ou're impromptu photoshoot actually made it to the blog? It's a miracle, haha. If your an old reader, than you'd already know that when I started A Beautiful Heart back in 2011, I technically defined myself as a fashion blogger. However, as time went by I realized that it wasn't my passion to write about and post, and so I explored the world as a lifestyle blogger, and never looked back. Yet, here I am kickin' it old school with a fashion post! Posing for the camera on a busy street in Old Town felt like I was back in my natural element, and it felt so good. So huge kudos for my sister for taking these photos of me!

My college classes are almost to an end (2 more weeks to go), so I'm tackling last minute presentations, essays, and exam prep for my final week. I am so excited to be done, however I start summer classes two weeks after I finish my spring ones. So not much of a summer break eh? On the bright side, I'll be considered a Junior at Vanguard, so it's all worth it in the end!

I am also on countdown for my best friends wedding coming up in June! This will be my first appearance walking down the isle as a bridesmaid, so I'm very honored! I have a few days with Alex before the big day, so I'm sure I'll capture some great photos together! So excited to make some new memories up in her home state.


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