How To Drink More Water


rinking water is so difficult for me. If I don't make a large ice water in the morning, I find myself without any sips at 2pm in the day. I've always preferred a cup of soda or juice, so that doesn't help either. So, I've had to really figure out how to help myself in this department.

I always know when I do horrible with my water in-take, because I will have migraines.
But as soon as I began to remind myself to drink water, the headaches and low level of energy left immediately. I felt refreshed, and able to concentrate on my homework and new environment. So since this is a goal of mine to keep track of, I thought i'd share a few tips on how you too can drink more water!

1. Pick up a cute water bottle: 
This helps me drink water! A cute water bottle, makes me want to bring it everywhere with me. It's also easier than a bottled water, because I find they usually don't stay cold for very long, then they sweat and my notebooks get damp inside my backpack. I would recommend finding one that has stainless steal inside the cup, because my few ice cubes will last longer than 24's the best thing ever!

2. Substitute water for one meal: 
I love this method! For dinner I've been substituting my teas for a glass of water. I find this helps with the way I feel after dinner so late at night, not being so full and heavy.

3. Set a goal: 
For myself my goal is to drink up to five water bottles a day! In the morning I should easily have one bottle, one with lunch, and a few glasses with dinner!

4. Make it a routine: 
It's hard to remember and it takes time to constantly refill my hydro during the day. But, keeping it apart of my morning routine has helped.

5. Use an app tracker: 
Okay so now that you know your goal, and have started a routine it's always helpful to have a reminder throughout the busy parts of the day. I have this app and it alerts me in the morning and afternoon to drink water! I love this because my busy days at work, I need to be aware of consuming water. Check out this app here. 

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  1. Love these tips! And what a cute colored hydro-flask. They are amazing at keeping water cold and warm. In winter I add hot water and a tea in mine. Loved this post!!
    Simply Me


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