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howing love can be done in many different ways. Everyone has a different love language, but at the end of the day it's received and appreciated the most when that love simply does. It's active and real. One of my love languages is words of affirmation. It's when the words 'I love you' are spoken through a compliment. My favorite form of proving that someone loves me is through kind, encouraging words.

I can remember several of the sweetest compliments I've been given in the best, and all of them made my day. So because it's my love language, I also asked myself how many other's have this as well? Receiving compliments is wonderful, but there's also something very rewarding in giving them too.To me, the beauty of compliments is the ability to view other people's strengths. It's the opportunity we have to build one another up.

When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? I find myself thinking awesome things about people like 'your such a hard worker,' 'I love how great your photography skills are, can't believe you're self taught,' or 'you give me inspiration to be a better blogger,' yet I don't always say so out loud. It's such an easy thing to do, and it can be done in so many ways such as in person, or typed in any format! It easily takes 2 mins flat to empower someone, and make their day.

I encourage you to reach out to someone you know and share ways that you see them striving in their abilities, character, or work place. I mean it can be the girl behind the cash register at the mall, your best friend, or a new person your introduced to - see how you feel afterwards!



have found that I love attending weddings. They truly are my favorite, and being a bridesmaid is probably what I'll live for in college haha. I love being able to be apart of the whole journey, and watch the couple fall in love with each other through their dating stages. Everything romance will get me every time, it's just a fact because that's who I am, and honestly I'm fine with that.

Even with that being said, it's times like those when I hear about amazing love stories, watch it happen in public, see my friends eyes light up, or when they walk down the isle that I'm reminded that I don't have that in my life yet. I'm a 20 year old college girl who has never had a boyfriend. Flings and crushes yes, but that's not the same because I never called them mine. The feelings of being single are one's that pop up every now and then, mostly because truthfully I am secure in myself. I recognize that a relationship won't cure anything. I don't need a boyfriend to be happy.

Yet, I still deal with an environment around me that doesn't feel the same. So naturally I have to explain my reasons for not seeming interested to find someone. Then comes the judgement, accusations, and miscommunication when dating has becomes the conversation topic among my friends and society in general. In our culture today is it really hard to believe that a commitment isn't something every girl is ready for? Well, in case you're like me who is still single and tired of explaining her self than keep reading below. Here are some stereotypes that our society seems to get wrong every single time.

1. Too high of standards. 
Oh boy does this one hurt me the most. Ever heard your list or standards are too ideal and not reality? How can any man score a perfect 10? True. However, I am not ashamed of my "list." Because without one I wouldn't have any direction in the type of guy I need, want, and would like to pursue. I keep a list of standards, not because looks are the most important but as a reminder to chose someone with the right characteristic traits. I am not single because I want the most attractive guy around who sings and drives a hot car. I am single because my list of standards allows me to wait and search for the right one, the one I know the Lord will point me to. 

2. Too picky. 
This goes along with the high standards concept, but let me state once again...looks aren't everything contrary to belief. Perhaps there are many people out there who are picky, but is that suppose to be a fault? It's better than being desperate. 

3. No experience = no knowledge. 
This is probably the biggest lie out there. Singleness isn't because someone doesn't have a past full of lessons and know how's, but rather a choice. Experience in past relationships won't help anyone catch another love interest. You don't have to have been with someone to know what your looking for in that ideal relationship material. 

4. Wrong priorities. 
Just because your single doesn't mean your selfish, a workaholic, or too crazy with your girlfriends on a Friday night. It means that you have a life, with priorities that are important and essential for yourself. Perhaps a commitment isn't something one can handle, and therefore aren't ready to be there for another person in a relationship.  

5. Such a planner. 
Boy to people laugh when I tell them my plan in my early twenties. They give me that smirk, tilt their head, raise the eyebrow, and remind me that God can change my plans within seconds. Yes, I realize that. But, that doesn't mean a girl can dream right? What's so harmful about already pinning wedding ideas to my Pinterest board, or thinking of future little girl names, or knowing I don't plan on getting married in college. I'd rather make plans and have goals than never know what I'm looking, waiting, or striving for in the future. 



oday I'm so excited to share this DIY sugar scrub with you all! I can officially cross this off my summer bucket list, as I wanted to try out a summer inspired scrub to keep my beauty category alive! It just so happens to be the perfect way to have those smooth summer legs as well! This one smells soooo good, so if you try it let me know in the comments, you'll love it!

You'll Need...

1 cup of sugar 
4 drops of lemon essential oil 
3 tbs coconut oil 
1 tsp lemon juice 
1 tsp lime juice 

One Easy Step...

I literally just mix all of these ingredients into a bowl and stir it up. Best thing about sugar scrubs is that they take minutes to make. For the coconut oil I always melt mine before pouring it in, because then it will combine better. I've made some scrubs in the past, and have to say I love mine more grainy so I used less coconut oil this time and I completely felt a difference while using it! Easy peasy! 



aba Coffee is the cutest coffee shop I've been to yet! It's located in Carlsbad, CA on state street. Inside it's filled with natural light, and cute little bar top tables to study. My mom took me over the weekend and it was so fun to just sit and chat. I ordered my usual lol, a black iced tea and donut!

I absolutely love Carlsbad, I've always said I could seriously live there. One of these days I'll have to put together a little guide for this awesome beach town, because there are so many places left on my list to visit.

