Whew, February is over! It was a great month (because who doesn't love Valentine's Day?) but I'm happy to be moving on into March a.k.a my birthday month. In just a few short days I'll be turning 21! What?! Maybe I'll share more on that later, but for today let's just hop into a few things I loved this month.

Celebrated: Valentine's Day! My mom was so sweet and surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries. Exchanging cards and taking the time to show love is truly the best.

Trying: To go to the gym more often. I signed up with a local gym in Orange County and I love it. I've still been eating super healthy, and no sugar, so I figured it was time to add in some exercise.

Watching: One movie I went and saw in the theatre was Forever My Girl. I always love a classic chick flick, and the story line was so sweet.

Longing For: The summer!! I seriously am on countdown you guys. It's bad. I can't wait to be home in my own room with no caf food, or homework.

Reading: My Bible. This month I wrote a little devotion here on the blog, just sharing my heart in the ways God has delivered me in so many situations. It felt so good to get back to my original roots here on the blog. I want to keep sharing here and there, so I hope you like begin to enjoy that aspect!

Planning: I am slowly planning on a trip to Nashville to visit my high school english teacher. She is like an aunt/mentor to me, and since she moved from Cali I've missed her a lot. I'm looking into a summer trip, so I hope it happens!

Excited For: Going on tour with my concert choir! We are driving up North to California and will be gone for a week. Concerts are scheduled everyday, so lot's of tea will be needed, haha. I'm excited to see how the Lord strengthens me during this time.

Practicing: A lot of self care lately. I have noticed that because of my schedule and all that is on my mind during the week, there has been a lack of taking care of myself. Even if it's something small, like going to the gym, eating an acai bowl for dinner, or writing in my gratitude journal, it all makes a difference in my day.




Happy Sunday! It's been a busy semester, and you can probably tell by the sparse content on the blog.

I truly love college but my classes this time around make me want to snooze off in class. Perhaps it is due to me spending so much time on eating healthy and going to the gym. But, nevertheless, I am already counting down for summer, haha! 

I can't say this enough but this space means the world to me. It is where I can share my feelings, flaws, and dreams without any judgement. So I thank you for that. And today because I am loving the support, I want to support other women in the blogosphere. Here are my top 5 blog posts I've read this month!

A Life of Faith | Purposely Living by Cambria Joy 
I loved this post, so please give it a read! She is an amazing gal who loves the Lord. I started my blog out as a way to share little faith inspired blog posts. Though, I never continued with that content once I gained followers my first few years. Cambria motivates me to start writing about my story and faith.

I love this blog, as it is filled with tips and advice for any occasion. I specifically loved this post because we all get tired of people asking us about our life plans. 

This was such a helpful post. She is truly the blonde boss when it comes to the perfect touch of texture wavy hair. Because she's a YouTube gal, you'll find her video clip at the end to walk you through step by step!

Stop Living Up To Everybody's Expectations by Danielle Moss 
The co-founder of The Everygirl has her own blog, and I love it. One of her latest posts is personal and gives great advice. Everything that she said is so true!!




Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday. Well Thanksgiving comes in first, but V-day ties for second place along with my birthday. Yes, my friend laughed at me too, haha. But, just because this holiday is over does not mean it can't be celebrated all year round too. Love is more than a romantic dinner for two, but simple gestures to be kind to others or yourself.

I've done something a little similar in my 5 days of self care, but this one is focusing more on how to kind everyday as kindness radiates love!


1. Pay for a strangers meal. I've never had this happen to me, but I've heard of so many people having their drinks paid for in the drive-thru line at Starbucks. I want to do this!! Giving to a stranger, anonymously is pure kindness!

2. Write a letter. Snail mail is honestly the best way to put a smile on anyones face! I am my grandma's pen-pal and it makes me so happy knowing how it makes her day!

3. Visit a community garden. With spring arriving, this one seemed perfect. In San Diego there is a flower field I love going to! If you live in a city than this is something you probably already get to explore because of all the parks, or museums you can visit. I love this option because it is a simple way to enjoy your surroundings while slowing down!

4. Dress fancy. A little way to give yourself some love putting a little effort into your appearance. For myself personally it is to dress fancy for a night outing. For others it could be getting a pedicure, new haircut, buying a new necklace, or keeping your brows in perfect shape.

5. Compliment someone. This is an easy way to express some love. Find a quality in someone you admire and speak it. All year round, try to always find the good in people.




Present over Perfect is a book geared to those who are needing to find rest, take a breather from their hustle and bustle, and become present in the moment God is using us. This book has helped me in SO many ways! I think we can all struggle with keeping an image of being perfect in order to be accepted. But that is such a lie! The writing and wisdom behind every concept is what I love the most in this book. Shauna Neiqust talks a lot about how God is suppose to be the center of everything, and how relying on Him is truly the only way.

So because I could go on and on about how amazing it is, let me point out my top 10 favorite quotes + sayings which can hopefully help you all too (whether or not you've read the book).

1. "I want to run you through my to-do list, partially because I want you to feel it, to feel as tired and glazed and undone as I feel. But also because I don't want you to think I'm weak."

2. "When we try to strive for perfection; "If I push enough, I will feel whole. I will feel proud, I will feel happy. What I feel, though, is exhausted and restful, but with well-organized closets."

3. "Oh the things I did to my body and my spirit in order to maintain my reputation as a high-capacity person. Oh, the moments I missed with people I love because I was so very committed to being known as the strongest of the strong. Oh, the quiet moments with God I sacrificed in order to cross a few things off the to-do list I worshiped."

4. Quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald; "I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you are not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again."

5. "We are all raised to build, build, build. Bigger is better, more is better, faster is better."

6. In the chapter about "disappointing people," Shauna Niequist says this "You get to decide who you're going to disappoint, who you're going to say no to."

7. "We do for Him, instead of being with Him." - side note for myself, be a Mary not a Martha.

8. "What people think about you means nothing in comparison to what you believe about yourself."

9. "If I'm honest, I let words like responsible and capable govern many of my years." - What type of words do you let govern you? 

10. "Owning one's life, for better and for worse, saying out loud, this is who I am, this is who I'm not, this is what I want, this is what I'm leaving behind."




I have probably alluded to a few things before on my blog, but my first semester of college was rough. So many things seemed to go wrong all within the first month. Move in weekend didn't exceed my ideals whatsoever. My dorm and roommates weren't anything I had wished for. Anxiety and stomach aches began to creep into the mix. I missed home more than ever, and longed for the weekends when I could go back.

I learned so many things about my faith and myself during that time, and I thought it was about time I wrote the way the Lord delivered me through such a horrible season. Trusting the Lord sometimes seemed impossible. It was hard to understand why the Lord would allow me to be in an environment that I tried to escape by attending a Christian university.

Something I had to remind myself during this difficult time, was not to ask the Lord why me, rather why not me? My whole life He has been slowly equipping me for this moment. He chose the right moment as I had to lean on my faith in a way I never have. It was a time when I began to take pride in my upbringing and worldview. The Lord made me see how much I took my faith for granted.

He delivered me from that time in my life that felt lonely, dark, and uncomfortable.

2 Samuel 22:17-20 "He sent from on high, he took me; he drew me out of many waters. He rescued me from my strong enemy from those who hated me, they were too might for me. They confronted me in the day of my calamity, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me."

This concept of trust is one I'm still learning, and probably will forever. In fact, I'm learning how to trust God in a different area of my life right now. But, I love how the Lord answers my prayers to provide me moments where I can look back on and recall his promises. If the Lord can deliver me from that dark place, than He can certainly meet me anywhere I am today!

I'm in a new room with a great roommate! I have been given a space where I feel comfortable in my own skin. Now, I'm able to enjoy Vanguard without wishing I could live off campus. Looking back, I can see the way God had His hand in every situation, and for that I will always praise Him.

He may have allowed for such a rough thing to happen to me, but He did not let the light fade. Instead, He covered me with grace, and gave me hope. He let me see how his kindness so that I could trust Him completely.



For the whole month of January I cut sugar completely from my diet. It was so hard at first, but really needed. I never had completed a type of challenge like this so, I am very proud of myself. Even though the 31 day challenge is over, I am still not eating sugar. Now that it already feels like a habit, I want to see how much further I can go!

Below I wanted to share my craving patterns, detox feelings, and unsweetened foods that helped me get through this. Now, just to clarify I removed all sugar no matter it's form such as soda, chocolate,  white or brown sugar, etc. So let's dive in!

Week 1 - In some ways it was easy to give up sugar because of the holiday indulgence, but it was still hard. I never had a sugar detox migraine, mostly because I made sure to drink some cranberry juice the first few mornings. Over all, my body felt great! 

Week 2 - Believe it or not, but my cravings went away. This is when I started to implement my love for acai bowls, so the mixture between the granola and agave was the best. 

Week 3 - Still no need for sugar. I felt great in terms of having no cravings! But, going to the movies without any butter popcorn, or candy it was a different experience. Isn't it interesting how we glorify certain outings only for food? 

Week 4 - This week was a little harder for me. At times I definitely wanted something sweet, other than fruit! But, this week it was nice to be surrounded with friends who have also been watching what they eat! 

Week 5 - Crazy to think 31 days free of no sugar. I didn't think I could do it. This week I implemented lots of fitness, and that kept the motivation even stronger than ever! I found that working out gave me more of an incentive to never cheat myself on such hard work. 

1. No headaches! I loved not having any type of symptoms of being addicted to sugar. I still had headaches if I was working too hard with homework, starred too long at a computer screen, or didn't drink enough water, but nothing related towards food. 

2. Never felt sick. Sometimes eating sugar always made me feel funny, or give me stomach aches. It felt great to not have any of those problems. 

3. No cravings. It's amazing how after the first week of detox, I was able to not have any cravings. I loved not being dependent on needing a sweet fix in order to be satisfied. 

4. I drank more water. I have always loved soda, but now I definitely love the taste of water. It doesn't bother to only have water with my meals now! 

Drink freshly squeezed juice. Jamba Juice was another hot spot for me, because their freshly squeezed orange juice was delicious. The oranges this time of year are so sweet, I just love it!

Acai bowls are life. Nekter is the first place I've tried a bowl, and I love it. I like to replace an actual meal with this bowl because it is so filling. But, I love how this taste like dessert.

I loved iced teas if the cravings were bad. Some of my favorite teas are the tropical black iced tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, passionfruit from It's A Grind, black iced tea from Sidecar Donuts and Coffee. All are unsweetened and I promise the taste, flavor, and sweetness doesn't even need sugar!

Use agave. Sometimes I loved honey with hot tea, or agave with my acai bowls. I never used it enough to even make it become a bad habit to replace my sugar absence, but this is something you'll have to decide for yourself.
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