3.21.2016 Newburg, OR, USA

Oregon, another state on my travel list!!! If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen my spill on my visit in Portland, nevertheless it's about time I shared these beautiful photos from my trip here on the blog, (a.k.a my life journal)! I traveled to Newburg, Oregon to spend some girlfriend time with my childhood bestie who is attending George Fox University! It was a four day wonderful trip, so my adventures in this beautiful state was small, however I enjoyed my time there so much! This first post is all about the University I was able to experience on a deeper level because of Friday at Fox I signed up for, so here we go, a little personal review on George Fox.

George Fox University is absolutely gorgeous. While walking around campus, it felt like it belonged on a movie set because the buildings are just full of character and charm. Everything is green, lush, and moss makes the whole scenery come alive. It's something I've never experienced here in California, expect the mountains! I attended Friday at Fox, which allowed me to eat in the cafeteria, talk with a counselor, and sit in on classes. There are many things I loved about this college, like their outreach to the community. The college has many organizations students can be involved in to benefit the community such as mentoring/tutoring elementary students, cleaning up local parks, building projects, and many more! The whole staff and professors were so kind, and very welcoming. The classes are very small anywhere from 15-30 students which makes the conversation and atmosphere very personal and intimate. I only had one real meal in the cafeteria so I cannot give a fair comment on their food, but what I tried was very satisfying. George Fox has around two thousand students so the campus isn't overwhelming or easy to be get lost, but large enough to gain that sense of escape. I really enjoyed my time at this University, and there are many things aspects I treasured, so if your interested in the campus whatsoever, I would definitely recommend visiting because it truly helps the overall decision on what college is the best fit for you personally. I walked away with a new mindset on college, and also realizing what's important for my fit while I intend to transfer in one year!!

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