Lately my life has consisted of so many college decisions and opportunities. Researching and applying for scholarships are never ending. This month (as you saw, if you follow me on insta) I visited two prospective universities, and both experiences made my feelings clear. It's all a bit overwhelming, because there are so many aspects of each college, and my flood of questions to make this dream of mine happen. I will continue to keep you guys updated along the way, I love keeping these entries for the books.

This month my spring semester took off with three unexpected job opportunities, which consist of an office job a few hours a week, and tons of nanny positions. Making some side money is going to help my fall tuition a ton, so I'm so grateful these positions opened up. But, with that being said it keeps me super busy, which is something I tried to avoid with being a full time student. So it's keeping me on my toes, and I'll have to see how the heavy load impacts my week! With one month under my belt already, I think I'll be just fine *fingers crossed.

Down below today's post is a little Q&A form I put together, and basically it's a little place where you can jot down your questions for me regarding the blog, my life, or anything general, and my goal is to create a blog post answering each in full detail. Send me your questions, and I'll answer them!! (everyone will remain anonymous).

Listening To: I've been digging up some old fave country artists from my Jr. High years, so I'd say "Sooner or Later" by Michele Branch has been on repeat.

Looking Forward To: My 20th birthday in March. Can't believe I'm leaving my teen years, and entering my early twenties. I'm planning on blogging my special day, so keep an eye out.

Watching: 7th Heaven! It's a super old TV show, but it wasn't very age appropriate since I was under seven years old when they made it big. Already watched the first two seasons, and desperately wanting to buy some more. You must watch an episode for yourself. If your a fan, whose your favorite character? Mine is Ruthie, and Matt.

Reading: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. So far it's a great read, and I plan on doing a #bookclub post all about it. I'm a huge fan of Fixer Upper, so it's only fair.

Working On: 'Trying' to work on a lot of new blog content. Why does photography lighting have to be so difficult?

Enjoying: Bible journaling! I love being able to create, and break out my water colors. It's so relaxing and peaceful for me. I think it's such a great way to soak in the verses that speak to me, by dedicating an entire entry on it. I hope to share a flip through of my bible along with some tips on how I bible journal soon on the blog.



I've shared my love for this fellow blogger, and YouTuber many times on the blog, so it's only fair I give her book a spotlight as well. Once she announced her book I knew I had to purchase it, and how I would love it so. The older I become, the more I appreciate autobiography novels. Learning about people's lives, childhood upbringings, and personal beliefs will forever be fascinating to me. For these reasons I literally finished her book within two days.

It's an easy read, and the pages are designed with a magazine or editoral style with lots of pictures and short paragraphs. The book cover is absolutely beautiful beginning with the gold foil font, calm color theme, and the photo of herself - I love the way it looks on my bookshelf! While reading I gathered a lot of opinions about the topics she covered, and the whole book in general specifically for this post, so let me organize my thoughts through a list of pro's and con's.


1. // Lot's of pictures. I sound like a kid saying that, haha. Every chapter includes photos of her childhood, family, and home. I loved seeing her when she was little, and watching her style evolve. Her photos kept me going, and made me excited to flip to the next page. 

2. // Chapter 12: Food. The chapter I almost didn't want to read, yet became my favorite. She finally opens up about a topic I haven't read on her blog before, and that is her self-esteem via diet and fitness. She was real and raw. I've never heard anyone fully admit to the struggle of being a tad over weight or with the pressure of society for being so. Estee shares about how she has had to learn what a healthy diet looks like, and the importance of listening to her body. This chapter has inspired me, and just proves once again you don't have to be skinny to be happy, just healthy and confident in your own skin. 

3. // Her fashion sense. I loved how she talked about finding her style over the years. Plus the photos were fun to look at. It's always fun to stroll down memory lane about a certain outfit, bad haircut, or style obsession which is exactly what she does! I have a similar style sense as Estee which is full of jeans, graphic tee's, leather jackets, ankle boots, and lots of gold jewelry! 


