Not all Who Wander are Lost


When I took these photos I was still in Hawaii! Hence all the gorgeous green terran. I miss Hawaii so much, and looking back on these photos made me realize how much I loved it there. I love how in Maui every road has some breath taking view and that's perfect for taking outfit photos! I literally could have brought my entire closet with me, and I still would have had leftover locations I could have loved to used! I'm not a nature girl per se, but there's something about  being on a tropical island, It's so peaceful and calming. 

This summer I'm really wanting to enjoy some fun little road trips and new adventures whenever they come my way! I love traveling, and hope to do more of it! I guess you could say this summer I'm wanting to be more adventurous, while expanding my horizons! To try new recipes, visit new places, and spend more nights with friends! Every summer has a story, but I'm determined to make mine a novel! 

With this blazing hot weather lately I've lovin iced teas! I've always been a soda type of girl, but currently my new favorite is iced teas! It keeps me so cool, and it's so refreshing especially while blogging-ha! Starbucks has some great black iced tea, but I've recently discovered a passion fruit iced tea of It's A Grind! It's becoming my to-do drink, especially this summer when it's already it's been around 90 degrees. I've found a new recipe on Pinterest to make peach iced tea, and I'm so excited to try it. Along with making some green tea which is so good for you anyway, so It will be fun try and to see which ones will turn out! Once I give it a go, I'll have to share it here on the blog! I have a feeling 2014 summer will only consist of iced teas. Do you have any favorite type of iced teas? 

black top/America Rag :: shorts/American Eagle :: bag/Roxy :: sunglasses/farmers market in Hawaii :: sandals/Roxy :: anchor necklace/Forever 21 :: photos by Alex


  1. Great views darling! Beautiful place!

  2. Such a simple cute outfit!! I LOOOVE raspberry iced tea, so you should try that! :) And peach tea is AMAZING. haha

  3. Great photos! It is so beautiful there!!


  4. Hawaii looks so stunning! I've never tried an iced tea before, really want to now! x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. Oh I miss Hawaii so much!! It's like a home away from home. After you've been once you always go back and you never stop thinking about it. Maui is my favorite island :) Did you go on the road to Hana? That's the best!!



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