I absolutely love Valentines (if you couldn't tell already from this week's blog posts), and I've grown up with it always be treated as a special day. When I was little my parents would surprise me with a cute little stuffed animal, or with a toy I had my eye on. Even to this day my mom makes it special with v-day cupcakes, sweet cards, and little gifts as a way to express her love. I also loved writing my valentine cards in grade school, and giving it to my friends.

I find though the older I become, the more I hear negative comments toward Valentine's Day. I suppose once you get pass the doggy cards, and free candy aspect it's no longer needed? I have had so many past friends express how it's a holiday that isn't needed, and is too Hallmark sappy for their liking. A lot of people think that we don't need a holiday to express our love to others, but that we should be able to do so freely whenever we chose throughout the year. Some don't like that they already know a box of chocolates and red roses are coming their way on February 14th. I get it. Have you ever felt this way?

I chose to celebrate Valentine's day, not because I have to, but because it's a great time to stop and remember your loved ones. Life becomes too busy, and chaotic that people forget to embrace the spark, and love in their relationship, or friendships. When your day consists of jumping out of bed for work, and being stuck in traffic on an empty stomach on the way home, it makes it impossible to give any type of gift to a loved one whether that be flowers, prepare dinner, write them a letter, or make an effort to spend the night out.

Valentine's Day for me, is a day when I can express my thankfulness for a particular person in my life, especially when I don't do so on a daily basis. It's a day that allows people to build one another up, by showing their appreciation. On this day we are able to recognize each other's strengths, and loyalty. I love that this holiday is not only filled with everything in pink and red colors, but with the idea of falling in love with love. How do you celebrate V-Day?

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