ollege life is so different than I imagined, yet in the best possible way ever! It's kept me super busy, and my free time is used for studying and social hangouts. It's been a challenge creating content on the blog without it all being a much of advice/tip column type posts. Living in my dorm, with one roommate has made it hard to shoot, and the natural light is nothing like my room at home. I absolutely love blogging, it's a way I document my life happenings and thoughts. It's such a special place for me to be creative, yet reserve all my memories. Therefore running a blog while attending at University isn't easy, and honestly if it wasn't for the magic of prescheduling before I moved in, I probably wouldn't have this post up today!

All of these things at college have changed the process of how I create, and schedule my blog posts, so I've had to begin brainstorming, and set up a new routine, because my prescheduled posts are all out lol. Plus in the process of learning I've gathered a few tips I thought I'd share with you!

1. Ditch the pressure. 
Don't let this unwanted pressure of having to keep up with everything stop you from blogging all together. If you can't post as often as you normally did don't stress. I've allowed myself to ditch this pressure in order to continue love blogging.

2. Change the focus. 
Oh boy has this one been difficult, yet so needed at the same time! I've sure you'll be noticing how here pretty soon how much my blog has shifted gears and turned into a college girls blog, rather than a pure lifestyle blog full of recipes and beauty, because my prescheduled posts are running! But that's okay because as I continue to grow and change the older I become so will my blog. I want my blog to display the life and adventures I experience at that exact moment.

3. Be personal. 
I'm already pretty personal here on the blog, but I believe this to be so true as I'm slowly transitioning into my college experience. I hope to always show the good (& bad) with my feelings on how I develop here at Vanguard.

4. Share your growth. 
I'm learning so much about who I am, what I can handle, and what I dislike while I'm figuring out life on my own, since I moved out of my parents home. My tip to all college gals is to find a way to truly show your growth through a certain type of posts. On my blog I love sharing monthly goals, or life lately series which are able to show where I'm at in life!



march started off as a great month because of my birthday, but then I caught the flu virus and it all went down hill from there. I had to miss my choir tour, so bummed out! I'm so tired of laying in bed, yet I have no energy to do otherwise. So, I'm catching up on my blog game. Here are a few goals I hope to complete before April.

1. Take photos of my dorm | I have been waiting for the perfect moment, and now I see there isn't going to be one. My first year is almost over and I still haven't shared it on the blog!

2. Slowly move out of my dorm | Sensing a pattern? In May, I officially move out and it is going to be a lot of work. After I take those photos lots of items can be used here in room at my parents house.

3. Plan out blog content | My ideas seem so dry. Maybe once I'm fully 100% better from being sick, I'll be inspired somehow.

4. Continue eating healthy | Ever since my birthday I've splurged here and there and it needs to come to an end. Back to smoothies, whole foods, and no sugar.

5. Go to the gym | I don't know when I'll be able to start this back up because of my cough, but I was kickin' butt. I can't wait to start caring for my body again.



iving in a dorm has been so different than I imagined. I've been able to make it feel like home in my own way. I bought all new bedding, decor pieces, and yet kept the same color palette as my room back at my parents house. After a couple of months I can finally say that I do love my dorm room. I came in with everything being complicated and difficult, but my new roommate has been wonderful.

I grew up my own life with my own bedroom, and I loved my down time even at the age of four! So it's only natural that when I visit home for the weekend my bedroom upstairs is my absolute retreat to escape everything! Not because I feel the need to escape my roommate or college in general, but to recharge and feel completely at home.

I thought I'd share some learned lessons from my experience of living at home, compared to that dorm lifestyle! As a freshman considering university life I truly questioned the dorm living and it's for the reasons below, yet it's been such a joy figuring out myself knowing that I can survive and do it! But...there are still things I miss lol.

1. Pants are optional. 
I know that sounds funny, but it's true! Privacy is a luxury! I miss the freedom of not caring what I looked like while resting in bed or studying at my desk. Thankfully my roommate is a sweetheart and it works out, but the comforts of home in my room aren't the same at college.

2. I enjoy my space. 
As I stated above, I love quiet time. I'm an introvert, and therefore need to be able to recharge on my own before social events or even classes. Having to share my bathroom, closet, and room with someone has been a change by trying to be very polite of their space. When I visit home on the weekends I look forward to Netflix on my tv, dimmed lights, Lily by my side, and time alone resting on my queen bed lol.

3. The tv is all mine. 
Little things like a tv is something I chose not to bring with me in my dorm and I miss it. There isn't any space for one anyways, but once again the sacrifices you make to be in dorms.

4. Sharing is caring. 
One tool I've learned is how to get along with others and share. Share space, and even personal items. I don't mind this at all, but just know if you're not the sharing type living with roommates may not be up your alley.

5. Compromise is key. 
Compromise is hard, but a true key to keeping peace. The areas I once thought would irritate me, doesn't at all, and then vice versa. Just remember to be that roommate you'd want to live with!




Uh, 21? How is it that I'm already into my twenties! I must admit birthday's are my favorite, and this one has already been so sweet. As you know, today is Monday, which means that I'm here at college away from home for the first time. So, over the weekend my mom made it extra special for me and surprised me with balloons, a birthday manner, and 21 gifts! I felt like a true Gilmore Girl (anyone get that)?

Tonight I have plans to go out with a group of friends and I can hardly wait! I have classes all day, so I'll be on countdown til 5pm once we all leave, haha! The classic 21 drink won't be happening for me, honestly because I doubt I'll like anything. I've tried a few sips here and there, and nothing compares to my lemonade! I'm saving my special glass in the summer when my best friend and I go to Shakespeare plays at a winery. I'm sure it'll be the perfect scenery and worth the wait!

Honestly, turning 21 seems crazy to me. Entering my early twenties just seems so far away, yet its happening. I usually become all sentimental the night before every birthday, but tonight (as I'm writing this) I feel only excitement. I'm looking forward to everything this year has to offer and teach me. I'm ready to embrace the change, and say oy with the poodles already. 

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