Sometimes advice is the most helpful thing in the world. But other times it can be difficult to hear depending on your desires or values.

1. Go to a university as a freshman
Going to a university as a transfer student has it's difficulties, but so worth it! I truly believe it depends on your personality, because I don't regret it at all. I was never ready to leave home and chose a major to stick with. Those two years prepared me for where I am now, and all that I have to face. You do not have to be a freshman to experience college at a university.

2. Experience Prom
So do not regret missing this opportunity. I went to homecoming with two of my friends, and it was not all that people make it out to be. Plus, years later the populars never stay friends.

3. Don't go home on the weekends
I could literally write a whole blog post on this, but being away at university comes with many challenges. One's that so many people around me believed I need to face on my own, away from home and family. I tried living up to this expectation, but within three weeks realized it wasn't for me. College does not have to enjoyed on the weekends, no matter what anyone says.

4. Just ignore it. 
Ever been in a situation when something unhealthy goes on? A place that brings uneasiness to your soul? Where you know you must speak up and direct the problem? Oh good, than I'm not alone. This is by far the worst piece of advice I've ever received. I am a firm believer in facing an issue head on, and solving the solution so you can move on without any more hurt.

5. You can't handle it. 
I love being able to prove people wrong. This advice can apply to literally everything in life. You can't handle that career move, amount of pressure, or homework load. It can be small, or huge. This is the moment when I'm able to rise to the occasion, and let that moment make me stronger.



othing is more special to me than traveling. I love the thrill of flying, knowing I'm going somewhere new, or to visit loved ones. Road trips with my family in the summer are my favorite. Exploring different cultures, and lifestyles are so inspiring to me. Over the weekend, I spent a few hours in Laguna Beach and captured some beautiful photos. 

Now, I have to add one disclaimer here and that is, I don't love every place I've visited. Some places are too crowded, overpriced, and dirty. But, these tips below can help make any trip a full experience! I did 4 out of 7 suggestions below at Laguna, and now I can fully cross it off my travel destination list! 

1. Take public transportation:  
I haven't been able to try this one out yet, but if your looking into New York, Washington D.C. or Boston try the subway. If your in San Francisco or London take a ride on a double decker bus! In Hawaii, I was able to take a boat ride and it was the best. 

2. Try a restaurant recommended by a local: 
Yes, I have the Yelp app and it works like a charm, but sometimes you gotta find the hidden gems only people can recommend. 

3. Keep a travel diary: 
This one is my favorite. I actual bought one from Anthropologie, and I write down everything I did, including tourist hot spots, eatery, or shops, along with everything I loved and disliked about the city or state I visited. It's the little things you don't want to forget.

4. Don't book a hotel: 
My favorite way to stay anywhere is to either rent a town home, cabin, or stay at a bed and breakfast. This way your able to see first hand the culture of how people live, the architecture in homes, or what certain neighbors are like. 

5. Try something new: 
It can be anything. Depending on where you are; try a new food dish apart of the culture, walk through a museum, go whale watching, or go for a hike. Do something that you wouldn't do just any day out of the week! 

6. Walk around the town: 
Walking is the best way to find those secluded areas that provide beautiful views, and perfect for photoshoot opportunities. It makes exploring super easy, and this way you won't miss anything. 

7. Bring your camera: 
A diary full of words, isn't enough for me. Thankfully this blog allows me to have an excuse for all the photo shoots I beg my family and friends to take for me. Photos are something you'll always keep and cherish, and get them developed to later scrapbook! 




It is so easy to be caught up in all the noise, busyness, and schedules these days. I personally can become so stressed out by the appointments, events, and interviews I have. At college I never seem to leave the bubble of homework talk and dorm living means shared personal space.

I read the book, Present over Perfect by Shauna Nequiest, and it talks so much about living for the still moments. Not the ones that make us go crazy, overwhelmed, or tired. Rather, alive, happy, and restful.

I'm been trying to find those moments. The moments where I feel allowed to slow down, breathe, and enjoy the silence. I've been reminded to be more of a Mary instead of a Martha. To be with Him more, instead of doing.

"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." - Matthew 11:28-30 

When I sit in the quiet and mediate on his word that is when I find Him speaking to the deepest part of my soul. It is difficult to fully escape all the noise and rest in Him, but when I do everything seems to align.

I've been challenging myself to step out and explore where I can absorb and listen to His voice. Lately, mine is at the beach. Where I enjoy the cold sand in between my toes, gasp in awe of pink and orange painting the sky, and listen to nothing but the waves crashing on the shore. I look around and thank God for his nature. I think that if my God can be in control over something as vast as the ocean, than my worries, anxiety, and heart will be perfectly held in His hands.

So, I encourage you to find your resting place. The place where you can hear His voice and feel rested. I personally need to spend more time alone to find the quiet space with Him, because the busyness and noise all around me is weighing me down. Only true rest can come from Him!
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