y eyebrows have always received compliments - it's a compliment I love, yet others laugh when they tell me! I mean it's a weird and uncommon compliment, hey I was staring at your eyebrows, and wow they are so on point. As weird as it may seem, eyebrows definitely define a persons face and eyes. There are many different shapes of eyebrows, but today I'm going to talk about mine specifically and how to maintain them! First let me begin with saying I regularly get them waxed every month. I know It seems like a lot but I have dark hair and therefore it makes them more visual. Even though I get mine waxed, I will still fill them in for special occasions. I don't do this often because I don't like the unnatural look, so I'm going to show you how I do them!

To begin take a brush or pencil, and place it where your eyebrow begins. Follow it down to see exactly where it stops. This will help you remind to not overdo the shape and size of your natural brow. This tip is perfect when plucking little hairs, or even filling them in with makeup!

Like I said above, I will from time to time fill in my brows, just depends on my mood, time, and occision. I really dislike the look of overdone - just plain perfect brows. To me, they look very unnatural, fake, and drawn on! But, I do like the look of bold dark brows, so overtime I've had to find a good balance of both.

You can use brow pencils but again I don't like how they make the brows so overdone. Instead I use an angle brush like this Mac 208 angled brow brush, and a brown eyeshadow that matches my brows. Because my brows are so dark, it's difficult to find the right shade that isn't filled with a little bit of shimmer, like most palettes seem to include. I love bareminerals faux mink  color because it matches perfectly!

For certain occasions I love doing my brows because it just finishes the look of my eyes. It seriously takes me 5 seconds to do them, which is perfect because I'm not one to spend hours on my makeup! Hope this helps you in your everyday makeup routine!


  1. My eyebrows have always been atrocious looking, and its rare when I do get them done because I always forget about it! But I've become more self-concious about mine lately and I like the look of neat trim eyebrows. I'm thinking of getting them threaded soon. Have you ever tried threading? Do you recommend it? :) Thanks!!

    1. Yes my eyebrows are a constant maintenance. Threading, I have never tried it for myself, however i know many of my friends do and it works great for them! I've heard with threading the hair doesn't grow back as fast, however the pain seems to last longer and hurt more than waxing. Waxing is my favorite, it's not too expensive and it lasts me about 3 weeks before I start looking like a freak, therefore my twister becomes my best friend, which means I go til 4-5 before heading back to get them done. Hope this helps Amanda! :) Hope you doing well.


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