5.27.2017 Solvang, CA, USA


My parents surprised my sister and I with a spontaneous trip up the coast to revisit some of our favorite towns up northern California. Back when I was nine years old we took a week long summer vacation as a family near Avila beach, which happens to hold some of my favorite memories. Ever since my traveling bug hit me in my teens, I've been dreaming of venturing back. Neighborhoods, local restaurants, crowd of the people, nearby scenery, and the entire town just comes together in a way that is seen in such a bigger picture when traveling in the eye of an adult. Plus it never hurts to be able to document such a trip with my own camera for this blog, lol.

So I hope you enjoy these next few blog posts as we continue our memorial day weekend trip up the coast! Our itinerary includes Solvang, San Louis Obispo, Avila Beach, and perhaps Morro Bay.

Our first stop was Solvang. Walking around this area feels as though I'm in Switzerland because of the large windmills, danish bakeries, cottage like architecture, and coo-coo clocks hanging from every store window. This little dutch village is just darling, and filled with so much to do, see, and eat! Everywhere I looked seemed to be so photogenic or Instagram worthy (as they say) because each shop door was painted bright colors! So Copenhagen if you ask me.

As for a special treat you really cannot go wrong as there are over five bakeries to chose from, all filled with danishes, chocolate truffles, and shortbread cookies. The classic choice Solvang is truly known for is their aebleskiver's which are hot fried donuts served with raspberry sauce and then topped with powered sugar. This would have been my thing minus raspberry so I opted for a danish treat instead which did not let me down! As you can see from the photo below I purchased a fresh whipping cream eclair. Ahh, it was so delicious. A few bakeries I would recommend is Mortensen's Danish Bakery, and Danish Mill Bakery Inc.



ou're impromptu photoshoot actually made it to the blog? It's a miracle, haha. If your an old reader, than you'd already know that when I started A Beautiful Heart back in 2011, I technically defined myself as a fashion blogger. However, as time went by I realized that it wasn't my passion to write about and post, and so I explored the world as a lifestyle blogger, and never looked back. Yet, here I am kickin' it old school with a fashion post! Posing for the camera on a busy street in Old Town felt like I was back in my natural element, and it felt so good. So huge kudos for my sister for taking these photos of me!

My college classes are almost to an end (2 more weeks to go), so I'm tackling last minute presentations, essays, and exam prep for my final week. I am so excited to be done, however I start summer classes two weeks after I finish my spring ones. So not much of a summer break eh? On the bright side, I'll be considered a Junior at Vanguard, so it's all worth it in the end!

I am also on countdown for my best friends wedding coming up in June! This will be my first appearance walking down the isle as a bridesmaid, so I'm very honored! I have a few days with Alex before the big day, so I'm sure I'll capture some great photos together! So excited to make some new memories up in her home state.



In honor of today's celebration, I thought it would be only fitting to take a stroll down memory lane and remember all the wonderful times I've had with my mom during my childhood, along with sharing some traits I love about her. I am so grateful for who my mom is, and all the ways she's guided me through life. I truly don't know where I'd be without my own personal cheerleader, as I like to call her, because I can simply look over to the sidelines, and always count on her being there smiling and waving me on in absolutely anything I'm apart of or accomplishing.

Here are 12 things I cherish about my mom + our relationship (oh & yes, I'm speaking to my mom below, as if these are little letters I wrote to her).

Love you mom! xoxo, your favorite (oldest) daughter!

1. Your hospitality never ceases to amaze me. You welcome everyone and anyone into our home without a care, strangers, family or friends!

2. The night you brought home my dog Lily for my 13th Birthday, will forever be the best surprise.

3. Thank you for providing the best education possible. I say it all the time, but being homeschooled and having that classical foundation was the best thing for me and my growth. I wouldn't have been able to make it this far in college without your sacrifices for me during my entire 18 years at home with you.

4. Seeing Boys II Men live in concert with you has by far been the best night together! So thankful you passed on the good music to me.

5. You are authentic. One trait I've definitely learned from you is how to be real, authentic, and true to myself. You know who you are, and I love that you've never changed to please anyone else around you. Thank you for being who you are always, and in turn allowing me to witness and practice such confidence in the person I was called to be.

6. Moving to college won't be easy, and I'll miss you tons. No matter how much excitement and joy I have while preparing for August to arrive, I'm going to miss our family and your home cooked meals like crazy!

7. One sweet memory I have of us in Camarillo is when every time we made a stop to the car wash, you would buy Hannah and I mini Pizza Hut pizzas, as we would wait for our car to be done. Sounds simple, but it made my day as this errand became a moment we enjoyed together.

8. When I think of high school, junior year sticks out the most and I honestly believe it's because of those frequent Wednesday lunch and coffee dates we had, after you'd pick me up from school.

9. Mom you seriously don't know what it means to me in the way you still celebrate holidays for Hannah and I. What 20 year old still receives valentines day gifts, and an easter basket? You rock!

10. You are such a forgiving person, and that quality is such a beautiful one that shines through you.

11. I loved how you were our leader in Keeper's At Home. We don't talk about it much, but I loved that group and time of being with my friends. You always made it so much fun in the way we had to earn our badges. Badminton, and swimming were my favorite weeks.

