I've always been hesitate towards sugar scrubs because I tend to have very sensitive skin, and anything that would dry me out wouldn't work! I've found great recipes for coffee, vanilla, and even coconut scrubs but I figured this brown sugar honey scrub would be the best one for my skin! When I made this it was perfect because I owned every ingredient already, which is one thing I love when I'm baking, or DIY-ing! With the coconut oil my skin becomes so soft, and the way it moisturizes my skin is the best. Coconut oil is pretty awesome for any use of beauty products; I use it on a daily basis for removing make-up, and healing/soothing my skin! It was so fun trying a sugar scrub for the first time, and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for some different ones to try!

serving size - one small mason jar

1/2 cup of brown sugar
2 tbsp of coconut oil
5 drops of honey
1 tsp of vanilla
1/4 tsp of cinnamon 


1. Pour all the ingredients into a medium size bowl and stir thoroughly. To make it easier, I melted the coconut oil in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds, so that it becomes liquid and the more it can absorb through the mixture.

2. I put my mixture in a mason jar, because the lids work the best for me, but you can also but it in a jar with a air tight sealed lid, or a bowl with a lid. Scrub all over your body, and then rinse it off in the shower!

Organic Olivia // GIVEAWAY


Today I am so excited to host a giveaway for my amazing readers/supporters! I have teamed up this incredible Etsy shop-Organic Olivia, and she is sponsoring one of her beautiful necklaces! Below is a photo of my two favorite pieces in her shop, but be sure to give it a look for yourself!! The winner is able to chose any necklace + free shipping!

Here are a few details/rules for the giveaway! This giveaway ends the 14th of October that way you can have plenty of time to enter, and once I select the winner then that person has 48 hours to respond to my email, and if not, then I will have to select another winner!

This is a group giveaway, so this time I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers! So thank you girls for joining the giveaway I put together. Be sure to give them a big follow down below in the raffle-copter!

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Last First Day


School has kept me busy, but I'm enjoying my classes, which is huge! I took these photos a few weeks ago, like literally the day before I started school! I wanted to post something in honor of back to school, but this post is more for me, in a sense! I love documenting my life right here on the blog through photos and my journal thoughts in between, so this just had to be one of those types of post - my last first day of high school! Last year I posted an outfit similar to the idea of this one now, and It's crazy to see how I've changed in small areas, or how I've devolved my style, and grown as a blogger! One year can make a huge difference! Here's to my last year of high school!!

           shirt/Forever 21 :: shorts/American Eagle :: sandals, travel cup/Target :: backpack/Tilly's :: sunglasses/Maui ::



As a senior I believe I've mastered some awesome study skills! Last year when I did a few back to school posts with an outfit, what's in my backpack, hair styles, etc I got a lot of response from that, so I thought I'd kick things off with a Back To School study tips post! All of these tips help me so much, and I will be using them all the time this year! If you have any of your own tips you'd love to share then don't be shy and leave them in the comments; I'm always on the hunt to try new ways to study! Everything helps right? 

1. Use a Timer
What I like to do, is set a timer for every subject. I usually have homework that takes one hour for every subject. So on my timer (I use my phone) I will set it for an hour, and then this way it helps me stay focused on what I need to get done.

2. Create a Study Sheet and use Color
Okay so this is my favorite study tip out of them all! This is the most helpful for exams and tests. So what I like to do is create a list of everything I think is important to know regarding that certain chapter. So for example In Anatomy I will put everything in categories like "Terms," "Question," "Images," etc. For each category I use a different highlighter/marker to write my notes in. When i'm done my sheets sometimes looks like a rainbow threw up all over my page! But seeing a lot of color helps my brain remember certain things.

3. Drink Water
I have a super hard time following this tip, only because I'm not a super "water" girl. But I find during tests or siting in lectures this helps me a lot with feeling refreshed and awake.

4. Have Snacks
I love eating snacks when studying in my room or having beside me during lectures in class. I find that the healthier the food, the easier it is to pay attention and not feel so icky. So I will take some grapes, pretzels, an apple, or some granola bars.

5. Have Neat Notes
Whenever I'm in a rush I tend to write sloppy and messy. And afterwards when I get home I always regret doing that, because than I can barely read it, or i'll not write everything down like I needed to. So when taking notes try to write neat and be precise. Believe me, you will thank yourself later!