1. // Sorry, but she's not a writer. She constantly repeats herself through the book, as if she forgets that she already made us aware of events that happened back in chapter one. She's a YouTuber, and therefore talks like one too. Her vocabulary isn't broad, and sticks to her favorite phrases all throughout the 200 pages! It's such an easy read and enjoyable, so I tried not to let this bother me too much. 

2. // Well, I already knew a lot. She's a blogger, YouTuber, and vlogger which means I know a lot about her.  So naturally I have heard her story about moving to London, and her introvert heart. That's why I enjoyed her chapter on food because it's was something new to read, unlike the others. 

3. // Never went deep. She definitely opened up about topics of her life, but never in a lengthy detail way. I kept wanting to hear more, but then the chapter would end. Such is life I suppose. 




I am so glad I decided to go purchase a clean new pouch from HomeGoods, and clean out my makeup bag. I can only take so much of a dirty and messy bag before I lose it. I had enough of my mascara getting crusty around the applicator, and eyeliner smudging all over my brushes. Once I would finish my routine, I think I had more makeup on my hands than my face. So, I decided it was time to clean out my entire makeup collection. 

I went through everything I owned, and  talk about years of collecting makeup. It all started when I turned 13, and I never looked back. (How did I last so long without eyeliner?) I couldn't believe I still had the first starter kit from BareMinerals. Those were the days! Well, over the years I've purchased more eyeshadow palettes than I know what to do with. It has been so freeing to de-cluster everything, and have a fresh start with items I love and can finally start using. So here is a post to explain why I threw away my makeup, + some tips for how I did it, and hopefully you will too! 

1. // OLD, CRUSTY, USED UP PRODUCTS. Boy did I have a lot of these. I'm talking about all the mascara's I had, eyeshadow primers that were all dried up, and cheap brushes. Also note that sometimes depending on the product and brand, it's not good to keep certain ones for too long. I try to stay within 3-6 months of my mascara, 6 months on eyeshadow primer, and switch out my brushes every few months, and I've heard foundation/beauty blenders every 3 months. 

2. // DO I REALLY NEED IT? I had to ask myself so many questions regarding my makeup because just like everything else in life, makeup is something that we women can connect with from past memories, or our true identities making us feel like ourselves again. So, I went through old eyeshadow palettes people gave me that really don't suit me anymore, and glitter products I no longer enjoy in my daily routine. 

3. // BE INTENTIONAL. For me, the best part of this de-cluster splurge was noticing all that I do have. I don't need anymore makeup for a while, and I need to begin playing with what I do have. Getting rid of old products, made others stand out! I literally just hit pan on my first Naked palette, crazy right? I also love how light and intentional my makeup pouch is now, and now I know exactly what to reach for. 




I absolutely love Valentines (if you couldn't tell already from this week's blog posts), and I've grown up with it always be treated as a special day. When I was little my parents would surprise me with a cute little stuffed animal, or with a toy I had my eye on. Even to this day my mom makes it special with v-day cupcakes, sweet cards, and little gifts as a way to express her love. I also loved writing my valentine cards in grade school, and giving it to my friends.

I find though the older I become, the more I hear negative comments toward Valentine's Day. I suppose once you get pass the doggy cards, and free candy aspect it's no longer needed? I have had so many past friends express how it's a holiday that isn't needed, and is too Hallmark sappy for their liking. A lot of people think that we don't need a holiday to express our love to others, but that we should be able to do so freely whenever we chose throughout the year. Some don't like that they already know a box of chocolates and red roses are coming their way on February 14th. I get it. Have you ever felt this way?

I chose to celebrate Valentine's day, not because I have to, but because it's a great time to stop and remember your loved ones. Life becomes too busy, and chaotic that people forget to embrace the spark, and love in their relationship, or friendships. When your day consists of jumping out of bed for work, and being stuck in traffic on an empty stomach on the way home, it makes it impossible to give any type of gift to a loved one whether that be flowers, prepare dinner, write them a letter, or make an effort to spend the night out.

