3 Reasons Why I Keep A Travel Journal


ove traveling and probably cannot say that enough! I found this travel journal at Anthropology a few years ago, and it was so fun to fill out. I'll use it in a way to remember my favorite go-to places or bucket-list ventures. I've always been a huge advocate for putting thoughts to paper, so why not do so while exploring? You can become really creative and add photos or little souvenirs such as plane tickets, travel map, or receipts. It can become anything you desire, really. Here are three simple reasons why I try to always jot down a few things while traveling.

1. Collection of memories. // Traveling is when I'm most nostalgic. It is when I have the opportunities to try new things and dare to venture out of my comfort zone. I love looking back and reading all the special times I had in different environments.

2. Tool of self discovery. // Experiencing new cultures is so eye opening. I always like to see which ones I could call home. Writing down my loves and dislikes wherever I travel allows me to learn more about myself.

3. Sparks creativity. // Keeping a bucket list is so fun for me mostly, because it is full of my dream travel destinations. Well, this is the place where I keep such dreams of mine!

Autumn Intentions


utumn is my favorite season, and it makes me feel so happy. It is the one season where I allow myself to rest. To feel grounded, and focus on the little areas of my life. It is also the time where I have a lot to prepare for...teachers to shadow, graduate school to apply for, and study for my CBEST test. Yet, the days seem to already be getting shorter, as the sun goes down around 7pm instead of 8:30pm. And come a few more weeks it will be sunset around 5pm. This makes my days go by quicker, leaving me without much time to be productive, because my brain shuts off at night.

So, since this is my favorite time of the year, I am needing to view it in a different way than I have before. I'm all for those caramel apples, chunky knit sweaters, and pumpkin candles, but I need to concentrate on more than just what Starbucks offers for Autumn. Here are seven ways I'm hoping to treat my fall season.

1. Have a spa day. // Perhaps I need to write up a post soon about my struggle of self care, but it is something that I've been working on. I need to take care of my body in a positive way. What better way than to treat myself to a pumpkin facial and manicure?!

2. Read one book for pleasure. // I cannot tell you much reading I have to do on the daily, because I am an English major. A heavy based literature course is not my favorite, as it takes the joy out of reading. I find myself reading for answers, important sentences to highlight, and thesis concepts. So, I want to find one novel to get lost in. Any recommendations?

3. Budget wisely. // This is the time I want to go crazy on everything fall appropriate, but I have so many goals I need to stay on track for.

4. Tackle one autumn inspired bucket list. // I'm not sure where or what yet, but I want to have an afternoon that screams fall. If it's a photoshoot, movies at night, or bake pumpkin bread than so be it!

5. Be more kind to my body. // The weather is slowly getting more crisp in the mornings, and I need to take that as a sign to go walking. For a while it became my source for every emotion, and it would be wonderful to get back in that familiar routine.

6. Just chill. // With everything going on, I want to take some time and just chill. It is okay to have those nights when all I do is watch Netflix and don't do laundry. Just enjoy some quiet moments.

7. Blog more often. // We all have those up and down moments with our blogs, I think, and it's rough. I am on the verge of literally having no content ideas. Anyone want to help a girl out? Anyways, I want to use this season and space to be intentional. I am not going to post just to "post." Yet, at the same time I really want to be creative!!
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