This is my favorite DIY I've done for spring, and I believe it shall be my last! I hope you all have enjoyed my little DIY spring posts here on the blog these past weeks. I actually bought the supplies for these crafts specifically for a YouTube video - shocker right? I loved the way they turned out so much that just a video to show for it didn't satisfy me, so I had to take some beautiful photos for the blog as well, and wow am I glad I did! Photo styling is my absolutely favorite, maybe even a little more than outfit photos! So for this DIY it's quite simple, and my personal favorite. Adding a touch of greenery in your space makes everything seem a little more brighter for the spring time! At the bottom of this post there's the video I made for my channel, so be sure to watch it for some other DIY ideas as well!

terra cotta pot
outdoor paint
foam brushes
succulent clippings

This is pretty self explanatory from what you can gather from the pictures, but here's a little more description in case you're a little confused on how to make the drip effect. Place the pot upside down once your down with the base coat and it's completely dry. Then take your paint and drizzle it down the sides of the pot and let it fall. Don't try to stop it, because you'll end up ruining the look, so don't squeeze too much out at a time. Poor your dirt into the pot and add your succulent clippings!!



WHEW!! This post is so long overdue! I've been wanting to try out a flower crown for forever now, and I've finally found the best way to make it work for my taste and head size. Loved the way this turned out and I liked that it was so simple to make unlike other flower crowns I've tried in the past!

(all were purchased from Michael's craft store) 
Suede leather (tan)
Small flowers
Hot glue gun

The first step is to measure the suede leather around your head to make sure it will fit. Make sure to leave a little extra because of the braiding. Now cut three strips of the leather to make a braid. Once you hot glue the three strips together at the time, begin the braiding process. It's a simple three strand braid, and I found it to be easy to place it under something that will hold it in place, like a clipboard. Once you're done, select the flowers you want, and begin hot glueing them to the braid. I placed mine on about every three or four inches apart, and choose two flowers for each section. For the flowers cut them off the stem, and be sure to cut off as much as possible to the flowers glue on nice and easy, while laying flat. Then tie it off, and there you have it!



I've never been a tea girl, but these past few months I've enjoyed a cup every now and then! My friends are tea lovers, and have introduced me to the wonder of delicious teas. I love anything vanilla, or chai spice. So far the only type of tea I can't stand is anything fruity. With that being said I thought I'd share with you some my recent tea haul + my favorite mugs! Plus for something a little extra, I filmed a video all about it too! Are you a tea drinker? If so, please share with me your favorite picks!


1. Pumpkin Spice, Bigalow // This tea is the best for fall, but obviously we are past that, but I still enjoy a cup every now and again especially when it's a gloomy spring afternoon.

2. Chai Spice Black Tea, Stash // This tea is perfect when craving something that's more sweet and sugary, yet minus the huge amount of sugar grams that usually comes along with chai tea. Can't say enough good things when it comes to this one.

3. Mango Black Tea, Trader Joes // Ah, this tea is so refreshing and absolutely my favorite. I prefer it over ice, so an iced tea instead of a hot cup of tea. When I make this one iced tea, I will add a lemon and a tiny bit of sugar, and it tastes so delicious.

4. Herbal Spice Tea, Fresh N Easy // Now this tea isn't my go-to pick all the time, because I only enjoy it when i'm feeling sick. It's very soothing for the throat and therefore only make a cup when I need just that - a comfort for my scratchy throat.

5. Passion Tropical Tea, It's A Grind // Again, another iced tea instead of a warm cup of tea. This is the tea that It's A Grind sales, and I love it to death! The best part, you don't need to add any sugar because the flavor is so strong that it's not needed!

The Heart Of It | Success


Today I'm opening up and writing about my opinion on success. Success is something that is the main theme when you're in the blogging world, I'm afraid. Success is something that you begin to think about when college is on it's way. Obviously success is an accomplishment or achievement that you can be proud of. Completing your goals with great purpose and aim. Rather today I'm going to share with you my unique meaning of success.

I believe that success is the terminations of endeavors. Success is a beautiful thing. It's something to admire, and celebrate for others and yourself. It takes hard work and perseverance. You should never be ashamed of your success no matter how big or small, cool or lame. But this is where my opinion comes into play. Success to me isn't the after results of seeing your dreams and goals completed. True success is the first step of faith you take to begin your dreams and goals. It can be scary to begin a task especially when it seems daunting and too big. You might be the type of person who isn't a go-getter, I know I wrestle with this quality off and on. I absolutely hate change so chasing after certain things makes me never want to touch them. Another fear with success is the fact that it might not fall through. Complications and problems may arise. In fact maybe you never reach the point of success, and you fail.

