5 Ways I Want To Switch Up My Style


ately, my style has changed. Of course, looking back in my archives one could argue that it hasn't, but I've been noticing trends and certain pieces in a different light. I've been finding a love for shoes and handbags, as it really adds so much. With a new year comes health changes, money challenges, and new ways I wish to switch up my style choices. Here are just a few...

1. // Wear earrings. 
Statement earrings seem to be the new trend, thanks to Instagram. I have always worn gold hoops, but even that is something I never remember to put on. Well, I found some turtle shell patterned earrings at Charming Charlie's during their sale for the new year for only $5. I figured who cares if they aren't my thing for that price, but turns out I'm in love. When my hair is curled adding earrings has been a fun way to dress up my outfits.

2. // Put together a graphic tee collection.
I am not a t-shirt type of girl. I would much rather wear a dress or a lace top with boyfriend jeans. But, over the fall time I found one on Pinterest (see my shoot here) and I've been inspired ever since.

3. // Sport some converse.
Converse are my go-to in the winter time, because it is not cold enough in Cali for boots. I own white ones, but I would love a black pair as well.

4. // Bring back the leather.
Leather jackets were totally me in high school. I miss them so much. A brown one would be fun to have again.

5. // Have a certain decade influence my pieces.
I really love the 60's-70's fashion choices. Mostly, I see it with the bold colors like yellow. And my favorite are the flare jeans. I would love to find a pair that has detail on the sides.

My 2019 Resolutions


aking lists is just what I do. So, naturally this time is just perfect to do so. I take my new year resolutions very seriously, as they shape the essence of my mindset and actions for the whole year. I honestly, have no idea what this year will hold for me. I am graduating in May with a Bachelor's in English, and hopefully begin my credential program for teaching. There are a lot of unknowns in this chapter of life for me. In a way it's scary. I am so use to having a plan for a total of four years like high school and even college. So, I'm gonna try to kick back and enjoy the new adventures and challenges that come my way, because my plans can only go so far.

Instead of focusing on the whole picture of what this year may bring...I am going to remain present on a few new habits or goals that I can have control over. Do you have any new year's resolutions? 

1. Read 5 Books. 
I said something like this similar last year, and fell short of that number! Of course, I reach this just by being an English major, but I'm talking about novels that are for pure enjoyment. I already purchased two books for self discovery that I cannot wait to read.

2. Have 60 Days of no Sugar.
I challenged myself this year to 30 days free of no sugar, and I completed it! I actually did it for 45 days straight. I started January 1st, and ended it all on Valentines Day. But, this year I want to double the challenge and do 60 days of no sugar. Crossing my fingers for this one.

3. Practice More Self Care. 
2018 was my year of tackling my fears and crossing over my comfort zones. But, one of the most important things I worked on was self care. My definition of it was hindering my growth, so this year I want to try my best to intergrade this new philosophy of mine. It is less about me-time, more about taking care of my body. Get a facial, go for a pani/medi, workout, ditch sugar, read more often, write about my feelings, and rely on my faith!

4. Get a Handle on my Anxiety. 
Hopefully this is will get easier and I won't be so fearful of everything.

5. Explore New Places. 
I have one exciting trip planned this year, but I hope that through planning it all I will be inspired to not stop there. I still would love to go to Victoria beach in Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach library, spa day in Palm Springs, and Communal Coffee in San Diego.

Every year I give myself a word to live by. Some years I need more motivation, peace, or happiness. Looking back it is one that reflects the season I was once in.

Well, for 2019 my word is grace. This word has already carried me in many ways. For the new year I want this word to represent a new season of myself. One that is able to grow and learn in grace.

My hope is that I will learn how to give myself more grace when my expectations are high or things don't work out the way I planned. That I will rely on God's grace. And that I will be able to extend grace to others.

"Through all that bends and breaks, you are still wrapped up in grace." - MHN.

Taking Time To Reflect: Little Lessons Of 2018


he New Year is here and I always become nostalgic. I've never opened up here on the blog when it comes to reflecting my year, I tend to just share new year resolutions. But, 2018 was my year for so much self development. It was hard, but I learned some valuable lessons about myself. Here are just a few...

It's okay to say no. // Sometimes it's okay to say no, to say yes to yourself.

Self care is less about relaxing, more maintaining. // Ahh, this one is such an important realization. I wrote a post all about it if you want to know more about what this statement means to me!

Exercise can genuinely be a form of therapy for me. // Health and exercise really had to be priority this year. I've learned a lot of skills and great habits, but nothing felt better than hitting the gym or talking a walk around my neighborhood.

I really enjoy podcasts. // This year I found some great podcasts to listen to, and it has made working out so much easier. I love music, but learning about different stories or perspectives.

The beach can be soothing for me. // If someone was to ask me anything about the beach, my immediate answer would be I'm not a fan. Okay, sure my room is beach inspired, and I practically grew up on the sand. But, after living in Orange County for a while and only being two miles from Newport Beach, I saw the beach in a whole new way. During the day or the summer, no thanks. But, sitting on a towel in my sweatshirt, watching the sunset is what I've learned to love.

You need to be kinder to yourself. // The hardest thing I learned this year was realizing that I am way too hard on myself.

Best Of 2018


his year has gone by so fast! 2017 has created a lot of change, challenges, and growth (I'll touch more on this later). I only hit the publish button 55 times this year, but I am thankful for the content I have to look back on. I had so many fun times this year such as, going to Taylor Swift's stadium tour with my sister, tried squid for the first time (a.k.a. my most adventurous food), finished the whole series of Friends, and explored over five beaches in Orange County.

Okay, here was some top posts of 2018 from the blog!!!

This year my travels were all within California! I've mentioned this before, but nothing compares to exploring new places. It is then when my creative energy just flows.

Since sophomore year of high school, I've traveled to a new state every year (I have one planned for May 2019, eek). But, focusing on Southern California has been the best. Not only did I have the opportunity to visit my hometown in Santa Barbara County, but through living in the dorms at University in Orange County I practically memorized those backroads and local beach spots!

This year I have gained so much appreciate and love for California. It doesn't have to be anywhere fancy to be worth seeing and taking photos to be considered Instagram worthy.

My outfits this year were some of my favorites. My style has really evolved in the way of how comfort and colors have really been my reasons for purchasing such pieces. I have discovered a new brand that I love, Lucky Brand. I have over seven tops from that brand. Working in retail has really given me an eye for not only this brand, but for ideas that I haven't worn since high school, like long cardigans or side tied tops. 

For 2019, I have a lot to learn and go through. I will be graduating with my Bachelor's and hopefully entering a program for my credentials and Master's. This new year will be all about change, something I'm not a fan of, but willing to embrace for hope.

For the blog, I hope to be consistent. I've been discouraged these last few months, because my ideas are few. But, I love writing and sharing my experiences, so I'm not going anywhere. Just going to only be posting on things that I can be proud of.

Thank you for all the love this year, I have gained so many new followers, received such sweet comments on my posts, and truly made some great friends! xoxo.
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