5 Ways I Want To Switch Up My Style


ately, my style has changed. Of course, looking back in my archives one could argue that it hasn't, but I've been noticing trends and certain pieces in a different light. I've been finding a love for shoes and handbags, as it really adds so much. With a new year comes health changes, money challenges, and new ways I wish to switch up my style choices. Here are just a few...

1. // Wear earrings. 
Statement earrings seem to be the new trend, thanks to Instagram. I have always worn gold hoops, but even that is something I never remember to put on. Well, I found some turtle shell patterned earrings at Charming Charlie's during their sale for the new year for only $5. I figured who cares if they aren't my thing for that price, but turns out I'm in love. When my hair is curled adding earrings has been a fun way to dress up my outfits.

2. // Put together a graphic tee collection.
I am not a t-shirt type of girl. I would much rather wear a dress or a lace top with boyfriend jeans. But, over the fall time I found one on Pinterest (see my shoot here) and I've been inspired ever since.

3. // Sport some converse.
Converse are my go-to in the winter time, because it is not cold enough in Cali for boots. I own white ones, but I would love a black pair as well.

4. // Bring back the leather.
Leather jackets were totally me in high school. I miss them so much. A brown one would be fun to have again.

5. // Have a certain decade influence my pieces.
I really love the 60's-70's fashion choices. Mostly, I see it with the bold colors like yellow. And my favorite are the flare jeans. I would love to find a pair that has detail on the sides.


  1. I love this! I was just looking at my leather jacket and the poor thing is getting wore out. Might be time for a new one. So much yes to converse, graphic tees, and earrings.

  2. I love any fun earrings! They definitely make a look feel more put together, even if I rolled out of bed a little toooo late. Love all these things girly!

    1. It's so true, they are super girly! Exactly what I want to embrace this year :)

  3. Can't wait to see what you come up with! These all sound so fun!

  4. I also need a pair of keds or converse!!

  5. I tend to wear diamond studs all the time, but I've been trying to make use of my jewelry collection too! Earrings is a great place to start!

  6. I am ALL FOR bringing out some leather and new earrings! <3

  7. Can't go wrong with converse and leather dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  8. Great ideas! #5 is an awesome one, I have no idea which decade I'd choose... probably the 50s since I love to wear dresses and be classy. But I also love bold colors so maybe I'd pick the 60s as well! :)

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