I'm plugging along with my college classes, and so far I'm loving them. I have lots of homework, though I seem to be handling it just fine. I've only attending a few chapels this month, so I need to get myself in gear because I don't have long to obtain 30!

I've had so much fun being with my friends, especially after that long month break for the holiday's. Exploring Newport Beach bit by bit is my main focus this semester at Vanguard!! Late night spicy Uno games in the dorms, acai bowl runs with my roommate, and sunsets on the beach are simply the best moments yet here at college.

The 365 project on Instagram is so fun. If you follow me on my insta account, then you will already have seen my new challenge that started on January 1st. If your new to this, it's taking and posting one photo everyday for one whole year. I don't know if I'll obtain this challenge all the way through, but I was feeling defeated amongst other creators. I stopped taking photos because they never were perfect enough for me to enjoy. Tossing that mindset out and using this challenge as a way to remember simple moments day to day.

My health has been a struggle. I want to go in depth more later, but lately no matter what I eat (besides fruit and veggies) my stomach will hurt so bad. The patterns are strange, and I never know will it begin again. Hence my acai bowl addiction on Instagram, haha, because it's about the only thing that won't upset me.

I joined my University's student lead Newspaper. Guys, it's the best! Secretly, inside I feel like Andy Anderson the How-To-Girl (How-To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anyone?) and nothing feels more fulfilling. It's so neat being able to know the inside scoop on everything that is happening at Vanguard.


I have stayed strong on my 31 days of no sugar challenge. This was necessarily a challenge, but a conscious health choice on my end. Over the years my sweet tooth has become really bad. So with the new year, and my health I almost didn't have a choice. It's something I had to do. I can't wait to include this on a separate post because I have learned so much, so stay tuned.

Choir this semester was able to be apart of a project that allowed us to record. It was so exhausting, but an amazing experience. Hours and hours of rehearsal took place, but learning music is such a joy for me. I'm able to escape everything, and just praise God through worship.

On the blog, I'm going to be more personal. Like I mentioned above about my health, no sugar diet, and everything I'm exploring as a college student, my hope is to share my thoughts on everything in it's own post. I never want my content to exclude the important pieces of my life, and right now it hasn't been easy. But through it all, I hope to connect with you and in turn hear your stories!

The Heart Of It | Criticism



Criticism is the worst part of trying something new. Feedback is a tough thing to swallow because to me it means failure. That my capabilities or work isn't enough. Perhaps criticism has been aimed towards your personality. Gosh can that make you feel low. I know it has for me. 

Certain criticism needs to be shut down immediately. At times it isn't all true or right for you to hear. But, if you are a college student like me trying to figure out where all the pieces fit, than you've probably received a lot of criticism too. 

I've learned that criticism doesn't always mean you are wrong. Sometimes it means you are on the right track. It simply means you are worth critiquing. I just absolutely loved hearing that from one of my dear professors. It has helped me so much to overcome this feeling I have had for so long. I've carried around this pressure to be perfect in order to never receive comments that suggested otherwise, but that isn't the point. 

At the end of the day, I cannot please everybody. I will never be perfect. Honestly, that is okay. Providing a filter towards the harsh criticism that comes my way though is healthy. Instead of letting it eat at me, I can absorb the comments and discern which to listen to. 

For me though, it runs deeper than just accepting my imperfections compared to others. It has to do with holding onto every praise from others. Just as we shouldn't become obsessed with criticism, I should be with people's compliments either. If I live for one's approval, I will die of their criticism. 

I hope my thoughts can help you in anyway possible. I began to type and the words kept flowing. As I was told, "You can be the juiciest peach, and someone will hate peaches." 




Over my holiday weekend, my girlfriends and I decided to escape from our college bubble and explore Orange County! My plan was to try a new coffee shop, Honor Coffee Roasters, yet not one table was open for us to take photos or order coffee. Once I began to walk through this little street, I was thankful it was too busy because I wouldn't have had enough time to find these cute little resting corners. 

First can I just say how much I love Newport Beach? I know I'm only three miles down the road from my college, but if I could live here I would in a heartbeat. This cute little row of shops and coffee houses were so much fun to browse through. I found an adorable little stationary shop that I must hit up on my next visit.

