appy Sunday! I am really looking forward to this month as Spring is in full bloom, my college semester is more than half way done, and I couldn't be more excited to jump into summer. I love this time of year, and therefore all the content on the web is just so inspirational to me, so I thought I'd create a new series on the blog (we'll see if I keep it flowin' lol) all about my favorite reads on the different blogs I follow, podcasts I listen to, videos I watch, or the novel's I'm reading! 

Hope you enjoy, and show below some current read's you've been enjoying or saved to your feed! 

The YouTube Video: 
I just got done watching Estee Lalonde's video up on YouTube, that is apart of her spring trilogy series, and it's all about her spring wardrobe! I love Estee, I think her personality on camera, and cute sense of style is just too contagious. Can I cute my hair short and be a white blonde too? Haha. This video showed some great pieces, I loved all her coats and denim jackets she just picked up. So give it a watch if you're looking for some spring inspiration. 

The Blogger: 
Mara from M Loves M, is such a sweetheart + her blog is full of great content!! One recent post this week that I enjoyed reading, and challenging myself to pursue trying is her three tips to de-stress. It's a great reminder for myself, as this week in particular has been a little high for my normal stress levels, and this weekend you know I'm using these tips! 

The Podcast: 
One podcast that I listen to is 'The Lively Show' and she has some great content regarding motivation, travel, career, and even blogging. One podcast I listened to was episode #205 titled "How my travel approach & packing has changed." I thought this was such an interesting title, since I am going to be doing some traveling soon to see my bff. I loved hearing her packing tips and advice, so it's a great listen especially since summer is coming up and everyone has an itch to travel/road trips! 

The Novel: 
I'm finishing up Lauren Graham's latest novel (book club May pick, so stay tuned), but this weekend I'm hoping to also begin another novel that's been sitting on my shelf wayy too lonng. The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joana Gaines! My favorite HGTV couple + show...Fixer Upper. The book is suppose to be their story on how this whole thing began, and where they are now in the process of dealing with fame, and a huge successful business. So excited to dive in. Have you read the book? Thoughts? 



love the special 'me time' moments during my weekends, so it's about time I shared some of my favorite ways I am able to relax and wind down, along with some products I love to use. Since I will be leaving away for college soon, I'm trying to enjoy my own space as much as possible! Sharing a dorm room is going to be a whole new adjustment, so I figured now would be the best time to perfect my routine, and little concepts to add in my everyday. My personal moments are best spent when I incorporate some beauty products, so let's get started!

1. Coconut Milk Mango Perfume: 
I love this perfume that I bought from Anthropologie! Believe it or not, they actually have a candle with this same scent, but the great part is how soft and sweet smelling it is. It's not overwhelming, and it's the one perfume I can wear without receiving a headache, or allergy attack! I love how girly this perfume makes me feel.

2. The Body Shop Coconut Butter: 
One essential product for smooth skin, in whatever season is my coconut shay butter cream from the Body Shop. The packaging is so cute, and it's something I always keep on display because I grab for it all the time. It's my favorite for my legs, and hands because it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturized.

3. Essie Nail Polish: 
My go to brand is definitely Essie when speaking of nail polish because their range of colors is so vibrant and true to the name on the bottle. For this spring, and summer coming up I've been navigating towards 'Naughty Nautical' and 'In The Cabana'. Treating myself to a mani/pedi at home is a special treat especially while listening to music, or watching some Netflix. This moment is very relaxing for me, and I love doing this routine on a Sunday to being my new week.

4. K-Pack Hair Mask Treatment: 
My hair is thin, and very sensitive, especially since I went and colored my hair brown, back to blonde within one year. So the color is something my hair dresser tries to go lightly on. We take the process very slowly, only a few treatments at a time before I'll be back to my full blonde self! So to strengthen my hair during this time, she had me purchase a K-Pack which is a conditioner/vitamin treatment specifically for thin, brittle, and dry hair. I've been using it for other three months, and my hair dresser and I can tell such a huge difference in the length my hair is growing, and how much stronger it is now! Love this stuff so much.



