air styles are so unique, and I love how they define a person. They've been used to define life decades, a good hair day can make you feel like your invincible, or bad hair days that can ruin the entire day, + outfit, or simply tell a story. Girls are constantly changing their hair to flip the page and enter a new chapter in life, like a breakup, age transitions, or to fit in with the latest trends. The beauty is that through hairstyles, and hair colors, girls are able to express themselves, because it's who we are.

I am no different. I know that I definitely identify myself with my hair color and cut. Or the way I will curl, straighten, or crimp my hair can totally change my attitude or the way I want to put myself together before going out. My hair has always been my everything. I can remember not trying different trends because it could potentially damage my hair, or never being fully brave about trying a new look because what if I didn't like it?! Thankfully, I've become a little more bold in my hair story and I'm so excited to dive in!

My hair story doesn't involve anything radical like dying my hair red, or cotton candy blue, and I was never one for the pixie cut. However, I have had mistakes such as cutting my bangs, regretting dark brown hair in the fall, and wearing those ugly trendy colored barrettes. So, for some of you simple gals out there, hopefully you can relate.

What is your first hair memory?
My first hair memory is probably when I was around five when I had an obsession with twirling my hair. It would be in knots all the time, and so my mom would always keep my hair short.

What feelings did you have growing up about your hair?
I always loved my hair. My mom has beautiful blonde hair, and when I was little, so did I. Plus, my hair is straight with a little natural wave if I don't blow dry it in the morning, which was the style while growing up! 

What were the trends in hair when you were growing up?
The trends I remember where in Jr. High when the feathers were a fad (thanks to Steven Tyler) for about three months, and I wanted one so bad, but never ended up doing it. Another trend that was so stylish and cool which I still have to do one of these days was the one dyed colored piece of hair. You know the aquamarine, hot pink, or purple highlighted strand in the front on your hair! 

Curly hair symbolizes…
Natural beauty, uniqueness, and wild. 

What music were you into at 11 years old?
At 11? Not sure, but Jr. High I became a belieber (wink), rocked out to Taylor Swift, and reconnected with my childhood band The Backstreet Boys. 

Short hair symbolizes…
Edginess, independence, carefree, and effortless. 

Have you ever cut your own hair? Anyone else’s?
Never. Not even as a little kid. My mom has always spoiled me and had my haircuts done by her professional hair stylish.  

Have you ever done anything really crazy or dumb to your own hair?
Yes. In elementary I decided after years of growing out my bangs to look more mature, to cut them to and start the whole process all over again, because I missed having bangs. So, I ended up hating it, and looking like an 8 year old. The worst part, pinning them back with colored barrettes that stick out like a sore thumb in every photo during that time of my life haha. No, I will never cut my bangs again.   

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