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elf care has honestly become such a trendy word. So much so, I believe it has lost it's meaning and purpose all together. Yet, lately in my life it has been such an important one for me to recognize and practice. I am not talking about a spa day, watching a special movie, or spending time with my girlfriends. No, that would fall under "me-time." I'm talking about self care. Things that I must do for myself, even when it's difficult.

One way I can do this for myself is by saying the word no. I am sure you know what it's like to have too much piled up in your weekly schedule. It is exhausting. Sometimes it is nice to busy, constantly on the go. That way I don't have to focus on myself. But after a while, nothing is more desired than saying the word no.

I struggle with this concept, because saying no has always meant a lack of productivity. And as a three on the Enneagram test (the achiever), it is how I gain acceptance.

But, I am slowly learning how unhealthy it is to constantly worry about my list of achievements. Every season is a reflection of something new, such as growth, rest, or creation. Well, mine right now is a mixture of all three. In order to not lose myself in this process, an understanding of true self care is needed more than ever. After all, how can I be accepted by others if I haven't taken the time to truly accept myself?

You see, saying no means saying yes to myself.

Saying yes to myself more often means listening to my body and mental health, as that is the essence of self care. Indulge in self care in such a way that it creates personal growth in a more powerful and deeper way, than what any bubble bath could do.

 p.s. this is my 500th post published on the blog! Thank you for your support all these years by reading A Beautiful Heart. 

My Holy Grail Makeup Palettes


akeup is truly my favorite thing to purchase. Now, I don't wear anything but mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, so my wishlist or knowledge on other products are slim. I've never been one to use foundation or even lipstick for that matter. So, my eyeshadow palette collection has grown immensely over the years. When I was thirteen, first wearing makeup, I only purchased single powdered eyeshadow from BareMinerals. Then I discovered the beauty of palettes. I love how easy they are to use, plus travel with.

For today's post, I thought it would be fun to introduce my collection through the perfect palette tag!

Favorite "Naked" palette?
Naked2 has some beautiful glitter shadows. I love that it has a wide range of neutrals and pinks! 

Best packaging
The very first Naked palette is so beautiful with it's velvet packaging!

Best color names
The Naked Smokey palette has a few fun names, like whisky, high, & dirty-sweet.

Most versatile
BareMinerals is the brand I go-to the most for a classy eye look. This palette is a dream and the large mirror is like any other.

Least used
I was so excited over the Naked Heat palette, but once I tried to play around with it, the colors are very pigmented. I feel very intimidated while using these colors.

Biggest regret
Honestly, I don't have one! Sorry.

Best for traveling
Mac has always been on my list, and I just purchased my first palette from this brand! I love it so much. It's small, best for travel, and has 9 different colors. The pigment is beautiful.

Most used
BareMinerals has beautiful compact palettes, and this one was a favorite for a long time. I've even hit pan!

Wishlist palette 
Ahh, I just saw this new palette on Urban Decay's site! Isn't this gorgeous? I love those rich pinks! The name for the palette is perfect, cherry!

Notes To My Younger Self


his little type of post is one I've seen going around, and I couldn't help thinking about all the things I could tell my younger self. Hence, today's blog article. Looking back, I don't regret many things. They have made me who I am. But, of course there are always a few things I wish I would have known to save me the trouble or heartache. I couldn't really write myself an entire note, rather a few things I've since learned along the way. What type of things would say like to tell your younger self? 

1. // Just because someone pays attention to you, doesn't mean they genuinely care about you. Not everyone has great intentions. So, don't always wear your heart on your sleeve. Let the most important people discover who you are.

2. // Don't quit piano. I know voice was the priority, but nothing felt so right once you learned to play those jazz songs.

3. // Journal through the hard stuff. As easy as it is to let time pass in order to get through a rough patch, grab a pen and write. It's better to let go than to stuff it deep down inside.

4. // Give yourself permission to do nothing. You don't always have to have a resume filled with accomplishments. Learn to do nothing of significant importance, and rest in where you are.

5. // Quality over quantity, always. Remember that sunflower tank top from O'Neil that ripped after one wear? Stop spending money on such cheap quality only, because it is brand clothing.

6. // You were cuter than you once thought. Embrace who you are, because you cannot be anyone else, without staying true to yourself. So, stop worrying about size numbers. They don't mean anything when it comes to worth.

7. // Say yes more often. Don't let the opinions of others keep you from trying new things.

Life Lately


kay, so it's been a hot minute since I've put out a meaningful blog post (in my opinion). I haven't been absent, but I've been trying to not hit publish for quantity, only quality. So, to get the ball rolling I figured it was time for an update in my life happenings. October is over and that makes me so sad, because I've spent most of this month in bed. I came down with the hand-foot-virus and it has been dreadful. Sleeping, crying, watching Gilmore Girls, drinking lots of smoothies, and wishing to be well again has been my daily routine for three weeks now. I truly cannot believe how bad these sores broke out all over my body, hence the lack of photos of me anywhere!

Waiting for these sores to vanish is like watching paint dry. Ugh, being sick is the worst, however, I must admit it has been an eye-opener. It is amazing that the little things I take for granted, like being able to go to work, workout, and curl my hair, were things I use to complain about doing on the daily. Plus, I know I have it so easy compared to others, and my compassion level is now higher than before! Thankfully, I am on the mend and back to work!

Watching: I finished the entire season of Friends. I know I'm like a decade late, but this show is hilarious. Do you have a favorite character? Joey is mine. His "acting" voice is just the best. But, I have to admit I can't stand Monica. Her cleaning phobia drives me insane, and I could never be that competitive. I do love her and Chandler together so I guess it's all fine in the end, haha.

Drinking: I've recently discovered chocolate milk from Starbucks. Lame, I know. But, with whipped cream on top it's delicious.

Looking Forward To: Honestly, I am longing for a photoshoot like no other. This season is my favorite and the golden light with the autumn colors are calling my name.

Listening To: A new podcast I've been listening to is Pretty Basic. It's with two YouTubers I love, Alisha and Remi. It's super cute and I like hearing their more candid thoughts. Do you have a favorite podcast?

Favorite Fall Essential: A candle (I bet you saw that coming). I just bought cinnamon donut by Yankee, it's incredible.

Needing To: Be more organized. I am so tired of the clutter. Why is this so difficult to keep up with? I try and then weeks later things are back to the way they were.
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