Best Of 2018


his year has gone by so fast! 2017 has created a lot of change, challenges, and growth (I'll touch more on this later). I only hit the publish button 55 times this year, but I am thankful for the content I have to look back on. I had so many fun times this year such as, going to Taylor Swift's stadium tour with my sister, tried squid for the first time (a.k.a. my most adventurous food), finished the whole series of Friends, and explored over five beaches in Orange County.

Okay, here was some top posts of 2018 from the blog!!!

This year my travels were all within California! I've mentioned this before, but nothing compares to exploring new places. It is then when my creative energy just flows.

Since sophomore year of high school, I've traveled to a new state every year (I have one planned for May 2019, eek). But, focusing on Southern California has been the best. Not only did I have the opportunity to visit my hometown in Santa Barbara County, but through living in the dorms at University in Orange County I practically memorized those backroads and local beach spots!

This year I have gained so much appreciate and love for California. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy to be worth seeing and taking photos to be considered Instagram worthy.

My outfits this year were some of my favorites. My style has really evolved in the way of how comfort and colors have really been my reasons for purchasing such pieces. I have discovered a new brand that I love, Lucky Brand. I have over seven tops from that brand. Working in retail has really given me an eye for not only this brand, but for ideas that I haven't worn since high school, like long cardigans or side tied tops. 

For 2019, I have a lot to learn and go through. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's and hopefully entering a program for my credentials and Master's. This new year will be all about change, something I'm not a fan of, but willing to embrace for hope.

For the blog, I hope to be consistent. I've been discouraged these last few months, because my ideas are few. But, I love writing and sharing my experiences, so I'm not going anywhere. Just going to only be posting on things that I can be proud of.

Thank you for all the love this year, I have gained so many new followers, received such sweet comments on my posts, and truly made some great friends! xoxo.

Mission Inn + 12 Things


1. My mom treated my sister and I to a mini stay at the Mission Inn Hotel. It was the perfect way to begin the holiday spirit.

2. This gray cardigan is my newest piece for the winter. It is so long on me, but I really love the fit.

3. Seriously craving this chocolate cake I ate at the garden restaurant, because it was a chocolate lovers dream.

4. Vlogmas is just the best time of the year for a YouTube follower. I Covet Thee is just killing it this year.

5. Did you hear that Friends was suppose to be taken off Netflix come the first of the year? My sister and I were so sad. But, apparently Netflix took it back. Our Holiday Armadillo has saved us, haha.

6. I packed two scarfs for this trip, and it made me feel like I was in high school again. They were my go-to staple in the winter, but it's been years since I've pulled them out to wear. Let's just say, I am officially obsessed now.

7. My Christmas tree has a theme, Paris! All my ornaments are Eiffel towers, coffee, crowns, or really anything that screams France. I found a store that had an entire tree filled with ornaments with my theme. I bought like five, because they were so unique! 

8. I desperately wish I could drink coffee and never have a migraine. Oh well, I suppose Coffee Bean's hot chocolate will have to do. 

9. Two weeks left of this fall semester and I can't wait for it to end. 

10. Our friends joined us on this getaway, and I was re-introduced to the board game Clue. I want to buy it now, haha. 

11. Right now I'm putting together a roundup of the best blog posts of 2018. I'm loving the way it's turning out. 

12. The Mission Inn was such a special time. Time away to relax and be with my people was so needed. 

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