Uh, 21? How is it that I'm already into my twenties! I must admit birthday's are my favorite, and this one has already been so sweet. As you know, today is Monday, which means that I'm here at college away from home for the first time. So, over the weekend my mom made it extra special for me and surprised me with balloons, a birthday manner, and 21 gifts! I felt like a true Gilmore Girl (anyone get that)?

Tonight I have plans to go out with a group of friends and I can hardly wait! I have classes all day, so I'll be on countdown til 5pm once we all leave, haha! The classic 21 drink won't be happening for me, honestly because I doubt I'll like anything. I've tried a few sips here and there, and nothing compares to my lemonade! I'm saving my special glass in the summer when my best friend and I go to Shakespeare plays at a winery. I'm sure it'll be the perfect scenery and worth the wait!

Honestly, turning 21 seems crazy to me. Entering my early twenties just seems so far away, yet its happening. I usually become all sentimental the night before every birthday, but tonight (as I'm writing this) I feel only excitement. I'm looking forward to everything this year has to offer and teach me. I'm ready to embrace the change, and say oy with the poodles already. 


  1. Happy Happy Birthday! I hope that you find some sweet joy today even though your'e apart from family - plus it sounds like they really made up for it over the weekend!

  2. YAY! Happy Birthday!! 21 is so fun! You have all your twenties ahead of you! It honestly goes by so quickly so enjoy it! XOXO

  3. Happy, happy birthday! I hope that you had the most wonderful day ♥

  4. Happy Birthday!! Being 21 is so much fun! Have fun celebrating!


  5. Happy Birthday!!! I would tell you to try a fresh-made margarita... they're my fav! But lemonade is always a good drink too =)

  6. Happiest birthday to you! I hope this year brings you lots of joy and happiness. :)


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