y room has been featured on the blog before, but over time I've been adding + rearranging a few things, that calls for an updated room tour! I love how I turned my space into a white, clean, and beachy atmosphere. My bedroom is my everything, its where I can relax, work, and feel inspired for this blog. Blue tones keep me at ease, and it's safe to say I can lock that color down as my favorite of all time. Since my last bedroom tour on my blog, you'll probably notice a few new things, one's that complete my space. I finally found a cheap headboard and footboard that I restored with a fresh coat of paint, and to top it off added some trendy fairy lights! I also bought a giant mirror over my chair, and took down that old palm tree photo! Of course, spiced up my nightstand, dresser, and side table by my chair to make it more 19 year old me! I added some pillows to my bedding, because you can never have enough pillows to make your space feel cozy - fun fact I literally sleep with five pillows! I also placed a bookshelf in my room that my grandpa made from me - from scratch! I had him copy the design from pottery barn, and I love the decor within my three shelves, and it's a perfect spot for my tv!

The reason why I love my bedroom so much is because it's filled with memories everywhere! From the shelves you see hanging above my chair (reading nook) I have snow globes from when I traveled to Maui, and Oahu Hawaii. My cork-board above my nightstand is decorated from polaroids of loved ones, and sayings I love. I have a chalkboard sign in my gold tier on my dresser that states "2015 graduate" from my high school graduation, that I use as a decor piece. I hope that through my bedroom tour, you will find that interior decorating should be about preserving memories throughout your life that fill you with joy, peace, and love as you are surround by such lovely things!

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