I am currently packing up my things in my car to return back to Vanguard for the spring semester. My Christmas break was so relaxing and peaceful. Wishing I could literally turn back time, haha. I was able to spend my time sleeping in, staying up super late, binging on Netflix, blogging, and lots of shopping with my mom! I can already say that I am going to miss my flexible and empty schedule. 

My winter break wasn't all play and no work because many of these blog posts are all prescheduled. Honestly, blogging has never felt so good. The pressure and extra stress I place on myself during the school year with my grades can often times become a distraction to enjoying this space. So, now I'm happy that I can still be consistent with content, especially for the new year.

Since it is the beginning of 2018, here are a lot of articles I loved reading! Hope you all successfully digging into your resolutions. 

The Blogger:
One of the sweetest bloggers just revamped her site! You may know Savannah K Wallace as Maiedae, but now she's doing things solo and couldn't be more awesome! Everything wraps up under lifestyle, which is why I love her content so much! 

The YouTuber: 
Ashley TIA is a favorite of mine. She keeps taking long breaks in between uploads, but I love this new one so much. Traveling tips are my favorite, and she is one organized gal. 

Instagram Account: 
Liz Marie is a sweetheart. Her Instagram gives me all the vibes, and her blog is so personal. She lives on a farm, shares her interior decorating, and shows off her beautiful two farm sheep!! Liz is big on Instagram stories, and I always look forward to it! 

Web Love:
I found this online shop, Shop B Darling, that sells wallpaper and I desperately wish I owned my own home in order to have some for a beautiful wall statement. Wallpaper has certainly become more popular, and I love it. I've even thought of adding a simple design in my room, do you think it could work? 


  1. I totally get where you are at with enjoying blogging outside of the school year except mine is on the side of a full time job! It's a nice release and a great way to reduce stress when you do something you love!

    Just checked out Savannah's it! I may have to start following her! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Ooo... I'm going to check out these people! <3<3


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