WHEW!! This post is so long overdue! I've been wanting to try out a flower crown for forever now, and I've finally found the best way to make it work for my taste and head size. Loved the way this turned out and I liked that it was so simple to make unlike other flower crowns I've tried in the past!

(all were purchased from Michael's craft store) 
Suede leather (tan)
Small flowers
Hot glue gun

The first step is to measure the suede leather around your head to make sure it will fit. Make sure to leave a little extra because of the braiding. Now cut three strips of the leather to make a braid. Once you hot glue the three strips together at the time, begin the braiding process. It's a simple three strand braid, and I found it to be easy to place it under something that will hold it in place, like a clipboard. Once you're done, select the flowers you want, and begin hot glueing them to the braid. I placed mine on about every three or four inches apart, and choose two flowers for each section. For the flowers cut them off the stem, and be sure to cut off as much as possible to the flowers glue on nice and easy, while laying flat. Then tie it off, and there you have it!


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