ANGUARD UNIVERSITY!!! I am so excited to finally announce this news that I've been holding inside me for a while now. It's a college I've never mentioned here on the blog, because it was the last one I applied to, therefore making it the last to get accepted to. Back when I had ruled out most of my choices (read about that here), I realized the only one on my top list was Biola, but it had been four years since my first visit, therefore needed a backup plan in case that didn't follow through. Biola proved to be the wrong fit for me, as I had changed so much and realized it wasn't what I wanted in my college environment. The Lord shut that door, and opened another...Vanguard.

Vanguard is full of such community feel on campus, and that one big family concept that I just feel in love with. The girls I've already meet are so sweet, and kind. So I know I'll make great friends, and feel apart of the University very easily, which is something that I love considering I'll be coming in as a transfer student. It's a smaller college with 2,000 students, and I think that's what makes it all feel so welcoming, and comforting. The campus is beautiful with over two hundred palm trees (my fav), and lots of outdoor seating areas. Our mascot is a lion, and named Sampson, which is just too cute! The dorm rooms are awesome because they offer private bathrooms in each room, and walk in closets (only for upperclassman), all a bonus for Juniors! Ahh, I am just so excited, and thankful I have the opportunity to live on campus and enjoy the environment it has to offer.

I have narrowed down my major, which is English to become an elementary school teacher. I couldn't be more thrilled to spend two whole years absorbing the literature, discussions, and writing an english major offers me. I already have my itinerary transcript for my time there, and one class I'll need is a Shakespeare class...how cool is that? Perhaps in the future, I'll have to create a post on the perks of being an english major!

Another really exciting announcement to share is that I got accepted into THE CHOIR!! It has always been a dream of mine to participate in a college choir, and have the opportunity to learn more about music. I'm so glad because I will be able to move in a week earlier than the rest of campus, because I will be attending the music camp, which is four full days of auditioning, music theory classes, group activities, and bonfire at the beach with everyone to get connected. It's the week that determines which choir I will make, either the co-ed or women's chorus. It honestly doesn't matter to me which one I make, just the reality of being apart of the choir all together makes me jump for joy!

So, as of right now I have five months left at home before moving to Vanguard. I can't wait to begin the process of collecting everything I need for my dorm, especially the decor aspect. I will be posting a lot of updates in the future about my process, and I'm already brainstorming about the type of posts I wish to have during my time there, like an official Vanguard University tour post! I am just so excited to call Vanguard my home come fall 2017!!!



here's just something about keeping everything organized, or finding a place for it! I love spring cleaning, it's my itch to have everything in order for summer.

Leaving for college in the fall also made this year's organizing a lot more helpful and different. Some of these tips below really helped me in the process of getting rid of junk I no longer need, or creating the space I do need for the time being. My room feels so fresh, and makes me feel so calm now.

1. DESIGNATE CATCH-ALL AREAS: Having places to toss my keys, coins, iPhone, or rings when I get home makes my room a whole less messer. You can use a ceramic bowl for small items, or designate a drawer in your space to hide away some extra clutter.

2. MAKE THE BED: This is the easiest and fastest thing you can accomplish when you wake up! I literally have to make my bed everyday, if I wish to walk around one side of my room, otherwise it's pilled high with pillows!

3. CLEAR OUT EMAIL: Nothing bugs me more than spam email. It's not a physical space to sort through, but it's the little things that make us feel like our lives are actually put together. Just take 10 minutes going through your inbox, and unsubscribe from those companies you're tired of hearing from.

4. GO THROUGH MAGAZINES: I just got done doing this, and it created a lot more empty and free space! As cute as it may be, I don't need to hold onto Anthropologie's magazine that's no longer in season!

5. ORGANIZE CLOSET: This is the hard one! I just went through my shoes, clothes, and school papers. And, I did some laundry which helped too, haha! Just using storage bins, baskets, and even storage dividers helps create more space, and makes the space I have more functional.

6. THROW AWAY OLD MAKEUP: I actually create a post specifically about the issue of having too much makeup, and spending time de-cluttering! Check it out to help your process of throwing away makeup.

7. MAKE YOUR PURSE FUNCTIONAL: A messy, and unorganized purse is a huge pet peeve of mine. I literally get so frustrated while running errands and I cannot find my keys, or even a pack of gum because of all the receipts, gum wrappers, tissues, and crumbled up notes that practically fall out of my bag. So, I changed this problem by throwing away my junk, and by adding some tiny clear see-through bags to organize things more. This way I can pick up a bag, and see exactly what I need.