Happy Sunday! It's been a busy semester, and you can probably tell by the sparse content on the blog.

I truly love college but my classes this time around make me want to snooze off in class. Perhaps it is due to me spending so much time on eating healthy and going to the gym. But, nevertheless, I am already counting down for summer, haha! 

I can't say this enough but this space means the world to me. It is where I can share my feelings, flaws, and dreams without any judgement. So I thank you for that. And today because I am loving the support, I want to support other women in the blogosphere. Here are my top 5 blog posts I've read this month!

A Life of Faith | Purposely Living by Cambria Joy 
I loved this post, so please give it a read! She is an amazing gal who loves the Lord. I started my blog out as a way to share little faith inspired blog posts. Though, I never continued with that content once I gained followers my first few years. Cambria motivates me to start writing about my story and faith.

I love this blog, as it is filled with tips and advice for any occasion. I specifically loved this post because we all get tired of people asking us about our life plans. 

This was such a helpful post. She is truly the blonde boss when it comes to the perfect touch of texture wavy hair. Because she's a YouTube gal, you'll find her video clip at the end to walk you through step by step!

Stop Living Up To Everybody's Expectations by Danielle Moss 
The co-founder of The Everygirl has her own blog, and I love it. One of her latest posts is personal and gives great advice. Everything that she said is so true!!


  1. I always love seeing links that people are loving lately, I'm especially excited to read that last one about expectations!

  2. SO many good links! Some that I already read but some still to read! YAY!


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