12. Love you lots, and so blessed to have you in my life!



air styles are so unique, and I love how they define a person. They've been used to define life decades, a good hair day can make you feel like your invincible, or bad hair days that can ruin the entire day, + outfit, or simply tell a story. Girls are constantly changing their hair to flip the page and enter a new chapter in life, like a breakup, age transitions, or to fit in with the latest trends. The beauty is that through hairstyles, and hair colors, girls are able to express themselves, because it's who we are.

I am no different. I know that I definitely identify myself with my hair color and cut. Or the way I will curl, straighten, or crimp my hair can totally change my attitude or the way I want to put myself together before going out. My hair has always been my everything. I can remember not trying different trends because it could potentially damage my hair, or never being fully brave about trying a new look because what if I didn't like it?! Thankfully, I've become a little more bold in my hair story and I'm so excited to dive in!

My hair story doesn't involve anything radical like dying my hair red, or cotton candy blue, and I was never one for the pixie cut. However, I have had mistakes such as cutting my bangs, regretting dark brown hair in the fall, and wearing those ugly trendy colored barrettes. So, for some of you simple gals out there, hopefully you can relate.

What is your first hair memory?
My first hair memory is probably when I was around five when I had an obsession with twirling my hair. It would be in knots all the time, and so my mom would always keep my hair short.

What feelings did you have growing up about your hair?
I always loved my hair. My mom has beautiful blonde hair, and when I was little, so did I. Plus, my hair is straight with a little natural wave if I don't blow dry it in the morning, which was the style while growing up! 

What were the trends in hair when you were growing up?
The trends I remember where in Jr. High when the feathers were a fad (thanks to Steven Tyler) for about three months, and I wanted one so bad, but never ended up doing it. Another trend that was so stylish and cool which I still have to do one of these days was the one dyed colored piece of hair. You know the aquamarine, hot pink, or purple highlighted strand in the front on your hair! 

Curly hair symbolizes…
Natural beauty, uniqueness, and wild. 

What music were you into at 11 years old?
At 11? Not sure, but Jr. High I became a belieber (wink), rocked out to Taylor Swift, and reconnected with my childhood band The Backstreet Boys. 

Short hair symbolizes…
Edginess, independence, carefree, and effortless. 

Have you ever cut your own hair? Anyone else’s?
Never. Not even as a little kid. My mom has always spoiled me and had my haircuts done by her professional hair stylish.  

Have you ever done anything really crazy or dumb to your own hair?
Yes. In elementary I decided after years of growing out my bangs to look more mature, to cut them to and start the whole process all over again, because I missed having bangs. So, I ended up hating it, and looking like an 8 year old. The worst part, pinning them back with colored barrettes that stick out like a sore thumb in every photo during that time of my life haha. No, I will never cut my bangs again.   

MAY GOALS | 2017


've recently been eyeing this particular style of posts for months now, and I'm finally ready to create one for myself. I love writing 'life lately' posts, but sometimes my life isn't interesting enough for an exciting monthly update, so hence a place where I can dump my monthly to-do list, inspirations, and small goals. I cannot take the credit for this original idea, as my favorite blogger Tieka started this up in February, yet she claims she also was inspired by a fellow blogger out there too by this exact post. I just love seeing this community being able to bounce ideas off one another. It's the reason why I cannot leave this space for the life of me (& I'm perfectly fine with that).

The purpose of these posts will be to recap my goals the month previously shared, to touch base on how those turned out. Then, I will share the current months small goals at the bottom of the post! I'm just so excited, so let's jump in! Any small goals you're working towards?

My small goals for May...

1. Go to the Gym 25 Times | Okay, this one is something I sort of maintained in April, so I'm hoping I stick with it this month too. I am going to be in my best friends wedding as a bridesmaid, and my tickets are booked to leave May 31st, so it's time to cram in those hours at the gym!

2. Preschedule 4 Posts for ABH, While I Leave for College | I've preparing myself for how much my blog will change once I leave for Vanguard. I'm excited to see how it molds into this 'college girl' content, instead of just lifestyle since I'm still living at home. But with that being said, I know that my content won't be very regular, so if I can begin taking some photos now that don't involve that my set up in my dorm, I can begin that process now!!

3. Purchase At Least 10 Items for my Dorm | Living on campus in a dorm, means that I need a lot of items! It's the small things like a laundry basket, hangers, trash can, and storage bins. And the big items such a a printer, fridge, microwave, bedding, desk chair, etc. It can add up quickly. So if I purchase things little by little it will help me in the long run!

4. Figure Out a Summer Job | Uhh! That time again is upon me, and it's never fun switching jobs. I have two past experiences with working in an office (CPA firm, and doctors office), but in between those official employed jobs, I've had several nanny positions, and my first job in high school was dog walking! Every job I've had in the past few years have all been temporary, as so many things were determined on my hiring such as the tax season hustle and bustle, college classes, or kids going back to school seasons (what's happening now). So here I am looking and trying very hard to figure out my schedule for the summer, because I can't go without a paycheck. We shall see what's in store before I leave in August. My goal is to have something lined up, even if it's random babysitting jobs! Wish me luck, it's not easy!

5. Wash My Car Every Weekend | Okay, weird goal I know, but seriously this is my fault. When it comes to chores I can manage it just fine, but my car seems to get neglected more than I'd like to admit. It's always dirty, and feels like I practically live in it. Not good. So, here's to washing it once a week all May long. Hopefully I can make a habit out of this? *fingers crossed. lol.
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