So blessed to have such sweet friends from college. If you are a blogger like me, find friends who don't mind taking your photo's for you! Haha. Being at Vanguard has been such a neat environment for me to grow in because everyone is connected through blogging in some way. So, my embarrassment of telling people about my side hustle has left completely, and I love it. These gals are so supportive of my passion here on the blog, and it couldn't have been a better start to my long week!




...because I feel shorter.

Unfortunately, words have the power to either build up, or completely shatter someone. Words are real and somethings they truly never leave our mind. They cut deep and know exactly where to leave a sting. 

Last semester, I was approached by someone who proudly wore a smirky grin and used a defensive tone of voice while spilling out accusations against my character and personality. I left that moment shaking. I couldn't remove the sick and uneasy feeling that lived inside of me.  

I left wondering how someone could walk away feeling so empowered in a moment that crushed someone else's soul. How could this person fail to recognize any type of emotion or understanding for others?

I've also had to encounter silence. Pure silence. No harsh words were spoken, but I could hang up the phone feeling as though there were. 

For days I allowed this conversation, and people to put me on edge because it's hurtful. Yet, I have the choice to either walk away and let such an encounter strengthen me, or allow it to change me and become the type of human being these people were to me. These experiences showed me that not every one cares, or knows how to be kind. It takes effort and practice. It isn't easy because kindness requires one to be genuine. 

It's okay to be angry but never to be cruel. So for 2018, my word is to be kind. I desire to be somebody everyone can admire and look up to. This year I wish to value feelings and unique features of others. Because when I truly am kind, I know that I am fulfilling the best part of who I am suppose to be. Kindness can be found in all shapes - spoken words, body language, or even silence. I know that I will find joy by being kind to others, even when they don't deserve it




Music has always been apart of my life growing up. I played piano for eight years, was apart of a choir throughout Jr. High, and had private vocal lessons on and off in high school. It's the noise playing in the background while cleaning my room, driving, or doing homework.

I have the most fond memories of my friends and I playing American Idol all taking turns being judges and voting haha. If that isn't embarrassing enough to admit the songs we use to audition with was pretty much every song on the Hannah Montana album...we thought we were too cool. My karaoke machine was literally gold, lol.

I've been seeing this music tag going around, and thought I'd give it a go. I like to think of music as a time capsule, because one song can unleash a thousand memories, and emotions from the past (good or bad), and it's as if time never passed. It's such a powerful thing, and I don't know what I'd do without it. Want to know the soundtrack of my life? Keep reading!!

My First Album: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney 
I can still remember this particular Christmas morning, when I pulled Jesse McCartney's album out of my stocking. I never felt so grown up in my life. Jesse was my childhood celebrity crush, (before Justin) so naturally his music had to be my all time favorite too!

Long Term Relationship Album: Where It All Began by Dan + Shay
The one album I can listen to over and over again is by far Dan + Shay! I absolutely love this country boyband, because their voices are so beautiful. Every single song is just incredible. It's rare to find an album when not one song bothers you. I can play this album during anytime, no matter my feelings.

Song That Makes Me Happy: My Wish by Rascal Flatts 
Not only was this my high school graduate song playing in my video, it is also the song my mom dedicated to me and my younger sister at age 7. These lyrics are everything she wanted for me, and it brings me joy knowing she loves that much!

Song/Album That Makes Me Want To Dance: Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye 
This song is apart of the soundtrack in the movie 'Step Mom' with Julia Roberts, and so this song just instantly makes me want to dance. In the movie they are dancing and running around all upstairs in the hallway while using a curling iron, and brush as a microphone. When I hear this song, it makes me want to do the same, lol.

Song I Wish I'd Written: Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift 
I love this song way too much!! Seriously Taylor just kills it in her song writing. Every line of lyrics speak to me, and says everything I wish I could in song form.

Best Concert: Boys II Men 
My mom and I went to see Boys II Men in concert in 2015, and they were incredible. I have inherited my mom's love for R&B music, and this group happened to be the first I was introduced to. It was pretty hilarious to find that out of everyone at the concert, I was the youngest! This was by far the best night I've ever spent with my mom, and they sang just as beautiful as their recorded songs!

