I've shared my love for this fellow blogger, and YouTuber many times on the blog, so it's only fair I give her book a spotlight as well. Once she announced her book I knew I had to purchase it, and how I would love it so. The older I become, the more I appreciate autobiography novels. Learning about people's lives, childhood upbringings, and personal beliefs will forever be fascinating to me. For these reasons I literally finished her book within two days.

It's an easy read, and the pages are designed with a magazine or editoral style with lots of pictures and short paragraphs. The book cover is absolutely beautiful beginning with the gold foil font, calm color theme, and the photo of herself - I love the way it looks on my bookshelf! While reading I gathered a lot of opinions about the topics she covered, and the whole book in general specifically for this post, so let me organize my thoughts through a list of pro's and con's.


1. // Lot's of pictures. I sound like a kid saying that, haha. Every chapter includes photos of her childhood, family, and home. I loved seeing her when she was little, and watching her style evolve. Her photos kept me going, and made me excited to flip to the next page. 

2. // Chapter 12: Food. The chapter I almost didn't want to read, yet became my favorite. She finally opens up about a topic I haven't read on her blog before, and that is her self-esteem via diet and fitness. She was real and raw. I've never heard anyone fully admit to the struggle of being a tad over weight or with the pressure of society for being so. Estee shares about how she has had to learn what a healthy diet looks like, and the importance of listening to her body. This chapter has inspired me, and just proves once again you don't have to be skinny to be happy, just healthy and confident in your own skin. 

3. // Her fashion sense. I loved how she talked about finding her style over the years. Plus the photos were fun to look at. It's always fun to stroll down memory lane about a certain outfit, bad haircut, or style obsession which is exactly what she does! I have a similar style sense as Estee which is full of jeans, graphic tee's, leather jackets, ankle boots, and lots of gold jewelry! 


1. // Sorry, but she's not a writer. She constantly repeats herself through the book, as if she forgets that she already made us aware of events that happened back in chapter one. She's a YouTuber, and therefore talks like one too. Her vocabulary isn't broad, and sticks to her favorite phrases all throughout the 200 pages! It's such an easy read and enjoyable, so I tried not to let this bother me too much. 

2. // Well, I already knew a lot. She's a blogger, YouTuber, and vlogger which means I know a lot about her.  So naturally I have heard her story about moving to London, and her introvert heart. That's why I enjoyed her chapter on food because it's was something new to read, unlike the others. 

3. // Never went deep. She definitely opened up about topics of her life, but never in a lengthy detail way. I kept wanting to hear more, but then the chapter would end. Such is life I suppose. 

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  1. It's too bad she didn't go deep with her writing. I've also found a new appreciation for autobiography so this does sound like a read I might like xx Brynn


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