4.24.2016 Newburg, OR. USA


In Newburg, Oregon I believe I saw over twenty coffee shops within four blocks in downtown! This darling little coffee house happened to be my favorite because the coffee was excellent, and the atmosphere was like nothing I've experienced before! Starbucks is so overrated, and it was so nice to have a break from the usual, you know? The Coffee Cottage is actually a tiny old house, with a great outside patio which is what you see in photos. Oregon is definitely known for their unique coffee places, and this one deserved a whole post, so enjoy! 

My intension when visiting was to order a latte everywhere I desired coffee, however that didn't go as planned. My instagram theme needed a little latte art, but I never felt in the mood for something hot due to migraines. Hence, the caramel iced coffee! Definitely the best cup of iced coffee I ordered all over Newburg & Portland. 

The outside patio was my favorite spot, because the scenery was beautiful! The cracks in the pebbled sidewalk, and the wood fences had moss growing everywhere. Oregon is very chilly but somehow it felt so refreshing while enjoying my friends company and conversation! If you ever have a change, or live in Newburg then I hope one day you can experience the wonderful vibe at the Coffee Cottage!! 

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