Song That Reminds Me Of Being A Teen: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus 
My sister and I use to rock out to this song. We adored her music video, and I mentioned earlier how we were Hannah Montana fans so it was only natural to enjoy her older stuff. Again, this song was l.i.f.e.

Karaoke Song: You're So Vain by Carly Simon 
Oh come on, if you know me you probably saw this coming. I adore this song, and maybe, maybe not it's all just because of the title! This song is so perfectly witty, how could you not have fun with this one?

Song That Reminds Me Of My Childhood: Let 'Er Rip by Dixie Chicks 
Ahh, the Dixie Chicks!!! They were my everything back when I sang my little heart out wearing my overalls, and pig tails. If you ever wanted to see my sass, turn up Let 'Er Rip, and Goodbye Earl because I knew the lyrics by heart! Still to this day when I listen to their songs it takes me back to being a little girl, and my sweet innocent childhood.

Artist I Listen To When I'm Alone: Sam Smith 
This artist has some depressing, slow, and emotional songs. If I want a good cry, or deep time to think I put this record on.




I am currently packing up my things in my car to return back to Vanguard for the spring semester. My Christmas break was so relaxing and peaceful. Wishing I could literally turn back time, haha. I was able to spend my time sleeping in, staying up super late, binging on Netflix, blogging, and lots of shopping with my mom! I can already say that I am going to miss my flexible and empty schedule. 

My winter break wasn't all play and no work because many of these blog posts are all prescheduled. Honestly, blogging has never felt so good. The pressure and extra stress I place on myself during the school year with my grades can often times become a distraction to enjoying this space. So, now I'm happy that I can still be consistent with content, especially for the new year.

Since it is the beginning of 2018, here are a lot of articles I loved reading! Hope you all successfully digging into your resolutions. 

The Blogger:
One of the sweetest bloggers just revamped her site! You may know Savannah K Wallace as Maiedae, but now she's doing things solo and couldn't be more awesome! Everything wraps up under lifestyle, which is why I love her content so much! 

The YouTuber: 
Ashley TIA is a favorite of mine. She keeps taking long breaks in between uploads, but I love this new one so much. Traveling tips are my favorite, and she is one organized gal. 

Instagram Account: 
Liz Marie is a sweetheart. Her Instagram gives me all the vibes, and her blog is so personal. She lives on a farm, shares her interior decorating, and shows off her beautiful two farm sheep!! Liz is big on Instagram stories, and I always look forward to it! 

Web Love:
I found this online shop, Shop B Darling, that sells wallpaper and I desperately wish I owned my own home in order to have some for a beautiful wall statement. Wallpaper has certainly become more popular, and I love it. I've even thought of adding a simple design in my room, do you think it could work? 





I will always be a fan of new year resolutions because they help me stay aware of my goals. I am excited for this new year mostly because I have no plans. Other than college, I have no idea what will come my way. And for the first time ever a little unknown is okay with me.

Looking back I am so proud of all that I accomplished in 2017, so I'm hoping for the same results this year too. I have one serious goal that needs special attention this year, along with a few others. Let's dive into my list!

Drink more water. This past semester I have really improved, however, I still need to drink way more. I hate that I have to remind myself to make a glass of ice water, but it needs to be done.

Get a handle on my health. I have seen so many signs lately and it is time to pay attention to them. This January my goal is to survive the whole month with a no sugar challenge because I need a good detox. An exercise routine I can stick to at college is also an essential during my time at college.

Figure out my anxiety. My stomaches have been controlling my every day, and it's horrible. I don't know where it's coming from, but it's peeking through in the middle of the night or during my classes. It is not fun.

Graduate early. This goal is very up in the air, but I can't stop thinking how nice it would be to finish late December. We'll see because it is a lofty goal, but nevertheless I know I can do it. Lots of work and time will be required, yet college debt sounds worse, haha.

Write more words. I have always been a lover of beautiful stationary from Anthopologie, yet finding time isn't easy. Plus being at college in the dorms, my trust dwindled fast so the journals were brought back home, and I stopped journaling all together. I hate that. So this year I want to challenge myself to just write one line a day. I have new notebooks from Rifle Paper Co, and it's time I filled them with my personal thoughts. Hoping this will improve my writing style too.

p.s. I wanted to include a little survey to hear from you guys. If you could fill it out, it would mean the world to me!

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