Valentine's Day for me, is a day when I can express my thankfulness for a particular person in my life, especially when I don't do so on a daily basis. It's a day that allows people to build one another up, by showing their appreciation. On this day we are able to recognize each other's strengths, and loyalty. I love that this holiday is not only filled with everything in pink and red colors, but with the idea of falling in love with love. How do you celebrate V-Day?




To go with your chick flick movie night from my last post, I mentioned chocolate and popcorn is needed. Well, I've got you covered! Both are within this Today I'm sharing a new way to spice up a classic bowl of popcorn. I just love making festive treats for holidays, and I think this is the simplest and fastest way to go. 

If you want to take things a step further, you could make a special bowl of popcorn for your friends keeping in mind their favorite candy and type of chocolates you can add into the mix. I found these cute printable's via Pinterest that you can print and use to decorate your popcorn boxes! 


This is simply the easiest food recipe I'll probably ever share! Place your popcorn to the side, while you prepare some melted milk chocolate. I picked up a Hershey bar and melted in a small bowl for about 15 seconds. Then drizzle it all over, and while the chocolate is still wet ( hasn't dried) sprinkle some colorful m&m that are apart of the valentine collection, and there you have it! This one is most definitely my favorite because you can never have enough chocolate!!




Well, if you are single and free (like me) on Valentines Day, then don't be ashamed and throw a movie marathon night with your girlfriends. Provide chocolate, popcorn, and the best chick flicks and you'll realize no boys are needed! 

Below are some of my all time favorite love story films perfect for the occasion that's on it's way. After a special dinner and dessert my mom usually prepares for my family, I'm sure it will follow with an exchange of gifts, and then gettin' cozy while watching one of these films below! How do you plan on spending your Valentine's night? 

1. // The Vow. I love this movie so much, and it's based on a true story which makes it all the more powerful, and believable in today's Hollywood romance stories. Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum are just fabulous together. This love story is my absolute favorite of all time. It shows true commitment and love for one another. I hope to have a connection like the sweet couple in this film, that forever binds them together no matter what's thrown their way. 

2. // The Wedding Planner. The main stars in this one is Jennifer Lopez, and my favorite Matthew McConaughey. This is such a sweet and romantic film. Jennifer Lopez plays a girl who's the best wedding planner in the city, and falls for the groom of one of the brides she's working for. I can't say anymore without giving away spoilers, so you'll have to watch it for yourself to find out the ending! 

3. // The Proposal. Time for a laugh? Pop this movie in, and you'll be laughing all night. Ryan Reynolds, and Sandra Bullock do an incredible job together. Sandra Bullock plays the top novelist editor in New York city, and is forced to spend a weekend with her assistant in Sitka, Alaska and from there the rest is comical. Through the entire movie they share a "hate relationship" but at the end of the weekend their lie becomes reality! This is the perfect movie to set a lighthearted evening with your girlfriends. 

4. // Dear John. Another Nicholas Sparks movie, because in my book his love stories are just the best. And another film starring Channing Tatum (no complaints here!). I view this film less of a love story, and more of breakup but with a hopeful ending. I love the way they met in the beginning of the movie, and that their home is in Charleston. There's one emotional scene when they have dinner and talk things through after year of being with each other, which is why I love Dear John so much because of the many intense conversations! 

5. // Leap Year. This one involves no tears, and some laughter. It's a bit on the cheesy side for me, but it's still a great innocent love story. It's all based in Ireland, with some awesome Irish accents! Amy Adams is the actress and she does a good job. It's about a gal who decides to propose to her boyfriend of four years, in Ireland because of their tradition that one day out of the whole year a female can pop the question. She ends up having to take a few detours along the way, but it includes a cute Irish guy helping her along. It's a perfect movie for Valentine's Day. 
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