believe it's so hard to take care of yourself, especially when chaos is surrounded in your life. Piled up homework, unfolded laundry, running errands, helping out friends, busy work schedule; all these's things make a day crazy and lack that "me-time." Not every day needs to include relaxation or extensive alone time, but once or twice a week is needed to keep yourself rested, feeling loved, and to keep producing that strong motivation in your world. Every person is different, so I've created a list that will (hopefully) appeal to many girls! Alone time isn't just about watching tv or taking a nap, instead it can be productive, new, and adventurous! My favorites are definitely #1, 3, 4! What are yours?

1. Buy yourself some flowers: I don't know what it is, but flowers make me feel so happy. I love how they brighten up my space and make everything so cheerful! I promise, this will do the trick.

2. Have some alone time: Yes you've heard this before, but have you listened? Step out into nature and go for a walk along the beach, your neighborhood, or a hiking trail. Go to your favorite bookstore and browse around for a while. Rent a new movie and treat yourself to a chocolate bar. Bring out your craft supplies and make a DIY via Pinterest. You name, do it!

3. Girl time: Spend quality time with one of your girlfriends and have a heartfelt conversation over coffee. Catch up on each others lives, and ditch the gossip for a rewarding and wonderful time together.

4. DIY Spa night: Break out your nailpolish, cotton balls, and glitter because what's better than a mani/pedi? I love having magazines near, or a movie playing in the background! Pour some chips and cookies or anytype of your favorite go-to snacks!

5. Enjoy sunshine: There are many ways to tackle this, and spend some time outside. Go on a local hike, take your dog for a walk, try a new workout exercise, day at the beach, or relaxing by the pool. All of these are great options to try with friends. Each can be relaxing, and enjoyable depending on your hobby and personal outdoor activity preference.

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