Ah, failure is the fear that cripples our potential to keep seeking. It can hold you back, and cause you to never take that first step towards success of your goals. Overcoming your fears no matter what they may be, (change, failure, embarrassment, etc) takes more courage than anything! If you can be bigger than your fears than I believe that, that is true success in itself.



I'm gonna be honest and just come out and say it; I hate DIY's! Yes, isn't that sad? I feel like they cost just as much as a certain item you'd like to buy, and if it doesn't come out the way you wanted then it's hard to fix it, and you'll always be unhappy with it! But today I gave it a go, and tried to be creative and let my hands and mind have fun with some ideas! This DIY I tried is a painted clipboard. I love using clipboards but felt like this one needed some bit of love. If your interested on how to recreate this DIY yourself, then scroll down.


This is pretty easy, but to create the polka dots I used the eraser on the end of a pencil to create the circles. Then I chose the paint colors I preferred and created an ombre effect. You can do anything you want, just be creative!



Many of you know I have a YouTube channel that is dedicated to all things beauty and fashion! I love filming videos about my recent hauls, tags, beauty reports, monthly favorites, seasonal outfit ideas, and occasionally DIY's! One type of video I've been loving to watch recently is daily vlogs. I like to summarize vlogging as basically a home video for teenagers to look back on. I enjoy getting to know the girls behind their channel (as well for blogging), having a peek into their real life, and seeing that they aren't all fake like they can act on their main channel. So here comes the exciting part....

I have decided to create a sister channel (if you will), and begin the world of vlogging for myself! For me vlogging seems like a video diary, so a live version of my blog basically. I probably won't be a daily vlogger, but here's what you will see on my vlog channel; vacation getaway trips, outings with friends, summer activities, and behind the scene filming and photo shoots! My channel is obviously about my life happenings, along with the people I hang out with. So hence the reason why this little voice inside of me said don't let anyone see your videos, no one will watch them, your life isn't exciting enough, your life won't be private anymore...and the list goes on. The more I began to think about this topic, the less I cared. I don't care if anyone watches my vlogs. It doesn't matter how many comments, or views I reach. I'm going to be proud of my the things I do. You can judge me all you won't, because in the end no one is perfect.

I enjoy editing, and yes I'll admit, taking to the camera! I want to remember certain days and trips not just through photos but video too. I feel like vlogging is the perfect way for me to do that. So if you'd like to follow me around with friends, family, & my puppy Lily on crazy/fun outings to the mall, vacations, coffee dates, and even film days, than I'd love to welcome you along for the ride! My channel (aside from A Beautiful Heart), is called Jenna Leigh Vlogs. Now sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the ride into my life!

Happy Easter!


Just wanted to hop in and wish you lovelies a Happy Easter! Easter is a day full of fellowship and true joy shared with one another! We have joy and everlasting hope as believers, knowing that our Savior lives, and will always be there for us. Today our Savior rose from the dead, pushed away the rock, and came out of his tomb. He suffered the cruel beatings, mocking voices, thorn of crown on his head, nails in his hands and feet, and the ultimate pain of death. All because of his love for his children, he laid down his life so that we could have eternal life with Him. 1 John 4:9-11 states, "In this the love of God was made manifest among us, that God sent his only Son into the world, so that we might live through him. In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another." I cannot fathom the amount of pain Jesus suffered on the cross that day. A King should be praised and worshipped, instead our King took the place of a servant to show his love for his Father and children. Isaiah 53:5 states, "But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed." I praise God that he sent his son. His son who he so cherished...yet loved his children more. Blessed are we who serves a Savior who saves, a Savior who loves, and a Savior who cares. 

PeachyDetails Giveaway!!


Woo! Today I have a fun giveaway announcement. PeachyDetails is sponsoring the most cutest tassel garland to one lucky winner. This etsy shop has provides the best quality, and I was very fortunate that I was sent one and I just love it. These cute decorations are so trendy right now for parties, and will work perfectly at one of mine! This giveaway is U.S. only, and the winner will receive one tassel garland of their choice that is in the shop! Be sure to give the gals some love and follow them via social media + blogs!

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