Lately my life has consisted of so many college decisions and opportunities. Researching and applying for scholarships are never ending. This month (as you saw, if you follow me on insta) I visited two prospective universities, and both experiences made my feelings clear. It's all a bit overwhelming, because there are so many aspects of each college, and my flood of questions to make this dream of mine happen. I will continue to keep you guys updated along the way, I love keeping these entries for the books.

This month my spring semester took off with three unexpected job opportunities, which consist of an office job a few hours a week, and tons of nanny positions. Making some side money is going to help my fall tuition a ton, so I'm so grateful these positions opened up. But, with that being said it keeps me super busy, which is something I tried to avoid with being a full time student. So it's keeping me on my toes, and I'll have to see how the heavy load impacts my week! With one month under my belt already, I think I'll be just fine *fingers crossed.

Down below today's post is a little Q&A form I put together, and basically it's a little place where you can jot down your questions for me regarding the blog, my life, or anything general, and my goal is to create a blog post answering each in full detail. Send me your questions, and I'll answer them!! (everyone will remain anonymous).

Listening To: I've been digging up some old fave country artists from my Jr. High years, so I'd say "Sooner or Later" by Michele Branch has been on repeat.

Looking Forward To: My 20th birthday in March. Can't believe I'm leaving my teen years, and entering my early twenties. I'm planning on blogging my special day, so keep an eye out.

Watching: 7th Heaven! It's a super old TV show, but it wasn't very age appropriate since I was under seven years old when they made it big. Already watched the first two seasons, and desperately wanting to buy some more. You must watch an episode for yourself. If your a fan, whose your favorite character? Mine is Ruthie, and Matt.

Reading: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines. So far it's a great read, and I plan on doing a #bookclub post all about it. I'm a huge fan of Fixer Upper, so it's only fair.

Working On: 'Trying' to work on a lot of new blog content. Why does photography lighting have to be so difficult?

Enjoying: Bible journaling! I love being able to create, and break out my water colors. It's so relaxing and peaceful for me. I think it's such a great way to soak in the verses that speak to me, by dedicating an entire entry on it. I hope to share a flip through of my bible along with some tips on how I bible journal soon on the blog.


  1. Congrats on the jobs and happy early birthday!


    Tamara -
    Try On Haul

  2. You remind me of myself in college- always working and babysitting for all the families! Busy girl! Happy Early Birthday!! When's your special day??

    1. Thank you!! My birthday is March 5th. Yes, I find babysitting to be the best way to make money, have fun, and it gives me the best flexibility with my sched. ;)


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