefferson had and how he lived, blew my mind, because it is so different than today. I will never forget this day! :)

                                                   his veggie garden and a beautiful view
here we were able to see his grave

this tree was huge!

                                                     here is a little pond in his backyard     
this was his view, gorgeous huh?



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