How To Drink More Water


rinking water is so difficult for me. If I don't make a large ice water in the morning, I find myself without any sips at 2pm in the day. I've always preferred a cup of soda or juice, so that doesn't help either. So, I've had to really figure out how to help myself in this department.

I always know when I do horrible with my water in-take, because I will have migraines.
But as soon as I began to remind myself to drink water, the headaches and low level of energy left immediately. I felt refreshed, and able to concentrate on my homework and new environment. So since this is a goal of mine to keep track of, I thought i'd share a few tips on how you too can drink more water!

1. Pick up a cute water bottle: 
This helps me drink water! A cute water bottle, makes me want to bring it everywhere with me. It's also easier than a bottled water, because I find they usually don't stay cold for very long, then they sweat and my notebooks get damp inside my backpack. I would recommend finding one that has stainless steal inside the cup, because my few ice cubes will last longer than 24's the best thing ever!

2. Substitute water for one meal: 
I love this method! For dinner I've been substituting my teas for a glass of water. I find this helps with the way I feel after dinner so late at night, not being so full and heavy.

3. Set a goal: 
For myself my goal is to drink up to five water bottles a day! In the morning I should easily have one bottle, one with lunch, and a few glasses with dinner!

4. Make it a routine: 
It's hard to remember and it takes time to constantly refill my hydro during the day. But, keeping it apart of my morning routine has helped.

5. Use an app tracker: 
Okay so now that you know your goal, and have started a routine it's always helpful to have a reminder throughout the busy parts of the day. I have this app and it alerts me in the morning and afternoon to drink water! I love this because my busy days at work, I need to be aware of consuming water. Check out this app here. 

My Orange County Address Book


hen I was attending Vanguard University last year, I had the best time exploring Orange County. There is SO much to do, and everything is so close by. Seriously, I could add so much more in my address book, so a small list is below linked with their website, or my Instagram photo from my visit.

I pulled quite a few places that cater to all cities in OC, such as Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach! Orange County has so many trendy coffee houses, healthy restaurants, large shopping malls with expensive brands, and gorgeous beaches. It has to be said that my favorite beach is Newport, I just felt so at peace there.

You've probably seen a few of my past blog posts when I traveled certain areas, and I had to include them all together. This isn't a very extensive guide, but their my perfect keepsakes for when I travel to OC at any time. Do you have any favorite hangouts in the OC area? Share below, I love exploring new spots.

Milk & Honey


This place has the best mango iced tea! Like seriously, I wish this spot was in my hometown. Plus, it's absolutely adorable from out front. The only thing to watch out for is limited seating, and barely any parking. But, of course it depends on the time of the day in Orange County that makes those things a problem!


Okay, I love this place so much! They have a cute coffee shop and many one of a kind shops. Because this is in Newport Beach, the shops tends to be on the pricey side, but it's still fun. There are also restaurants here too, which overlook the harbor!  I did a photoshoot here with my girlfriends, and it was the perfect mix of trendy meets classy with all the white and black strips everywhere. 


Heisler Park

Heisler Park is the perfect place to relax for the afternoon, or to catch a sunset. It was on my bucket-list, because of the beautiful cliffs, and they did not disappoint. But, I must warn you that on the weekend you'll be circling around the block (many times) for parking. I guess I should just state now that it is a part of the OC culture. Oh, and there are tons of benches and grass areas to enjoy the view from above, without being on the sand.

375 Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach 

Sidecar Donuts & Coffee 

If you want to find a unique flavored donut, than this is your place!! Inside is so Instagram worthy, (i.e. my photo) which is why I visited, haha. That's something I love about Orange County. They offer so many local businesses to support, one's you cannot find anywhere else. They also have great coffee and black iced tea! 

Pacific City 

Pacific city in Huntington Beach is seriously my favorite place in OC. All of my favorite stores such as Free People, Irene's Story, & Francesca's. Plus, a Lemonade restaurant is there. I did a photoshoot here with some friends, and it was so easy. Parking wasn't a hassle, but a tip from me to you is to park on the neighborhood streets, because the parking garage charges by the minutes (I had to learn the hard way).