6. Use a Day Planner
I love having a day planner because it keeps me on track with everything I have. Whether its big tests coming up, or a busy day with friends it keeps me organized with my time. I love reminding myself when certain things are due...because I am always needing reminders!

7. Get Comfy
When I come home from a long day I will grab my yoga pants and t-shirt, and put my hair up in a messy bun, then plop on my bed. I hate studying in jeans I find that it's uncomfortable and irritating.

8. Study Out Loud
I do this every time I have to memorize something. I always repeat everything out loud to myself. It helps me memorize more easily and it takes me less time than trying to crame in everything by starring at the page and repeating it over and over in my head.

9. Listen to Music
I love doing this when I'm writing notes from my text book, or writing a paper. It's a little reward I give myself when doing some busy work. This motivates me to get my work done, and have fun while doing it.

10. Move Around While Studying
This is a huge factor to studying. I will move around place to place around my house, or outside sometimes for each subject. This keeps me awake, and keeps me focused.

11. Write in different Fonts
Yes write in different fonts!! I love using this technic, it helps so much. I will write some terms in different fonts and it helps me remember the term that I wrote on the paper. This way I'm able to visualize what I wrote.

12. Chew Gum
This works wonders for me. I always chew gum during lectures, or when studying for something important. Plus I read that if you chew the same flavor when you were studying, while taking a test it helps you remember everything! And it worked for me. Plus it keeps me so awake and alert. Because sometimes I can fall asleep when studying. (oops!)

13. Be Organized
Be organized with your binders, and scattered notes. The neater your materials are the easier it is to focus on what needs to get done. I also try really hard to keep my study area cleaned up (bed, chair, side table).

14. Make Lists
If you have to post sticky notes all over your mirror or wall, so you can remember when things are due. This is similar to having a day planner but I find that when posting it around your room works better for more less important things you have to do that day, instead of some reminder for future events coming up.

15. Reward Yourself
Lastly, reward yourself! When that timer goes off, give yourself 10 minutes of freedom. I usually go on my laptop and blog, or scroll through Instagram. Sometimes I will clean my room, or get stuff done I know I need to! This helps me to keep going and when you break up your studying it doesn't seem so dry and boring.



When taking photos, I love showing a different side of me, through my emotions! It's fun to be creative and to try new things! It's nice to switch things up a bit, so I am sharing with you 3 simple and easy tips on how to capture emotion in every photo! Not everyone is a natural in front of a camera lens, and when forced to smiles, so these tips should cure the camera shyness! If you have any tips yourself, share in the comments below because I always love trying new ideas and taking photos a different way! 

Take lots of photos. Sometimes its awkward to stand in front of a camera and make silly faces, to allow yourself to feel comfortable and ready by taking many warm-up photos before hand.

Capture in-between moments. For me, the best photos taken, are the ones I wasn't expecting! It's when my smiles are relaxed, not focused on the camera lens, and I have more of a natural pose. When taking photos of others, or taking them yourself with a tripod, always been ready with the camera in your hand keeping an eye out for those moments when your subject would lest aspect a photo!

Experiment with a full range of emotion. I love trying new poses, and silly faces. But I've noticed when I experiment with more variety of emotion, it breaks the ice; I become more fun, serious, flirty, happy, and even sad! And depending on your outfit, usually your able to capture these emotions perfectly with the way you feel!



Protein smoothies are great when running on-the-go and yet you need something more filling than a granola bar. There are so many different recipes for smoothies, there are no rules, and it includes a lot of experimenting! Adding fruit, spinach, and everything green and healthy are all great ingredients for the perfect morning drink. Although I find myself going back to this chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie most of the time! This smoothie takes less than five minutes to make, so it's perfect for waking up late, jogging around your neighborhood, or running to school/work! Have fun experimenting!!

serves 1 full glass - recipe ( my mom) 

1 ripe frozen banana
1 tbsp peanut butter
1 cup almond unsweetened vanilla (or coconut milk)
2 scoops of your favorite protein powder

1. Literally pour every ingredient in the blender, and mix until it's all smoothly blended, then pour and enjoy! 

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