A Makeup Find | Cream Eyeshadows


very time I go to Carlsbad my makeup collection grows, haha. The outlets have a BareMinerals shop with great deals, so swiping my credit card is easy to do! This summer I have enjoyed the simplicity of cream eyeshadows. I feel like I don't have to worry about darkening my crease line. I just put the cream eyeshadow all over my lid and it's good to good!

Do you have any favorite go-to cream eyeshadows? I would love to add more into my makeup routine! A neutral color palette makes everything look so flawless. Light browns just seem to compliment my skin tone.

My detail shader brush works perfectly to apply a creamy texture (instead of using your finger to dab it on). Many don't use brushes for application, but I find it helps everything look more smooth.

Life Lately


appy Friday! I hope you are all doing well. I have been loving my blog as of late. Documenting my thoughts has always felt right. My summer has been a great one. When I came home from college I was mainly focused on unpacking and resting. I binged the entire season of Parenthood (I loved it so much), traveled to Ventura with my family, bought a desk for my room, and enjoyed shopping trips with my friend Emily. Now, I'm back in school mode and busy with homework deadlines, which I don't miss at all (okay, kinda not true but it's July).

Anyways, so much has been going on and I've been terrible about posting photos or even mentioning it all here on the blog and my Instagram. So, I thought I would break it up and share a few topics that have been a part of my life lately (see what I did there, ;).

Health // It's been 3 weeks after this weekend since I began eating healthy and walking. So far I lost 4 lbs. in the first week (I haven't weighed since). I'm so proud of the achievements I've made in such a little time frame. I joined the gym, something I had so much fear over. I can't exactly pin the anxiety over walking into the gym, but it's getting easier every time. Maybe I'll write up it's own post sometime soon about that, because I already have a lot to say (just not today, haha).

My Room // As you can see in the photo below, I bought a desk. I absolutely love it, and I'm really trying to plan out how I'm going to blog an official tour of it. My bookshelf is also super organized, which makes me so happy. When I came home this summer, my foiled windows were replaced by actual blinds (score!). It makes my room lighter, but natural light is my favorite so I don't mind.

College Courses // Well, I started two courses this summer that are going to last 8 weeks. I just finished week 2, so 6 more to go! One is an English course, which has so much reading involved. Everything is online and I have to say how happy I am with my professors. It's crazy to think that after I graduate, I will have completed more units online, than inside actual classrooms. But, it works for me and working at my own pace is wonderful. Oh, and did I mention is ended up being the least expensive option for me to complete my degree? Yes, I believe that makes it all worth it! :)

Looking Forward To // I cannot wait until July 20th, because Mama Mia 2 comes out!! Oh, and I still haven't seen Incredibles 2, is it worth seeing?

Finding Inspiration // Changing my lifestyle patterns and bad habits is tricky. I still have hard days, and times when I think 4lbs. isn't putting a dent into anything. I have found that the key is to change my social media feed to fit my new lifestyle, so I won't be tempted of the old one. I've been pinning more healthy recipes on Pinterest, and following girls on Instagram who talk about their weight loss journey through sharing their workouts, smoothie bowls, and daily tips. I cannot tell you how much this motivates me to stay on track!

What have you been up to lately? 

San Buenaventura Mission


kay, I promise this is the last of my vacation photos! It was such a relaxing week, and I am desperately wishing I could rewind time and go back. I started my two summer courses for college this week and it's kinda torture (not really, I'm dramatic). So, looking back on these photographs it makes me extra nostalgic to have those deadline free summer days back! 

Anyways, my visit to San Buenaventura Mission was my favorite part of my trip. My dad was so kind and patient to do a little photoshoot for me! Favorite photos ever, probably of this entire year! I found out there are 21 mission in the state of California, and I was very excited to make this one my second. I now want to visit them all, starting with San Juan Capistrano (it's only an hour away from me). I just love how every state has a natural piece of history waiting to be explored, and I think I've found California's! 

A California Bucket List For Summer


ummer is the perfect time for me to clear my head and be refreshed before the college semester (even though my courses begin in July, uhh). I have to be honest and say that summer isn't my favorite season, as Southern California is pretty much summer all year round, haha, which is probably why I feel that way. Yet, there are a few things that make this time very special and exciting. I always look forward to family vacations, 4th of July, and time to binge on Netflix.

I just got back from a week long vacay with my family up in Santa Barbara, so a few things below have already been done (oops), but I still added it anyways. What's left on your list?

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