Music has always been apart of my life growing up. I played piano for eight years, was apart of a choir throughout Jr. High, and had private vocal lessons on and off in high school. It's the noise playing in the background while cleaning my room, driving, or doing homework.

I have the most fond memories of my friends and I playing American Idol all taking turns being judges and voting haha. If that isn't embarrassing enough to admit the songs we use to audition with was pretty much every song on the Hannah Montana album...we thought we were too cool. My karaoke machine was literally gold, lol.

I've been seeing this music tag going around, and thought I'd give it a go. I like to think of music as a time capsule, because one song can unleash a thousand memories, and emotions from the past (good or bad), and it's as if time never passed. It's such a powerful thing, and I don't know what I'd do without it. Want to know the soundtrack of my life? Keep reading!!

My First Album: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney 
I can still remember this particular Christmas morning, when I pulled Jesse McCartney's album out of my stocking. I never felt so grown up in my life. Jesse was my childhood celebrity crush, (before Justin) so naturally his music had to be my all time favorite too!

Long Term Relationship Album: Where It All Began by Dan + Shay
The one album I can listen to over and over again is by far Dan + Shay! I absolutely love this country boyband, because their voices are so beautiful. Every single song is just incredible. It's rare to find an album when not one song bothers you. I can play this album during anytime, no matter my feelings.

Song That Makes Me Happy: My Wish by Rascal Flatts 
Not only was this my high school graduate song playing in my video, it is also the song my mom dedicated to me and my younger sister at age 7. These lyrics are everything she wanted for me, and it brings me joy knowing she loves that much!

Song/Album That Makes Me Want To Dance: Ain't No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye 
This song is apart of the soundtrack in the movie 'Step Mom' with Julia Roberts, and so this song just instantly makes me want to dance. In the movie they are dancing and running around all upstairs in the hallway while using a curling iron, and brush as a microphone. When I hear this song, it makes me want to do the same, lol.

Song I Wish I'd Written: Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift 
I love this song way too much!! Seriously Taylor just kills it in her song writing. Every line of lyrics speak to me, and says everything I wish I could in song form.

Best Concert: Boys II Men 
My mom and I went to see Boys II Men in concert in 2015, and they were incredible. I have inherited my mom's love for R&B music, and this group happened to be the first I was introduced to. It was pretty hilarious to find that out of everyone at the concert, I was the youngest! This was by far the best night I've ever spent with my mom, and they sang just as beautiful as their recorded songs!

Song That Reminds Me Of Being A Teen: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus 
My sister and I use to rock out to this song. We adored her music video, and I mentioned earlier how we were Hannah Montana fans so it was only natural to enjoy her older stuff. Again, this song was l.i.f.e.

Karaoke Song: You're So Vain by Carly Simon 
Oh come on, if you know me you probably saw this coming. I adore this song, and maybe, maybe not it's all just because of the title! This song is so perfectly witty, how could you not have fun with this one?

Song That Reminds Me Of My Childhood: Let 'Er Rip by Dixie Chicks 
Ahh, the Dixie Chicks!!! They were my everything back when I sang my little heart out wearing my overalls, and pig tails. If you ever wanted to see my sass, turn up Let 'Er Rip, and Goodbye Earl because I knew the lyrics by heart! Still to this day when I listen to their songs it takes me back to being a little girl, and my sweet innocent childhood.

Artist I Listen To When I'm Alone: Sam Smith 
This artist has some depressing, slow, and emotional songs. If I want a good cry, or deep time to think I put this record on.


  1. Oh man! I love this! My first casset tape was Brittany Spears and my first CD was N*sync, I think.

  2. oh my gosh, I loved reading through this article. It's amazing how much music plays a significant part of our lives. Like you said, a song can bring up a thousand memories and feelings. Some of the songs you listed, definitely reminded me of things I haven't thought about in years! Thank you for this wonderful, sentimental, trip down memory lane. I love music and how incredibly powerful it is. Xo, Ellese


    1. Thanks girl!! Yes, music is such a part of my life. I'm glad you found it a fun read.

  3. What a fun post! I love hearing what music other people are listening to--it's such a great way to get to know your personality.

  4. Love this post! You're So Vain is probably one of the greatest karaoke songs out there. My best friend used to sing it each time we karaoked! (She had a killer voice.)

  5. LOVE this! I migth have to post something similar because it's SO fun!! And love seeing your answers!!

    1. Yes go for it!! You can totally use my questions. I believe it's a type of tag that goes around on YouTube or blogging. :) It was soo fun to write.

  6. SO MANY GREAT SONGS! *WISHED* I could of gone to a Boys II Men Concert - sooo cool! :) One of my favorites is She's Every Woman from Garth Brooks *swoon*

    1. Yes! They were amazing live. Oh Garth Brooks is a classic.

  7. I love all of these! We have very similar taste in music. Also Tim McGraw by T Swift is one of my absolute faves as well.

    xx Chelsea

  8. Yes! I remember Beautiful Soul!! Great one! And TSwift for sure!

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