I read this book back when I started highschool and I remember it being such a powerful novel, I never could put it down. The story of this girl and her life is so beautiful and inspiring. It truly felt me feeling speechless because everything about it was so perfect. Let's dive in because I have so much to say! Instead of answering questions or only writing about the book in long detail, I'm going to point out three things I learned from reading the novel!

Background information if you haven't read the book yet; The book is about a girl by the name of Katie who leaves her friends, home, family, school, boyfriend, and the comforts of America to follow a calling she had from the Lord. It required her to travel to Uganda and care for the orphans and help the little village in anyway. She started out as a school teacher, however the language was not english, and the culture there is extremely different. Katie writes about her experience, emotions about leaving home, and the struggle of living in a community of poverty. Her faith is strong and she uses Christ as her strengths to keep pursuing her calling. She ends her novel with opening up about her final decisions and opens an orphanage to all the little girls she can take care of  in the Uganda village, and becomes a "Mommy" to more than four little Uganda girls!

                                             BOOK CLUB: 

1. Her Faith: Katie's faith and willingness to speak the truth is more than inspiring! She shares the gospel to all she meets and has a heart for the lost. I love that she trusts the Lord's plan and embraces it. She's not shy to admit her struggles and fears, and through them she's able to rely on the Lord and commit memory verses to every situation. In the strange village of Uganda that she's not use to, has little friends, living in remote areas, and eating very little, she turns to the one true rock in her life, Christ!

2. Her Willingness to Follow: The Lord called her to leave her family, comforts of home, a solid education of college, her boyfriend, and bestfriends, and yet she still followed. She was willing to leave it all behind her, to begin the ministry of God. Throughout the book she talks about missing home, even visiting during one holiday after a year of seeing her family, and how it all felt so different. Even though it was extremely difficult, lonely at times, and even dangerous, she had a heart of contentment and gratitude. Being a missionary is never easy, yet the way Katie displays the role, is more than beautiful!

3. All of Her Stories: The book is full of fears, struggles, happiness, excitement, and most importantly stories. She shares the most amazing stories of the people she meets, and helps in her village. Writes about the girls she adopts and cares for, and truly captures the personality of each little girl, and while reading you feel like you're there and you know who each person is. Through each story you're able to learn a glimpse about the culture in Uganda.

                                    BOOK CLUB QUESTIONS: 

1. What qualities do you admire in Katie?
2. What is your favorite story in the book about the people she meets? How did this story touch you?
3. Would you be willing to give up your life dreams, and become a missionary? Why or why not.
4. What did the Lord teach you through reading this novel?
5. How can we be more like Katie in our own lives?

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