ife is full of adventure, personal growth, laughter, new experiences, and connections, but most importantly transitions. We all come from different backgrounds and own a set of worldview from growing up. As a 20 year old girl who has just entered this University life here at Vanguard University of Southern California as a transfer junior, the life altering concept of transitions is something that's shaped my every being all within a matter of two weeks.

It's a special time to break free from the life I once knew, to explore new desires and passions. I have the opportunity to start fresh and say goodbye to the habits, friendships, and environment that challenged my faith with the Lord like no other. This new chapter in my life has been longed for ever since I placed my tassel on the left side of my graduation cap in high school.

Even with this rush of excitement to feel settled in, and be apart of this community on campus it comes with a flood of emotions as I'm trying to figure out who I am and all that I hope to gain through these next two years.

Our community is diverse and filled with hundreds of different backgrounds, and personal testimonies. It's easy to leave behind all we know, and come from growing up with our families. However, as wonderful as it is to begin with a clean slate, it's daunting.

Who am I suppose to trust? When should I feel comfortable letting lose? Will other's judge me? Am I enough? Am I lacking in self confidence? All of these questions are one's that silently screamed in the back of my mind before starting college, and I often wondered if such anxiety would peek through on the outside.

This transition hasn't been all that I expected, or even hoped in both good and bad situations. The friendships I've made have been a true comfort, but yet I've had to face obstacles I didn't know I would, especially at a Christian University.

As I have leaned on the Lord for comfort he has pointed me to a verse over and over again, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them" - Genesis 1:27.

So as I have dealt with identity questions about who I desire to be, I remember that my worth comes from Him.

I am a child of God, and he has fearfully and wonderfully made me. I can feel loved, accepted, and beautiful because of Him.

The Lord has been showing me so many things during this time of transition, and truly creating this type of transformation within me.

Transitions aren't easy, and it's interesting to see how much I craved it, especially when I cringe at the thought of change.

Yet, this new change for me will take time, and hopefully soon I'll be able to call Vanguard my home, rather than my college. 



ewport Beach was so incredible the other night, and I'm so happy I brought my camera to prove that! My best friend, Emily, came out to Vanguard for the weekend to spend time with me, and see my dorm! It was literally the most perfect girls weekend. Completely needed on my end. 

We decided on a quick and easy dinner to eat at the beach, and behold pizza came to our rescue. Don't ask how long it took for us to find it though, because my GPS gave me a few wrong turns. I am just so happy we didn't miss the sunset altogether, because it wasn't looking bright!! Haha. 

Newport Beach is honestly my favorite place in Orange County. On my fall bucket-list, I really wanted to watch a sunset, and this night the sky lite up with bold orange, and red colors. Couldn't have been more of a beautiful October night! 



t's October 3rd!!!! Thought today would be appropriate time I upload my monthly goals, in honor of Mean Girls Day, haha. My friends at college filled me in on the concept, and keep showing my video clips of their favorite scenes and I couldn't stop laughing. Any Mean Girl fans out there?

In all seriousness, fall it here and I couldn't be more happier. It's truly my favorite season. Fall scents, pumpkins, and all things gold glitter are all over my dorm, making it feel like my room back home! I have so many ideas to enjoy this season, relax, and be festive. So stay tuned for a fall bucket-list soon!

Septemer Goals...

1. Go Somewhere New By Myself | I will drive around, or pick up some take-out for dinner, but coffee shops, not yet.

2. Study Hard | YES!

3. Devotional Blog Post | I haven't done this yet...did you all know PicMonkey changed their 'free' subscription to a monthly service now? This is the reason for my absence.

4. Schedule 5 More Posts | I have around five posts ready to go, but missing photos!

5. Attend Chapel | Chapel credits are hard to earn when my week fills up so quickly. But I'm doing it, and I have around 13 out of 30 completed, so that's something.

October Goals....! 

1. Take Photos of my Dorm Room | My room is finally completed, and I love the set-up. It's time to give you a tour :)

2. Have My Friend Emily Out | This is already in motion, and I can't wait to show her around Costa Mesa and my university as she's never seen it! Talk about the ideal girls weekend.

3. Go to a Pumpkin Patch | I have always wanted to do this, mostly for the blog but also to be festive. I have the perfect go-to fall outfit this year, and I want to show it off.

4. Share a Playlist | I've always wanted to share a musical playlist, and perhaps this month I will! Let me know if you'd be interested.

5. Create a Twitter | I think I may be the very last person to ever create a twitter account, haha. But nevertheless, I think it'd be fun. Plus, I'm tired of being in the dark during conversations around campus, because it was on twitter. *face palm.



here do I begin? So many things have been happening in my life, and it's a bit overwhelming to even type out this post if I'm being honest. College here at Vanguard has brought many highs and lows, which results to me being acting like a crazy, off tack, and bumpy, roller coaster at times.

The question that pops up everywhere is how do you like Vanguard? Well...one day I love it, the next wishing I never came. It's hard starting over, learning a new city, and making friends. Yet, I'm loving the opportunity to explore, and learn more about myself.

Missing: Home cooked meals. I think this is a given for college students, but my hype for the cafe is now completely gone.

Loving: My classes are absolutely amazing. All of them are english classes, which focuses around discussion and it reminds me so much of my high school days! It's stretching my thinking skills, and sharpening the way the I analyze a text.

Listening To: Lots of Nick Jonas. I went to an Angels baseball game, and he provided a post game concert...truly the best!

Excited For: Fantasia! It's the concert choir's huge production for Christmas time, and the most elaborate event of the year for us!

Watching: Gilmore Girls for the third time through now...oh how I love that show! Just the theme song alone makes me happy.

Exploring: Many local coffee shops in Orange County. I've been to two so far that I love, so I hope you won't mind the overload of coffee shop type vibes coming your way this semester.

Busy With: My journalism course. Many interviews, news stories, and column pieces are due every week and it's keeping me on my toes. I love writing, and it's really the only class that showcases so much essay work, so I'm soaking it all in right now!