Believe it or not, I actually don't have much to say in today's post. I found this quote on Pinterest today that really made me wonder so I'll leave you with it as well..."You are not the reflection of those that can't love you." 



absolutely love burning candles, and I only have a few week's left to do so, because they are permitted in dorm rooms, haha. I'll have to rely on my scentsy, but honestly nothing beats the scents I find at Anthro, or local shops. There's something about a burning flame, and the ambiance it brings to my room.

I also have to admit candles are the perfect piece of decor just about on anything - shelves, countertops, bookcases, or outside patio. I'm trying to enjoy these summer scents for as long as possible, before I have to pack everything up.

Anyways, below are my top three picks for this summer season! List your favorite below in the comment section, I love finding new brands!


This one right here is my kind of scent when picking up a candle. Anything that has a hint of vanilla and sweet sugar is the best!! This is a local find and I am so glad I found it. It has a wooden stick in the middle instead of a black thread which is perfect because it holds the flame! 

And how cute is this mini glass jar? I love things that are simple and plain. It came with a gold foil lid which seals the deal! See what I did there? Lol. No okay, keep scrolling! 


This one smells so good! As you can see I need to light it more, haha! I love the copper lid, and the beautiful sea glass glow it brings to the blue jar in the sunlight.

It smells exactly like the name - very beachy, costal, and fresh. The size is just perfect for me too, plus through Anthropologie it's cheaper too! 


Another Anthropologie find! I love this scent so much. It's truly been the definition of my summer candle collection. I adore the packaging again on this one too.

I really don't buy too much fruit smelling products, I enjoy vanilla's, and desserts haha. But the blend of the apricot and basil is very unique and just light enough to not be overwhelming. I'm going to miss this candle once I move! It's honestly one of my faves. 



eeping a bucket-list journal has been something I've carried around for years, and if you know me at all then it should come to no surprise that I am always thinking ahead, and planning my future! Making lists, and writing inside beautiful journals are my thing, so when I spotted this bucket-list notebook from Anthropologie it obviously had to come home with me!

This journal has inspirational quotes, and beautiful photography throughout! It provides a layout page where you can list 101 things on your bucket-list, and then each separate goal or dream has it's own special page filled with questions regarding that specific goal. It's pure perfection when it comes to organization, and not to mention so pretty!

So I thought perhaps not only would I feature a favorite journal of mine on the blog today, but also a few of my personal bucket-list dreams!

I believe dreams are so important to have, and therefore I encourage you to also create your own bucket-list! I don't know if I'll be able to accomplish all of my goals in life, but there's no harm in wishing so. As long as you create realistic ideas and try to work towards them, then there's no reason not to produce a little daydreaming!

There's just something about writing down my dreams that help me. Perhaps it a way to self-reflect or even become inspired, but it gives me something to live for. Exploring new places, and experiencing different opportunities are always my favorite memories when I look back on old times. So hence my desire to wanting to make new ones, starting with writing them down on a piece of paper inside a pretty notebook.

Do you have any goals or bucket-list musts? Share in the comments below!!




Wowee. Five years long of a beautiful journey, one that has made my life so meaningful. Can you believe it's been that long? I started this blog as a freshman in high school, only 14 years old, creating content that is too embarrassing to look back on, yet one's I treasure because without my learning curve my blog wouldn't be where it is today. Time flies when your having fun eh?

Blogging is more of a passion, it's truly my online version of my diary. It's full of my life happenings, opinions on certain topics, and style over the years. What would I do without this space? Even though I've been a bit spacey here and there throughout the years, I can't imagine stop blogging all together in the future.

Some of you have been following me through this journey from the beginning, and for that I thank you! Your comments, and encouragement means the world to me. Being able to make so many blogger friends, is truly my favorite part of this blogging community.

What's coming up? My desire to have my blog grow as I continue to change, and follow me in my life happenings always. I would love to grow my portfolio with more recipes, and coffee talk posts, but only time will tell! :) To make this post all more exciting I selected a few throwbacks from the past six years of A Beautiful Heart, so enjoy!

Thank you so much for sticking around, xoxo.



My July goals...

1. Have Everything Done for VU | YES! I have everything done. Every item needed for my dorm is packed up and ready to go. Feels so good to have everything completed.

2. Blog 10 Times | Oh man,  I only counted 6 posts for July. I didn't realize how much effort went into 10 a month, haha. Maybe I'll have more this August.

3. Deep Clean My Room | Yep! I completed this goal too. I went through all my items for my dorm and organized them in my closet, went through old clothes, and make plenty of lists for when I leave. I need to do this again before I leave, but it felt good.

4. Try 3 New Hairstyles | No, this one wasn't accomplished. My hair is a tad shorter than my usual go-to, so I haven't wanted to try even a french braid. Plus it's so hot that I'm just letting my hair air dry, and then I leave it at that.

5. Bible Journal | I didn't do this one either. I need to though, but I always forget.

My goals for August...

1. Soda Detox | Today, I am starting a month of soft drink detox challenge. I figured it would be great to have a two week head start before heading off to college. See I want to wing myself off of it completely at college, because I need to consume more water!

2. Make Time to Journal | This summer I've been a little MIA when it comes to journaling, so I want to be more on top of my game especially at Vanguard. Everything will be so new to me, I want to capture it all on paper.

3. Explore New Places | In Costa Mesa there are so many cute coffee shops, shopping malls, and beaches. I hope to explore just one new place with some new friends.

4. Eliminate Anxiety | This is creeping up on me, and I can't pin point why. Perhaps it's because I'm going to be transitioning into a whole new environment. Or maybe I'm just learning a few things. Either way, I know I need to keep more scripture around to kick this.

5. Lose 10 Pounds | I can do this!
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