Valentine's Day is my absolute favorite holiday. Well Thanksgiving comes in first, but V-day ties for second place along with my birthday. Yes, my friend laughed at me too, haha. But, just because this holiday is over does not mean it can't be celebrated all year round too. Love is more than a romantic dinner for two, but simple gestures to be kind to others or yourself.

I've done something a little similar in my 5 days of self care, but this one is focusing more on how to kind everyday as kindness radiates love!


1. Pay for a strangers meal. I've never had this happen to me, but I've heard of so many people having their drinks paid for in the drive-thru line at Starbucks. I want to do this!! Giving to a stranger, anonymously is pure kindness!

2. Write a letter. Snail mail is honestly the best way to put a smile on anyones face! I am my grandma's pen-pal and it makes me so happy knowing how it makes her day!

3. Visit a community garden. With spring arriving, this one seemed perfect. In San Diego there is a flower field I love going to! If you live in a city than this is something you probably already get to explore because of all the parks, or museums you can visit. I love this option because it is a simple way to enjoy your surroundings while slowing down!

4. Dress fancy. A little way to give yourself some love putting a little effort into your appearance. For myself personally it is to dress fancy for a night outing. For others it could be getting a pedicure, new haircut, buying a new necklace, or keeping your brows in perfect shape.

5. Compliment someone. This is an easy way to express some love. Find a quality in someone you admire and speak it. All year round, try to always find the good in people.


  1. I LOVE all these tips. And yes, kindness makes all the difference. It's really those acts that we treasure for a lifetime! What a wonderful reminder!! xo


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