all is my favorite season, so it's about time to take out my fall candles! A cozy and warm bedroom isn't complete without a fall candle burning in the background. I shared my favorite summer candles a while ago, so I thought I'd do the same for the fall season too! So let's begin!

                                                DARK CHOCOLATE

The candle above is dark chocolate by Bath & Body Works and it's just heavenly! Every who knows me, know's that I love anything covered, dipped or flavored in chocolate I'll eat it, so a chocolate scented candle is just ah amazing. Now I'll warn you it's pretty rich, so if you're prone to headaches because your sensitive than this candle may not be for you!

                                            CINNAMON BROWN SUGAR 

I received this candle last christmas, and I'm just now lighting it! I really do enjoy this candle so much. Out of these three candles this one truly represents fall. This candle is from Yankee candle, and I love how big it is compared to others I've purchased because it burns up to 40-60 hours!! Now, I really love Bath & Body Works as I've expressed many times here on the blog, but this candle really makes me enjoy Yankee Candle a whole lot more than I ever thought I would!

                                   CARAMEL PUMPKIN SWIRL

This candle keeps me from craving those caramel apples (okay, maybe that's a lie). I've shared a rich candle, and the ultimate fall candle, now onto my favorite the sweet/dessert candle! This is super sweet, and makes my room smell like a caramel pie with a hint of pumpkin ha-ha. This candle is from Bath & Body Works, and it's from there mason jar collection. Believe it or not, this candle burns longer than the big one's (like the dark chocolate), and it's less money! Score!


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