21010 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach


If you want something sweet and refreshing, go to Popbar! It's inside The Lab, which is also a great place to do some shopping. It's a very unique outside mall, as you can find some trendy LA inspired art walls, and thrift stores.

Oh, and this place is right across the street from Milk and Honey! I wish I could back right now to make this summer heat bearable, haha!

2930 Bristol St, Costa Mesa

Goodbye Summer


ello everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I can't believe I'm here sharing a style inspired post. I have only been creating lifestyle content lately, so an outfit post seems like something to celebrate. I found this top at Lucky Brand (a recent favorite brand), and I love the patterned detail. Plus, my jeans feel very 70's, anyone else with me? This outfit has been very's put together yet simplistic. Well, I guess all of my outfits are east to recreate, but days where I can look this nice seems rare. 

I haven't said anything on the blog about it yet, but I recently started working in retail. I love it. It's a lot of work, keeps me busy, but it's been a great change. When I came home from Vanguard the summertime relaxation was so needed. But, I can only take lounging around for a short period of time, before I begin to feel lazy. Granted, I completed six units of college courses this summer, but it's online and easy for me to finish whenever. 

So, here I am officially saying goodbye to summer! I'm back to using my day planner and it's packed with so many work and study days. I am on week two of having 9 units in only 8 weeks, and working over 30+hours with my retail job, and being a nanny for two little girls. I am so grateful for all that I have on my plate. I was always on-the-go at college, so it's nice to be back in a rhythm. Plus, now that summer is slowly leaving us...fall is around the corner! 

7 Things No One Tells You About Being A Lifestyle Blogger


logging in many cases has been my world. It has sparked a creative side in me since the moment I heard of the concept and built my own website. It hasn't been an effortless path, though, as I had to teach myself everything. Not too many fellow bloggers were selling templates and ebooks full of advice back in 2011. It truly has become a different blogging world as off three years ago, I think.

Even more than that, I believe the lifestyle blogger is more rare yet appreciated, as so many fashion bloggers seem to run the world now. So, I thought I'd share a few things no one may assume about a lifestyle blogger. I absolutely love it, and wouldn't change it for anything. Many of these things written below have helped me actually! But, of course a few represent the misleading beauty of it all.

If I'm missing anything, share below!! 

1. // You will start buying food based on your location.
Yep, this one is true! If you find the perfect colored backdrop I bet your ice cream cone will no longer be chocolate, but a fun bright color, haha.

2. // Natural light will matter more than anything.
This. Is. Everything. It truly is amazing how this will change my inspiration for a good quality shoot either in my room or around my neighborhood for outfit photos.

3. // More brands will appear on your wishlist.
One thing I struggle with blogging is the amount of products and new items everyone seems to be buying. Of course, this isn't true for everyone. But, it's the little things us lifestyle bloggers need for props or a haul review type of post!

4. // Social media becomes your brand.
Social media has come a long way since I started my blog. In fact, it just took off my very first year. I'll never forget the day I cared about keeping a theme or aesthetic for my feed. For me, however, it's not so much about the image of similar photography, but a display of who I am, along with everything you'll see on my blog.

5. // You are going to find out who your true friends are.
Blogging isn't for everyone, and even though it's popular that doesn't mean people understand if for an everyday lifestyle. I learned very quickly who I could count on to take my outfit photos, or even wait patiently to eat our hot food only for me to Instagram the spread on the table.

6. // Traveling will be seen in a different light.
This one definitely changed for me. Both trips to Hawaii (within one year apart, Maui & Oahu) were both treated so differently. With photography, where I wanted to eat, to what I chose to pack all changed. It's very interesting how I now have this tourist-meets-Instagram-worthy outlook while exploring new places.

7. // You will be vulnerable most of the time.
Oh my! This is obviously different for everyone, but part of being a lifestyle blogger is wearing your heart on your sleeve. Being relatable and honest is something I strive for in every post, but don't think for a minute I don't think about certain people who might be reading!
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